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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 1

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 1

The fifth game in the Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games developed by Frogwares. The story is a brilliant retelling of the real Jack the Ripper saga that unfolded in the slums of East London's Whitechapel district in the summer and fall of 1888. Much of the script has been adapted from police and newspaper records. The only fictional additions are Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion, Dr. Watson, who decide to get involved after reading about the first murder in the newspaper.

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In the name of my health and yours Holmes stop smoking so much there is more fog in our apartment than in the street you are right Watson but this evening is never ending and I have nothing to do but make smoke rings a more amusing pastime would suit better but my doctor is against it perhaps a little tune on the violin my heart is not in it tonight Watson have you noticed how this cigarette burns would you not say it is like a life being consumed how many lives will end tonight in London how many crimes will be committed within the life of a single cigarette the vanity of existence it is but complaints and smoke the meager panache of its sickly so the tobacco is giving you very somber thoughts I am certain that this inactivity will not last let's retire you'll be in better humour tomorrow reason speaks let's to bed.

The player.

Karlis where my lovely we have a very good time why let me help you oh it's my ear that pleases you.

The news is as dark as the sky homes an inquest has been opened into the murder of a poor woman in the East End the unfortunate girl was discovered last night lying in the street still warm the murderer was filled with an incredible savagery Oh the article gave me shivers down my spine the inspectors in charge of the case don't seem to have even the slightest lead a similar murder took place less than a month ago ah love a romantic walk a kiss in the moonlight er polite refusal a terrible anger and a hanging this area of Whitechapel is a disgrace to London the government should take serious note of what is going on there Whitechapel this woman was found in Whitechapel yes indeed bucks Road to be specific then it was not a question of romance but of Commerce unless these women actually take pleasure in the Vice the female nature is completely Holmes do you hear yourself a woman is dead under unspeakable circumstances no less than any other she was a human and one of Her Majesty's subjects none of these streetwalkers of which you speak have any other way to survive but by selling their bodies you know as well as I that our era is not a gentle one and these women don't have much to look forward to some grace if you would do not refuse them your compassion do not say another word my dear Watson we shall leave immediately for Whitechapel to the scene of the crime no I think it would be better to arrive there a bit later once night has fallen at the moment the spot will be overrun by police officers and spectators it will be impossible to investigate properly then where are we going hos the best thing to do would be to head to the police station and attempt to get a copy of the preliminary reports but the article in the time seemed quite complete to me you must know Watson the journalists often draw conclusions from the facts without a proper understanding of how to do this delicate task we must obtain reports from the inspector in charge as well as those from the corner very well homes but all the same it seems to me that I have a map of London somewhere Watson can you find it and locate Whitechapel while I get ready hmm you are too kind Holmes searching through your mess.

A map of London at last let's see the district of Whitechapel I found the map.

Holmes and I was able to locate the Whitechapel police station congratulations Watson come the game is afoot you can read the article to me on the way we have arrived Watson in.

Whitechapel not very bright what cold move a typical London morning come Watson let's find this piece station.

Well this station isn't very well-kept I say it's a local outpost Watson the daily tasks that confront these constables and not the easiest and they are poorly paid.

Gentlemen welcome hello I would like to speak with the chief inspector if you please constable Humphreys here I am the only one in at the moment what do you want with the chief my name is Sherlock Holmes I am Sherlock Holmes the detective that I read about in the papers oh oh that's a treat that is you come about the book road case have you indeed we not at all we were just passing by chance you say that there was a crime recently you don't know you must be the only folk in London who haven't heard it won't be long until you find the culprit no doubt nothing is less certain suspects zero Clues zero it's not good for us especially not in this district listen.

This isn't what I came here for but if I can be of service in a confidential capacity of course if you can entrust me with a copy of the preliminary reports I could study them and return later with my conclusions II it's just that these are official documents I can't take a decision like that without the inspectors the sooner we know the facts in the file a sooner we can be of help my friend so if you are Sherlock Holmes you can find anything isn't that true with your magnifying glass footprints my performance is often embellished by my biographer oh good good I will give you the reports but could you do me a small favor first during my rounds I dropped a leather folder containing some papers there nothing of importance but it's a big mistake I would go looking for it myself but I am stuck here on duty I must have lost it near the seedy boarding house not far from here left when you leave the courtyard and left again in the lane perhaps you could go ask around we shall see what we can.

Do are we going to go look for these.

Documents why not it'll give us an occasion to take a tour of the district Watson.

Good evening sir you wouldn't happen to have seen a leather folder on the ground around here would you evening gentlemen Finley caretaker of this building here to serve and yes less than an hour ago but some of the local urgings picked it up and god only knows where it might be now that's unfortunate this folder contain documents that the local police will miss your inspectors not at all I am dr. Watson and this is Sherlock Holmes the detective Sherlock Holmes the great detective you must be here about last night's murder have you discovered the identity of the poor woman indeed I'd only to read the papers mine is dated from this morning and it does not say who it is I'm not really engaged in this.

Case but if I can help the police I will do so willingly out to be sure I've been told that inspector abberline is in charge very capable man so according to.

You I have no chance of finding this folio indeed but I on the other hand it should be egg to find it do me a favor in exchange a vagrant comes almost every night to sleep in one of the looks not far from my windows he coughs howls sometimes even sings pays quite hefty and I don't dare approach him I've lost three clients because of him if it's you who speaks to the police they will take this matter more seriously tell them about the captain and then who you're talking about in meantime I'll find your bag.

Let's go to the police station sooo.

Gentlemen have you found my sack not quite yet do you know a vagrant who goes by the name of the captain captain yes an old sailor strong as a Turk and tattooed from head to toe the drinkers turned him into a dead looked he appears to be causing some problems for the caretaker of the building at the end of the street what do you want us to do every night stairwells halls and porches become public dormitories and people don't only come to sleep I believe this man has a niece who puts him up sometimes her lodgings are in commercial street right after the alley with the boarding house you won't forget my folder will you do you believe this.

Woman will agree to have her uncle stay with her no idea oh wow let's go see her just the same.

There this is where the lease of the captain must live good day miss would.

You happen to be the niece of the man known as the captain Oh buddy what has he done this time he isn't oh my god I'm on my way miss we have come to ask if.

You could have your uncle come live with you he sleeps under the windows of a tenement and causes the caretaker no end of problems and now I've lodged in for a while and he was the same here well any old miner kick him out I was shamed in her father should have given the state of his ill it coughs day and night there might be a way to calm his cough I am a doctor I could examine him he went to see a doctor at the clinic but the medicine costs too much alcohol did by morning we will see to it what a mite your uncle be found I don't know he must be in the vicinity but I don't know exactly where and we'll find. Him Holmes this is serious find an alcoholic in Whitechapel the needle in a haystack you'll be easier come dear doctor let's trust our lucky star moreover we also have our informers remember are you referring to those brats to whom you are always giving charity exactly my secret police the subtle in the Sean Roman this area it suffices to find them

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