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7 Days to Die - Night 1 (Killer Rabbit)

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This video from: Aubinator.
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7 Days to Die - Night 1 (Killer Rabbit)

Let's Play 7 Days to Die! Will I have what it takes to take on the hoards of zombies? Or will I crouch in a corner, cowering?


Hope you enjoy!

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7 Days to Die:

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Reason the log spikes they don't take damage we walked on the smell oh so they stay there forever eh I can upgrade these mm yeah that's it now what if I.

Walk on them can I walk on them because I don't want to kill myself from something lame like that all right time to eat we need to eat right now oh is.

That gonna hurt me okay i'm actually eating which is nice still infected all.

Right what can we do to this house to make it more homely let's see here um. Yeah no don't walk on them or it can i pick them up I don't remember seeing that option okay we're just gonna pretend that they're not there so yeah how do we turn these lights on I need to know that is there a way does anybody know that because this light is on for some reason and it is nice and bright that light and my front light are not on is there like a light switch is there actually power lines traveling to it.

Yeah I don't plan on I'm walking on the spike so that's not a problem we don't need to worry about that I'm more worried about electricity do we have it and can i use it let's make a campfire is I gotta catch the house on fire on fire that's that's not going to be cool what is that bunch of rocks let's cook.

Some of this meat we have some meat we got some fuel should be good think you have to find the book for it oh man the.

Light that is on must be solar the rescue is not accessible by me okay well if its solar yeah I don't know oh I have.

Oh had one what a waste okay cookware ah.

Can I put an empty can ok put stuff in a can can I make a pot with said can or.

Can I just put it on my what a waste of.

Drafting thanks for the campfire idea no.

Electricity ok well there is light from clearly there is electricity of some sort I don't know what it's from or why it's powered and the rest of them or not skinned rabbit ok group food cooking now.

If I pick up this thing is that going to attract them I need to eat I don't need.

To eat I need to drink that's what I need we're gonna go with five ok there.

We go also noticed a bit of an issue over here I thought that was how you made a torch. Torch all I bet you it's like one off yeah you got to put it up there a joke now if you click this will it automatically put all the stuff in line where it's supposed to go that I don't know okay three there is a bead with.

That torch right there there we go now we got a little corner spot this chair is looking the way use the stickers cookware the stick oh ok ok so if i put.

Aha alright so let's go cook some.

Rabbits where are you there you are.

There we go ok all been sensed know why.


Is that all these lights is that the.

Food is it because i was i was eating oh no i've been sensed but i'm not being hunted they're looking right holy shit.

Holy shit are they wait they're trying.

To break through now Oh undetected ahh okay all right and they smell it too ah. Ok ok canned beans tonight boys what is.

This can of miso fullness and hydration. There we go cans tonight we're gonna eat.

You're gonna wait it out like a bitch I'll eat one more there we go ok so I.

Got three empty cans now what can I use the cans for scrap metal scrap metal.

Metal out our metal strips can use the.

Cans for anything out of curiosity you do a bicep hahahaha you would know where they're scratching at the walls I just heard some swinging that was all he was swinging at something so two cans give.

You one scrap ok ok God yeah this is. This night cannot end fast enough that light is nice but I i wish i could create more I wonder all right medicine cabinet let's put our cotton we got tons.

Of stuff I'm gonna make this like a really nice place so then you drop like half and Heidi it's like you're crawling around when you're when you're sneaking all right if I pick up this rabbit charred rabbit is that oh was i supposed to pick it up.

After a certain time now it's gone do I.

Need to creat would cook not only gonna.

Do time oh do I need to stay burn time.

12 seconds okay that's enough time let's see if I put in my mature Oh No dddd dddd ok yup cook rabbit Dibley oh shit.

Oh shit oh for science I don't like.

Science nope what are you doing huh odo.


Holy fucking this is not cool that was.

Not a good idea that was not a good idea holy fuck how do I hide what are we. Gonna do how long will it be until they forget about me oh shit oh shit oh I'm.

Hunted no damn it undetected ok I need.

To make these now go shit shit shit shit.

Shit shit shit on be hunted no god damn it ah fuck you rabbit craft go holy vaca.

I will survive the night.

Oh shit coming through the walls shit.

Please forget about me cuddly oh my god.

It's still the scary shit alive man okay.

If I just stay here will they just forget about me okay it's almost.

Daylight right right Suns coming up what. Wall are they come to you now I'm gonna have to fix my home now you're making holes in my walls can i repair shit.

You sir are angry okay by using a book.

By doing the 15 no no go away go away.

Stop hunting I'm not here anymore are.

The only hitting the one area wait is it.

The Sun coming up and you're gonna burn or something that's minecraft again go oh wait am I actually raising any wood.

For repairs where they hitting now.

Shit's behind the bookie.

Oh my god is good they're trying to.

Climb for the balls off no way you're not invited to this birthday party you never worry you never will be get the fucking excuse me how do you still go in. Here this wall is impenetrable man impenetrable no way is there anybody. Else coming through I think this is it get the fuck out go away is it daytime.

Yet seven o'clock and there's no Sun i call bullshit oh there it is really cool.

Did you go around the spikes go put spikes around the whole fucking hey all.

Right are you done are you done are you done are you very much done no.

Oh how do I make these walls again so i.

Can replace them so it looks good so I'd. Like to use the same thing again stop hunting me I'm not here stop sensing me will the fuck away okay is it date tough enough I bet it's not don't kill them.

They will continue they're gonna continue no matter what no matter what I do they're just gonna continue this a.

Can I hit you walk away from here.

You are not invited sun is up go kill. Them I don't think the Sun is really up just give a diary for this thing running great I trout myself

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