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Vector - Story 3 - Technology Park Walkthrough (Steam/PC)

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Vector - Story 3 - Technology Park Walkthrough (Steam/PC)

After a long perilous chase inside a very large construction site, you finally escaped with the help of a companion and hitching on his air glider. But with the weight of two people, the air glider won’t be able to get too far and you need to get off. You fell inside the park where patches of Nature and Technology are mixed in together. You thought you already lost “Big Brother”? Think again.

Story 3 – 1

Tricks Required – 360 Wall Cling, Air Spin, Split Vault

Bonuses – 5

You jumped off the air glide and entered the first part of the technology park. Greeneries are pretty much abundant but you can’t appreciate any of them as you are running away from big brother. The stage is not that tricky but you might need to slide down instead of jumping down some areas to get the bonuses and you have to beware of deep pits that would sure slow you down.

Story 3 – 2

Tricks Required – Slow Spin, 360 Wall Cling, Double Kong

Bonuses – 8

The second stage will try to confuse you as it can. Don’t get confused with all the platforms going up and down. The bonuses and tricks are scattered among these platforms and you need a keen eye to spot the way you needed to go. The first floating platform is something that can be ignored while the following ones lead you to a bonus floating above. Getting the second trick might be “tricky”, once you get it, you will easily be led to where the other thing to find are.

Story 3 – 3

Tricks Required – Underbar, Slow Spin, 360 Wall Cling

Bonuses – 7

Run way from “Big Brother” straight from the beginning and jump at that dangerous height and which killed “Big Brother” who is chasing you and, another one pops out. Be ready upon entering the first tunnel be ready for a dangerous slide as you get the first bonus upon entering. After the slide, another “Big Brother” will appear where the bonus is and leaves you the way upward, the trick is to jump down at the right timing before you reach the top and getting two bonuses that are impossible to get upon reaching the top of the climb. The rest will be easy and tricky which is up to you.

Story 3 – 4

Tricks Required – Jump Down Roll, Underbar, Double Kong

Bonuses – 6

Technology is getting higher in standard but just what are their uses? Maybe just for this game alright. Sliding will be your friend here in this stage. Not to slide under small gaps but to reach bonuses that placed closely to the walls and even the normal jump will make you skip them.

Story 3 – 5

Tricks Required – Cheat Gainer, Jump Down Roll, Dash Vault

Bonuses – 5

You had a fast and cool entrance as the vehicle you rode crashes like there is no tomorrow. Beware of sprinting too much since it would be bad at this stage. Jumping too high is also not good once you left the large building as the platforms you step on will lower as you fall on it and the higher the fall, the lower the platform will be and you might miss the bonus at the third platform.

Story 3 – 6

Tricks Required – Flying Arrow, Cheat Gainer, Handspring to Roll

Bonuses – 5

It is another short but still dangerous. Right after you jumped unto the flying truck, jump down since you don’t need to ride it too much. Getting to the first waiting shed, you need to climb over it and get the bonus by the end of the roof. As you get your third trick, prepare to run like hell as the ceiling will press both you and “Big Brother”.

Story 3 – 7

Tricks Required – Double Spin Vault, Flying Arrow, Obstacle Vault

Bonuses – 5

Get ready for a maze chase. Either you get down the collapsing platform or jumping over it, will need to show your prowess in evading your pursuers. Get ready for short mazes in order to collect your bonuses.

Story 3 – 7

Tricks Required – Spin 360, Double Spin Vault, Flying Arrow

Bonuses – 53

Bonuses? As you get off the vehicle, get ready for a whole lot of them. In this stage, you will need precision, quick thinking and reflexes as you try to get those bonuses without leaving a single one as you run away from “Big Brother”.

Story 3 – 9

Tricks Required – King Kong Jumpoff, Spin 360, Triple Swing

Bonuses – 5

After the stage of bonuses, you can relax now for a single stage as it doesn’t require much of effort. Just be ready for multiple jumps and tricky maneuvers and get to the car in the end.

Story 3 – 10

Tricks Required – Spin Bicycle, King Kong Jumpoff, Triple Hit Trick

Bonuses – 13

The tenth stage will test your quick thinking and reflexes. Platforms are moving here and there and holes on the ground opens up just a few steps before getting your foot into those holes.

Story 3 – 11

Tricks Required – Long Circle, Spin Bicycle, Split Vault

Bonuses – 8

The end of the game, speed is what you need as you run like the wind. Bonuses require your jumps in order to acquire them. Get into the hover car and find your fate. Will you become free or will you be caught? Find out.


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