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Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow - Stealth Walkthrough -Part 5 - Refinery

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Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow - Stealth Walkthrough -Part 5 - Refinery

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Darrid endo of forces have claimed victory after US troops have retreated from two engagements near the released an official statement on their strategic withdrawal from the small skirmishes on of Springfield Texas after the non-voluntary smallpox vaccination health workers could not divulge this should tell us what they know it's our lives dramatic footage from television.

Free Indonesia showing Jared Ando a leader sly Sodano apparently engaged in battle it remains there's too much noise on the.

Line I'm not sure we'll be able to connect you to Sarah before we land.

We'll have an agency pile of Pandora tomorrow ready by the time you touch down you're right in sadhana's insurance policy he misses a phone call the virus gets released for vaccinating Springfield Texas but until we know how many other parts boxes they are and where Sodano is a glaring tripwire we're going to have to tiptoe around him get grim right these smallpox flash No yeah she's a poet in her own way but she makes an interesting point we slip up in Indonesia and those images could be illustrations of anywhere in America.

I'm sorry Fisher I can't get Sarah on the line I don't know what I'd say anywhere.

This is going to be a complicated mission Fisher we're running it in cooperation with displace international so your old friend Douglas Shetland will be local good I can work with Shetland what Shetland doing here a ghost army operation she'll give you the brief howdy Shepherd Fisher my god old man you.

Keep turning up in unexpected places I don't the next place we met would have been States I'd like to buy you a beer see how Sarah's doing let's leave home where it is what's this ghost army business psyops a distraction what's my part your. Handler should have your objectives for my parts the Donalds plane in the yard near the village needs to be sabotaged since i was going to be in the neighborhood anyway much appreciated how can it doesn't display snipers around the cab you won't see them but you better believe they're there it's good to see you again chef London once we're back home we'll get that beer glad to hear it we need to have a talk about some work I might have for you I've already got an employer and they hear everything we say good they should know in that with your skills deserves more money in autonomy and then should fight any war but a zone especially in the America we've got today.



No hey man are you alright.

You should be close to sadhanas plain Fischer really.

Is the plane ready to go no we're still waiting for the product and the pilot they're so slow today we've been guarding this plane forever now Sedano is checking the place go and double-check the back of the plane that will keep you occupied why I just spent the last four hours verifying it go to do this.

Good work Fisher.


You. I hear something.

Turn those back on.

The dogs are acting weird they must be hungry I don't think so there's something wrong it's too quiet hey you do you see something are they done with their speeches inside no not yet you got some beer left up there no leave me alone.

Who is that show yourself.

Inside the camp the core of your mission is sadhana he's on site we need you to locate and trail him but again don't let him spot you Pandora tomorrow that's the idea we haven't been able to trace his daily insurance call remotely so we're going to need you to get in there with the tab v freedom with Sedona militia but don't get spotted before tapping the phone updates on your offset good afternoon it.

Is Sir things are going good.

Any complications of course sedona changes the passcode for entry price daily he doesn't write it down he gives it verbally to his three top lieutenants on site so i grabbed one and make him talk no we need to stay discreet we can't afford to have sedona panic and skip a call use the sticky cam to overhear those conversations details on your offset you can use your sticky cam to overhear the code how does it go real. Good we're ahead of schedule on product hmm we'll need tonight i want to live your distribution course I'll be there good the code for the big house today is 1492 can you remember that 1492 I got it.

Good there's a colonial home overlooking the compound at the end of the village that's where Sedona makes his Pandora tomorrow phone call that's where you'll need to be deterred trailing so you'll be sure to be there on time.


I'm worried about the moment I want to make sure that I'm using the product yes we'll arrange for a spot check tonight just the same all right.


This is a waste of time something's moving.

Nothing here.

Except for you from Grimm we're going to be losing touch in a second there must be copper coils or some kind of grid ahead of you the refinery proper is a dead signal hole good luck with your airplane pilot we're going to be out of contact as long as you're underground I'll try not to get too long.

Turn that back on.

You. It's almost ready to go go don't waste more time.

Hello who is that.

Eternal dirt thank God you found me ignominiously eat away I'm short on time what do I need to know this name Stanley mechanical Golden Triangle affiliated he lives in the lay human district of Hong Kong but don't broadcast it electronically this part of the one's made of here my encryption is solid there's more to. Japan as is DF than they're letting on how do you know I've seen two other CIA resources disappear so how do you know it's the is dia money knows everything the name is Stan lien acarya qov got it yeah just one piece of advice don't take your plane.

Welcome back to fresh air do you have the name Fischer go tap that phone we'll talk about the names later.

I'm gonna kill somebody if they don't stop shooting soon that noise is gonna break my ear seriously the reed nag nag nag I'm a musician my ears are very sensitive why do they always give us this patrol what about me I've got to listen to the constant gunfire and your constant complaining I feel like somebody's kicking me in the head now there's an idea.

Be careful the access to the house isn't as easy as it seems you should wait for darkness.


Look up who did that.


Code is buh five two six five one seven three three three seven three eight eight nine and dharak tomorrow good until tomorrow it's me today's code is oh five two six five one seven three three three seven three eight eight nine and Dora tomorrow good it's me today's code is oh five -.

Six five one seven three three three seven three eight eight nine and Dora tomorrow it's me today's code is oh five - six five one seven three three three seven three eight eight nine and Dora tomorrow good.

Good work Fisher.

Fisher please don't make a move Shaolin. Will take you out of there.

I need help I'm under attack

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