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Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour, Walkthrough Part 13

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Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour, Walkthrough Part 13

Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour

Playstation 2


Part 13





Copyright to Disney Interactive Studios and Hannah Montana

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Those colors bring out your eyes.

That's a cute outfit.

Boy I love shopping.

Okay these are so cute.


Hey that's nice.

Oh yes I've got some clapping a workout.

You clap and cheer leading right okay for clapping make sure you follow the arrows and moves both at the same time sweet I can use these claps both of my dances as a move and when I work with the audience.


Great job.


Looks like you're good to go yep five six seven eight. We slice a packet caffeinated Memphis forget it guys you're not gonna be my backup dancers come on you'll see I won't be able to come to my show don't run away screaming we keep our small continent with our energy but if you don't want to take it to the next level the next year decision you'll deprive your entire fanbase of that's a bad. Thing I'll make you a deal you keep practicing and I'll let you start on my very next first breakout world tour sweet yes

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