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The Sims 3 Seasons Producer Walkthrough

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The Sims 3 Seasons Producer Walkthrough

Get an inside look at winter snowball fights, spooky day at the fall festival, spring flings, and summer days at the beach with The Sims 3 Seasons Producer Walkthrough video! Keep your eyes open for a glimpse at few surprises and secrets! You will discover new stories to tell, new activities to enjoy, and all-new ways to play with the seasons!

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I'm bill Cameron a voice director for the Sims and this is the story of winter spring summer and fall the seasons producer Ryan Vaughn and the lives of his simps young Clark was born into a world full of change and ripe with new activities a world where every season brings a new festival to the neighborhood this festival invites a wardrobe change and Ryan's got just the costume in mind for Clark hotdogs yeah this kids always.

Been meant to be a superhero now he's ready to hit the town Ryan has pop competing for festival tickets while mom's proven to be quite the contender at the pie-eating contest and the haunted house maybe a bit too intense for young Clark.

Perhaps some trick-or-treating will take his mind off the recent trauma sugar rushes aside it's been a long day for Ryan's family winters roared into Sunset Valley bringing with it the neighborhood's first snowfall with school canceled there's time for fun Clark now a teenager can enjoy a snow day with his friends but more importantly the day off gives Clark a chance to impress the girl next door Abby see the twinkle in her eye smooth.

Move Clark the ice lounge a new venue comes exclusively by pre-ordering the limited edition of The Sims 3 seasons open year-round this new venue gives Ryan a cool spot for his sims to escape the cold because changing temperatures now affect your Sims outerwear a new clothing type will protect them from the elements clearly not everyone in Ryan's neighborhood is prepared for the blustery day sims not dressed for winter will face nature's wrath but with a little help from a friend the soon-to-be thought out in The Sims 3 seasons there are new types of parties for your Sims to enjoy tis the season for a gift exchange and if the stars align young Clark may make some merry memories and score his first kiss under the mistletoe the holy Clark's parents weren't hogging that action all in all it's the perfect cap to this snow filled winter season lightning thunder rain and even hail marks the beginning of spring with a break in the weather Ryan's decided to send Clark know a young adult to see what's happening at the Spring Festival where a spring dance takes center stage and younger Sims can enjoy hunting for eggs is that a be working the kissing booth you know it Clark may yet nab that first kiss testing the couple's chemistry on the love meter gives Ryan confidence in the pair's match Clark's ready to hit up the kissing booth and a B hopefully this budding relationship will grow into more than a spring fling heat wave a summer.

Comes these two sweethearts are connecting soccer horseshoes a dip in.

The ocean and a trip to the tanning booth yikes looks like Abby's a bit overcooked it's okay Abby Clark likes it hot with love in full swing Ryan's decided to build these two a love nest the new blueprint mode makes creating a house a breeze with a few personal touches from Ryan Clark and Abby are ready to start a life together The Sims 3 seasons brings change to every neighborhood not just Sunset Valley the downtown streets of Bridgeport never looked so clean Appaloosa Plains has never looked this beautiful and not every day can be a beach day in sunlit tides if you own the sims 3 supernatural installing seasons to your game will unlock the weather stone world object gives your supernatural Sims all new powers witches can drive their town fatty with the full bitching rain evoking the hunter storm make it easier for werewolves to uncover rare collectibles reviving sprinkle gives fairies the power to bring plants back to life vampires will find it easier to corner their prey under the eclipsing fog The Sims 3 seasons dynamic weather new activities and festivals bring fun for every season yikes it looks like there's more in the sky does snow flexes storm blows.


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