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Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen Walkthrough (Part 7)

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This video from: Jamie Waldorf.
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Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen Walkthrough (Part 7)

In this section, we:

*Solve the puzzle on the sarcophagus

*Discover that there's another sarcophagus!

*Translate the hieroglyphs on the second coffin

*Talk to Lily

*Sort the amulets

*Discover that the wires of the flashlight charge have been tampered with

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*Discover that someone's cut the water tank!!

*Investigate the rip in the antiquities tent

*Find a phone charm

*Talk to Dylan

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Oops alright hey guys sorry about that first part alright so now I'm about to solve this.

Puzzle using the mural that we took a picture of so you'll notice that the.

Mural has a jack oh and then a beetle in this column or scarab you can call it a scarab so here's the jackal what you're gonna do is move these to fit the boxes to fit the mural so this actually worked it has a jackal and a Beetle scarab thing so this column is all set so now I need to do this column and if you look at the mural it's like a heron and.

You'll see that that's actually a crocodile so what you want to do is have.

Your hair in there and then well you. Can't actually move this column to get the crocodile because then you'll mess up this column so what you want to do is move this one over so the herons up here and then you can do this column and move it around to get a crocodile so now you move back down and there you go you have your hair and in your crocodile and so we're gonna do the same process for this last column it's actually going to be sorry a falcon. And a cat so now we have I'm gonna put. The cat up here and then get a falcon which is right here so Falcon and cat there we go oh oh sorry excuse me. That's actually the other way around Falcon cat there we go oh and there's.

Now a second sarcophagus no they did not.

Okay and I have another thing too translate let's see what this one is.

Okay this is the sigh notices.

Again just a reminder if you are on amateur mode you can actually click this button quick translate and they'll translate all this for you if you don't feel like doing it.

Very dramatic music.

Seven treasures of her making fortunately the people three to follow her path / duty old preceding young recalled them here and reached within meaning region within the tomb so now.

Right so eventually we're gonna have to do is figure out the names of her children and then put their names here it's kind of like a family tree type deal thing and spell out the names in. Hieroglyphs so that's gonna be fun okay.

So we didn't do any of these here general so now what we're gonna do is go.

Talk to Lily yeah I'm actually gonna go.

Talk to Lily first and hold off on the Torrens puzzle.

Yes okay so Lily gives us a chore to do.

Which is cool so now you have to go into the antiquities tent over here and.

That's our right over here okay so the.

Way you figure this out is actually pretty simple you just have to read this book you know actually tell you what certain things represent like says from a golden fly for military achievements so military valor you're at the poem fly. There nothing sorry it got the wrong one go ahead fly you so that's pretty much what you do for most of these amulets this book pretty much tells you everything and the other thing you'll need is you had to have looked at Jamila's bag and in her book that she has in there there's a quick little excerpt about some of these other annuals that aren't in this book so by combining those two together you're gonna get the solution for this puzzle and so it looks something like this.

All right there we go.

Oh someone's still one of our amulets not cool Oh fun little fact if you plug this flashlight in to explode that's not.

Good so yeah if you try to plug the flashlight in and recharge it and broke that's not gonna work now I have to go investigate the we what wait what okay.

So it looks like someone totally emptied our water cooler that sucks someone.

Totally gypped our water supply and the stole the amulet and like tamper with the flashlight wire so everything bad is happening to us so in order to investigate the cut you actually have to go here and then.

Take your shovel it's kind of a random puzzle you have to dig around till you find oh wow that was very lucky normally.

Have to dig around forever but I was very lucky it's just random so just keep digging around till you find this Oh.

Found John mm-hmm.

All right you're a long time all right.

So that's some pop to generous icord the.

Maniacal screen of a madman why is madness gender specific amendment yeah you tell me I like you let's shake the dust off this small time to offer others see the well together yes but you have to promise me that if it starts making sense call a psychologist immediately and schedule yourself in Fort Worth over you would have had fun seeing the world with me did you see or destroyed our water supply someone did what so that's a no. Do you have any idea why someone would do that where exactly did you come from.

What's your main we're in the middle of nowhere you could have just walked here oh I caused her life some traders of you must die nasty customers but they knew the way then how did they just know the way it's not on any map I I don't know. They just did I guess what can you tell me about these guys I imagine a response to people talking.

About archeology brilliance I'll do that thanks man see what do you think of Jamila is she real because well I've made some messes in my life but that girl belongs in a museum herself with a little tag that reads in sickness don't tell us you're being a little harsh wait that makes you feel better I can't pretend she's nothing sacral I mm-hmm I need your help distracting Lily why I just do well. What's in it for me yeah personal satisfaction that comes with being a nice person no it's like something nice about me tear up till I tell them I'm trustworthy all right fine but make yourself natural don't just blurt it out the Phoenicians into the conversation see what I can do bye come back any time.

Okay so I'm gonna stop the video here um cool see you guys

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