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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough Part 8 - Keira Metz (PS4 Let's Play Gameplay Commentary)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough Part 8 - Keira Metz (PS4 Let's Play Gameplay Commentary)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 1080p high definition at 60 fps. This The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.


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Developer: CD Projekt Red

Release: May 19, 2015

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PS4), XBOX One, Windows PC

Publisher: Warner Brothers

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Try to find as many cities along the way as I possibly can actually I think this cities our market of billboard signs so machi I was insurance about this city or not not level seven yet okay.

Laughs okay this is a city why not.

Hey what's wrong lady what's wrong.

Help an old feeble woman what's wrong each other noise blasphemers pups take him profane a shrine to earner the merciful shrines gotta be repaired mas murderer take I'm rich who tells croak chillies will be good and what our dogs will get the mange warts and mange. Sounds dangerous I'll help you what do I got.

Yeah done the good gods have sent you to.

Me someone to repair their shrines from this day on look I already got a trade I'm a Witcher restoring traditional roadside structures in wood just not my specialty but an evil that's a witch's Colin and vandals are worse than beasts.

Fine I see any damage rinds I'll take care of them won't go out of my way though no things out of the way in these parts and the gods will go gee thanks.

Lady nine whole points it's legit.

Power level right there.

Run through the woods with reckless abandon.

Go work on or talk to the people I'll. Talk to the people.

That I was a town cracked.

Temporary boost Armour nice you ain't safe less you got a Gabrielle the auto crank one-handed Gabrielle ensures you get the first shot and the last word.

Need something crafted. I don't have anymore blueprints.

Negative 29.

Whole nerd.

- where are these.

How much.

Oh so expensive so expensive.

Six armor I get something's big the bank buy back here okay.


So long this isn't that desperate that's.

Sighs I just said way too much money.


Go to this board was the Borg took.


Used to be wagon show Don Rockies loaded with all kinds of about they watch it you Clark.

Hide them something enhanced like my ELF.

Whoo you're talking about the which should send him back to the witch my pure remove laziness greetings ma'am good day to you sir need something got a matter for your village witch know where I can find her I didn't bother were there myself ask my man he'll know twerked his back so bad last week he could hardly move so I sent him to the witch came back sprightly as a foal where is he in the yard no doubt pains gone but sleuths and now should be hunting Fox burrows to feed our young uns Miriam's lad and that man who knows how to provide for his family some Water Rats last their food for days.

Centers in the yard you good-day heard.

You know where to find the local witch who told you da your wife Daft went they may be but don't listen to that not rinse ow we've not a witch Shaymin nor a cunning wench in ages I don't have 50 coins you sure give it a thing I'll take no for an answer will you alright no the snore pond near the village Pat leads off from it all Olga till you come across a lone rock walk around that into the woods find the old cart you're there Thanks it's just don't harm her sir word of your kinds reach these paths my kind meaning well the witch burnin kind no need to.

Worry I'm not out to hurt your witch ooh a weight off me heart sir she only arrived a short while ago what she's frightfully wise they've been Pleasant on the eyes if you like I'm skinny thanks for your help farewell roach is.

Like just doing his own thing don't give. It back stone near the pond.

Go hunting for deer they're older now.

Right and down to the cart.

Freaking no don't know ambush man throw.

Away these guys out of that bad. Got hit by a Necker we're driving fucking pop out the car.

Come here what a time they all dead.

Freaking around once the cart which is.

Hot is somewhere nearby.

You know buy more food cows a weason one.

Rise from the barn floor pus streams from her snout do I look like a dairy maid to you no miss what you know things. Tis our last cow none other left in the village rest died of hunger or soldiers let him off oh we're as good as dead without her I shall give you herbes mix them with water drawn from the spring at midnight then make the cow drink them but first you must clean out your barn thoroughly is that clear thank you miss a thousand thanks enough I've had my fill but I said damn this scam is just a.

Dirty barn she's in a bad mood we'd best.

Come back on the mall watch what you say she's quick anyone home.

Magister she's like laying her bed waiting for me black eyeliner now where.

She went off to.

Don't often see bubbles like this in Belem powerful aura must be some harder factor.

So this is where she disappeared - we go.

No hesitation oh nice feel like I'm not.

Supposed to be surprised by all this this is just supposed to be standard right here alright how don't let me take. You down I'm upstairs don't be shy.

Snow hair.

Greetings Witcher whoa boobies.

Creams despot hmm well hope you didn't come to through.

No to talk turn around and wait why I.

Always see your boobies good timing for.

A bath Keira Metz deep in the heart of.

Ellen thought you hated the countryside I can assure you I do now more than ever heard a witch lived out here never would have guessed it was king foltest's former advisor I'm so pleased the world's still able to astound you Geralt I actually envy you that sense of wonder common in children Knights errant and morons hmm someone's grown irritable is. That any way to greet an old friend I believe I greeted you with a present for you now tell me what brings you here.

Any news of your sisters from the lodge none we can't know too much about one another these days it's safer that way even trying to contact one another I've wanted to many times but I've no way of knowing who would answer or who might be listening so bet.

You saw this question coming what are you doing here let me think enjoying the country air admiring the unspoiled scenery or is it furthering the age-old alliance between the city and its breadbasket no I'm in hiding geralt blind to the state of the world don't you see what's happening I mean persecution majors now face yes that's exactly what I mean radovid's new pastime pursuing anyone with a whiff of magic about them witch hunters sound familiar murder is scouring the north from end to end burning books hanging soothsayers torturing her ballasts changing the subject I'm looking for a certain young woman.

Oh really who apparently she quarreled.

With the local witch someone's been feeding you horseshit the girls around here it is stupid to quarrel with me she's not from here you're up to something Geralt if I'm to help you you must tell me what's going on who are you looking for Seri Seri well now I understand the secrecy not to. Mention the brooding the furled brow and you say she had some sort of problem with a witch so you haven't seen her I'm certain I haven't but recently someone asked me about an ashen haired woman he claimed she would stand out from the peasant crowd he say anything else about her but not so fast gal no humble pea no. Offering for the witch. My undying gratitude good enough it's nothing to sneeze at but you've a knack for getting into trouble I should probably ask for something more immediately deliverable Oh sod it don't.

Give me that look I know it's ciri we're talking about it was an else this individual who asked about Cyrilla no flea-bitten squirtles slob either but an elven mage he see what his name was he didn't and he wore a mask very secretive all around but I liked him he was intelligent and composed he said what he wanted was ciri only that they were to meet in vellum he wished to know she'd arrived before he did he leave any message for her no but.

He asked that were I to meet her I should lead her to him so you know where to find him yes he said he found a hideout in some elven ruins near the village of mid pops I'll go there with you why I think I'll have trouble finding this place I thought finished business myself he promised me something but he never delivered it besides I think as I do she.

Might be there Wow all right I'd to see Cyrilla - you're stepping on the rabbit.

Can't go just yet in that case we'll be there on the way - near the cave ventures oh I should just went there.

Oh my god she's guys oh yeah I should.

Have just that's poop well.

Give me an opportunity enhance rebuff my weapons in my armor again that's something I guess.

Why am i walking do not know.


What reading to make fairy tales lady.

Trying to win wrong you won't ever wash.

Enhance Roche.


It's not that far away like couple of.

Hundred meters.

We got ourselves a new low oh my god I was level 12 let's freak the shit out of our sorry level oven will not deal with that until a little bit higher that's it roach

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