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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 20 (The End)

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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 20 (The End)

Level 20: The Grand Finale

Difficulty: Normal

Characters: Arthur, Shrek

Prince Charming is about to start his play, but Arthur interrupts and stops him while making a nice, short speech about how important it is for him to be king. Prince Charming then has his minions attack Arthur, and the epic battle begins!

You, as Arthur, have to defeat several waves of enemies. Most of the enemies from past levels appear in these waves, fighting Arthur. The cyclops appears again as well which is really annoying. Anyway, uncharge strong attack (or special attack if you are quick enough) when his guard is down; then, defend before he attacks. There is a food item in a box (next to a barrel) under the front of the stage. Just as I did in this video, save that food item for when you really need it (like against the Cyclops, for example).

You also have to fight...ugh, Prince Charming. However, he is much easier to defeat than Cyclops. Prince Charming gets dizzy after each set of several hits (about 9-11 hits), so if you haven't gotten all of your level finishers done, now is the time. Prince Charming can hit hard though, so be careful. Arthur can NOT defeat Prince Charming; he can only stun him. Only Shrek can defeat him...with a finisher! =D

Before that can happen, you have to cut the ropes located in the front of the stage by attacking them repeatedly, one at a time. When they are cut, both ropes release bags tied to ropes that destroy the wooden posts imprisoning Shrek. One rope does this before the other one, so you can't cut both ropes at the same time to free Shrek. Unless you want some extra coins in this level to fall from the ceiling (as they do in other levels), pay no attention to the rope at the back of the stage; it does nothing to free Shrek.

Once, Shrek is free, use him to attack Prince Charming. After several hits, Charming will get dizzy. Use a finisher on him to defeat him completely and to win the level and the game! This awesome finisher is different from the other ones that Shrek has. Why? Watch the video to find out.... =P

-The last coloring book page in the game is in this level and is located at the back of the stage on the left side (or stage right side). There is a barrel there that contains the collectible. Because of this, if you have completely followed the walkthrough so far, you should have all coloring book pages (and you should get an achievement in the Xbox 360 version, too).

List of how to complete Quests in the level:

Quest #1 - Complete the level without dying.

Quest #2 - Find all of the souvenir mugs.*

Quest #3 - Complete 5 finishing moves.**

*If you have the Xbox 360 version, and you followed the videos on where to get the souvenir mugs, then you should get an achievement for collecting all of them.

**Charge strong attack (or special attack) every enemy (except the Cyclops) that you see until you have this quest done. Or, you can continuously attack Prince Charming and wait for him to get dizzy; then, do a finisher.

--I apologize for any confusion in the video. That "Survivor Shrek" achievement was confusing.

And, I wanted to show all of the achievements for the people who want to know what they are.

Anyway, thanks for watching the whole 100% walkthrough, everyone! =D

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