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Black Mirror 2017 - Chapter 3 Part 1 Walkthrough with Trophies / Achievements

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Black Mirror 2017 - Chapter 3 Part 1 Walkthrough with Trophies / Achievements

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The Kelton with that it said.

This is this what madness feels like.


All this looks like the bottom of a lake.

What are you trying to show me.

But note.

Yeah Oh what my.


What did you come here for I'm not sure your father story is finished yet and there are some things I still need to make my peace with what's this about an asylum as I said your father was admitted why who did that to him I did.

But unfortunately he managed to escape what hold on a minute how dare you come in here and told you your father was a madman a complete and utter madman don't mind me please continue well what.

Right did you have to lock my father up Heena be in a madhouse I was his doctor I understand you own shock but you have no right to speak to me in such a way I was trying to help him he's dead Capital job no hold on. Just a minute.






Edie it'll be alright pull yourself. Together I suggest nobody else goes down there we.

Should keep the room intact until the police can get here I shall alert them first thing in the morning what an unfortunate accident an accident you think so just after the madman Sun turned up our door and yet you were the one standing over her body with blood on your hands I was too late oh trying to.

Help us she there there my sweet boy.

Let's get you to bed Angus would you of course ma'am I think.

We will all benefit from a good night's sleep I know you may have no reason to but I need you to trust me I'm the only one on your side when it comes to your father's death Lady Margaret certainly isn't but if I told you what I saw in the chapel you'd have me in a padded cell just like my father why did you come here to make sure my father was successfully in the ground with all due respect mr. Gordon I will not allow you to speak to me or about my work in such a tone I tried everything I could to aid your father your father was heavily drugged when he was brought to me to prevent any further violent outburst or so Lady Margaret headset but something felt wrong even then.

So what was my father like when you locked him up I didn't just lock him up I tried to help him he was convinced he was carrying some ancient curse that he was being haunted by evil I wish I had reached him had been able to reach him maybe if I threw you a bone you get off my back father was obsessed with the history of the family for as long as I can remember did your father actually believe his family was out to get him who knows I think what's canon was beyond the physical he used to babble about a dark force threatening him and our family was that why he moved you to India to get as far away as possible I believe so and yet here you are in the very place he sought to protect you from who knows maybe there is an ancient evil in this place an evil that drags us back no matter how far away we get even from the other side of the world and what do you think was your father right are there things beyond the physical he was a disturbed man he saw things. That weren't there things like a drowning woman floating in thin air if you really want to help me then let us find out what the mate knew she was hiding something but was too scared of Angus and Margaret to tell me you think whatever she wanted to confide might be connected to her death maybe whatever I saw in the chapel it has to be real it has to be a woman must have drowned herself in the Loch because if it's only my mind like father like son.

We need to examine the maids book to find out who killed her to be sure she was murdered before we start pointing fingers this dumbwaiter is huge it is it.

Goes all the way to the second floor but judging by the spiders it's not used very often nowadays the spiders know don't ask this domed head despite.

Rory's not one for cleaning up after.

Angus will have the key unless we can find another way in I think I might have an idea how to get.

Into the cellar but I'm not sure you'll like it if it involves this filthy dumbwaiter don't even think about it I can't fit in there and I see no other way into the cellar hmm you're asking me to put a lot of trust in you given the circumstances you can trust me and I will do my very best to learn to trust you hmm all right. Then clothes can be washed lovely.

Pull me back up I need something to open the doors from.

The inside once I'm down there this.

Should do it.

Going down good luck see you in a minute.

Dr. father. Is everything alright Lia.

Or if anything's happened to her you needn't worry about me I've been to strength two places in this castle follow me.


Her necks been broken and with some considerable force it seems her necklace looks like gold I'll be at a plane design and it's missing any form of pendant still well beyond the mates salary it.

Yet little doe not exactly the usual way. To address the staff Oh where's that sudden draft coming from Oh close he went to see over the missing pendant he.

Threw it into the blood field basin we're all here sir all down in the dark well something's coming the Attic sir. She's in the Attic what just happened you look like you were in some kind of trance perhaps the lack of sleep is affecting me the visions that you think me insane if I describe them to you you need to learn to trust me I am on your side remember so you say but I remember you know my father up to the tiger can't change its stripes.

Oh that's horrible you're not the one.

With your hand in it.

French I don't speak French.

I do it says for Clara forever yours. Who's Clara I don't know yet another. Relative perhaps we should ask someone who's been around here for longer how did you know was there the pendant I knew if I told you you wouldn't believe me a hunch Eddie gave us to her we should ask him to his face just what his relationship was with her this isn't another ghost story is it look you wouldn't understand I can what I do understand is that we could not accuse a man of murder without proof.

If you just like to wait out here sir I need to speak with Eddie the young master and her ladyship are otherwise detained fair enough.

If Eddie really gave her that pendant he might be her killer and I might not be losing my mind mr. McKinnon who is Clara.

The lady Clara young Eddie's late mother a box with some of her belongings are kept in the library as master Eddie feels himself more a Gordon than a Malory there's no.


The belongings of Eddie's mother.

Recognize that the necklace is that a young Eddie and his mother Clara.

You see the necklace was his mother's he gave it to the maid the maid you're right we need to speak to him about this but how could you know this I can't help. You if you don't tell me cousin Eddie might be a murderer how I draw my conclusions can wait for now.

Eddie I need to ask you about the maid about Elsa you didn't know her I know.

That you and her were that is to say I know you had feelings for her what that's poppycock your estranged is a farmer was David really you go too far with this behavior the police will be here soon would you not prefer to clear this up before they get here in case they linked Eddie with a crime now look here young lady how dare you speak that's enough Eddie my little doe strange thing to.

Call the help how it was just just.

Harmless fun that's all you gave her this it was your mother's ah I did it was Eddie I was just trying.

To cheer her up she has nothing and I had no need of it do you know she sends. You know she sent most of her money home to her grandmother her clothing was ripped as if someone was trying to force themselves upon her I would never have hurt her you're a worthless liar you think she thought being pressed against a dead animal was harmless fun how do you know it's true Elsa and I I would never have laid a.

Finger on her we were in love I helped her with everything even with her chores.

Rosie that's quite enough Eddie you are. Obviously upset and you are not helping David Angus will you please take the young master upstairs as you say mom I think.

You have caused quite enough disruption here we shall settle this heritage dilemma first thing tomorrow I don't think so I have more questions now than ever about my father as the maid this whole damn house have a care David need I remind you of your father's temper I would never given the current mental state of master Eddy who should be a part of the Heritage considerations any discussion on the topic would be futile at this point would you not agree Thank You Lea maybe it's a good thing you're here after all.

Impudent brats what's going on did you.

Notice when Margaret got angry when Eddie mentioned what was it chores involving a rose what what does that mean something about the garden perhaps we could ask Rory always if at the Attic I wonder whatever it is it's something she doesn't want us to know the Attic I saw the maid coming down the stairs with a tray but there's nothing out there but an empty room interesting.




What is it.

Okay back oh stop honking around come with me come.

Inside Nick be cool can I just have it it's not a request girl what's happening to me.

David is everything all right we should make haste

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