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Spider-Man - Longplay 100% (Part 1 of 4) Walkthrough (Ps4) Spectacular Difficulty (No Commentary)

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Spider-Man - Longplay 100% (Part 1 of 4) Walkthrough (Ps4) Spectacular Difficulty (No Commentary)

Spider-Man Ps4 Part 1, In this longplay series I will be collecting all backpacks, web gadgets, skins, security towers and completing all main missions, side missions, research stations, crime locations, bases, challenges, landscape photos and secret photos. As well as the Daily Bungle newspapers ;) and hope I mentioned everything probably missed one.

So this game Aww yea this game really is spectacular and I'm not just saying that cause I'm playing on the hardest difficulty. It is such a well done game there is so much to do, and they make it all fun to play. The Swinging feels so good and the combat is amazing all the different moves you do and the enemies can be pretty tough as well especially those thugs.

You can definitely tell it's an insomniac game with all the web gadgets you can use and the well told story. They always have an interesting story in there ratchet & clank games and this one is very well done and so many well covered small details. There are quite a few villains to defeat. And those Base missions are really fun to stealth around in or to just go crazy combat mode. So anyhow without further a do I hope you enjoy part 1 of this longplay series.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

Marvel's SpiderMan yee yeeee

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