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The Sims 3 University Life Producer Walkthrough

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The Sims 3 University Life Producer Walkthrough

Check out the wild parties, chaotic class schedules, new activities, and crazy hijinks in The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack! Learn about new university venues including campus dorms, favorite local hangouts, and party hot spots! Plus, get a sneak peek of how your Sims can use their new smartphones to text, blog, check their social group status, take photos, and more. The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack is available March 5, 2013!

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This is the story of producer Brittany Henry her sims and their University life born irresistible a new trait everything seemed to come easily for young Cody friends the ladies even straight A's Brittany has big plans for this overachiever taking to the arts early Jackie never met a crayon she didn't like schoolwork not her thing Jackie armed with her duffel bag was happy to leave her mark around town fueled by energy drinks avi an avid gamer wasn't prone to staying up late to finish his homework rockin the leaderboards may not be the best path for this wannabe video game designer now young adults it's time for these sims to apply to university scoring well on the aptitude test means a scholarship and it looks like Cody is the only one who has earned that reward it's moving day.

Packed and ready to roll these Sims are off to university the university is surrounded by a new town with new venues where Sims can mix things up but Brittany needs to find her Sims a place to settle into with co-ed dorms sorority and fraternity houses off-campus apartments and homes she has plenty of options but Brittany is a builder she wants to create a dorm of her own Cody is paired with a budding revolutionary the ever awkward AVI lands a very emotive roommate and Jackie quickly makes the room her own caring little for her roommates tastes the only thing these dorm dwellers can agree on ignore the creeper taking his time through college a new term means a campus-wide meet-and-greet at the student union there's curricula to explore and professors to get to know but Cody's got his eyes on an upperclassman in university life social. Networking is a new skill gaining credibility with different social groups will help Brittany Sims meet their academic needs and pick up some perks along the way Brittany keeps tabs on this progress with their Sims new smartphones but there's more to university life than academics juice kegs on fire a grown man dressed as a llama this party is just beginning for Brittany Sims but classes start early is Cody.

Drooling saliva aside every major offers. Unique activities for Sims to enhance their academics both inside and outside of the lecture hall Jackie Brittany's artists may have just found her new muse a date a whoo-hoo t call. Let's see no such luck Jackie's new pal. Has invited her to a protest he's helping to inside a campus-wide hunger strike it's neat rallying against clowns and Ivy's not at the library this slacker is blowing it up at Keith's comics video games central for the campus Geek Squad nerds with the first term winding down it's time for a check in Cody's been busy establishing himself as king of the juice pong table Jackie may be a bit too wrapped up in her crush and avi Brittany's gamer his report card tells that story if these sims are ever going to earn their degrees Brittany needs to get them back on track with The Sims 3 seasons expansion pack dynamic weather affects the university town and every season promises new fun Brittany's starting the. New term off with a bang Cody's moved off campus and Brittany's unleash the partyís Maximus statue unlocking new party types in this case it's toga time the statue is available only by pre-ordering the limited edition of The Sims 3 University life looks like Cody just dared a buddy to taste a spoonful of cinnamon now this is a party.

Ivy's given up gaming for lab work experimenting on friends seeing his science skill grow and staying connected by blogging his findings and Jackie's back with renewed focus her world has grown beyond the canvas and paintbrush rallying students to protest the high cost of tuition university life is given Brittney Sims a place to grow learn and play though Cody struggled as a student he's found the love of his life Jackie's also found passion and rallying the masses creating her own art and even landing a job as an art appraiser and obby he no longer wants to be a game designer but spends his days year after year returning to university hoping to uncover all the secrets university life has in store party with class in The Sims 3 university life.


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