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Bully PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO CHAPTER 1 (Canis Canem Edit)

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Bully PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO CHAPTER 1 (Canis Canem Edit)

Bully Walkthrough Part 1 - Featuring PS4 1080p Gameplay also called Canis Canem Edit. Bully PS4 Gameplay including 1080p gameplay and Trophies

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In a nutshell:

The game previously known as Bully is Rockstar’s most controversial title yet – despite the fact that almost everything that’s been written about it in the tabloids is wrong. You play the bullied not the bully in a cleverly observed pastiche of school life.

The lowdown:

Although this bares comparison to both Grand Theft Auto (in terms of the large freeform world and highly interactive environments) and The Warriors (the combat system is nearly identical) this is very different to Rockstar’s other games. Although you are supposed to attended lessons each day (doing well gives you new abilities and items) you’re free to explore Bulworth Academy at leisure with a wide range of missions from raiding the girl’s dormitory and fetching transistors for the local tramp to protecting nerds from bullies. In fact that the whole game is about surviving the school experience and making friends and ironically has a far more moral point to make than any of Rockstar’s previous titles.

Most exciting moment:

Although you can get into fist fights with other students there’s never any blood shed, just the odd pulled ear or Chinese burn. There are plenty of other school yard pranks you can pull of though with the judicious use of catapults, stink bombs and cherry bombs. You can also make out with girls (or boys if you so desire) if you can find a way to get on their good side.

Since you ask:

There have been numerous calls for the game to be banned in both the U.S. and UK, although tellingly all such calls were made long before the game was even previewed and were based solely on the name. The final product is only rated 15+ and features only mild amounts of violence.

The bottom line:

One of the most original games for years and far more wholesome than its reputation suggests.-HARRISON DENT

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This video is brought to you by g2 a link in description also a discount code inscription as well check it out both of cheap and wonderful games hello guys and welcome to a game called bully I still love this game back in the day on the ps2 and even even the name got changed apparently for some weird reason but it's cool Billy that's all I'm gonna call it and I still love it so I've got released on the ps4 very recently it's literally just the I stuck an upraised my own upraised actually it's just literally a resolution of 1080p and new trophies so yeah I thought would check it out be like one planet if you guys want to see some more let me know but this game is this game is quite old but I love rock star I love the games in this game is there is a lot of fun like seriously so fun and let's check it out bully.

Jimmy please say something James what.

Who are you mom I thought you told me never to talk to strangers like I said before Jimmy please be nice to your new stepfather.

Okay rich guy I love it that you're twice as old as my grandfather and you're fat and boy that's enough I attended with you you Lou Pratt.

You've upset your mother I've got half a mind a big half a mind is Right suddenly he realizes I can't believe you you little monster we'll deal with you when we get back from our honeymoon next year.

Here we are boy Bulworth the cannon.

A fun Jamaica I'll think of you from our cruise ship whatever.

Poor Jimmy mom why'd you marry that. Phony what is wrong with you he's rich I can't believe this you must be the. Hopkins boy where'd you come from we've been expecting you welcome to Bullworth Academy ah I'm sure you'll be. Very happy here very happy indeed anyway I can't spend my life waiting around for naughty little boys I've got a man to make happy the headmaster is expecting you Hopkins in his study okay his study is over there boy in the main building don't keep dr. Crabble snitch waiting he's a brilliant man brilliant alright get room but do we have some.

Towels this game so I want how's it look you really want me don't these guys wanna fuck you got hit with the ugly stick oh that's no great lesson is it you just you're the rapper you identify just miss you too Claire come on shadow Mia don't fear mama it's back stitches go the hoist choice are we I can run the door sweet girl oh shit we're gonna taste it already leave us alone he's already in trouble I love it they like the jocks the jocks like to just beat people up there a little bit how to pull it thick but yeah it's a little bit stare typical the sheet yeah that night I made out with Eunice watch don't believe your eggs cause of jocks the rich ones as well the posh idiots put lots of money like it's just very stereotypical you are what everyone's so rude to us which just arrived EML dress code oops we're not properly. Dressed yet ah yes so you must be Hopkins ah uh huh.

What uh huh what I meant yes sir very good now let me see you've done a lot of naughty things haven't you vandalism graffiti bad language violent conduct disrespecting staff oh I'm scared of you Hopkins come on give me a break yes I've never met a boy like you never in all my life Hopkins you're quite the nastiest little boy I have ever encountered tell me why should I waste my time on you I don't know because it's my calling it's what I do you excel at causing trouble and I excel at fixing little boys like you at making you into respectable members of our community here at the academy I've got a good feeling about you boy a feeling you and I are going to be great friends you keep that nose clean boy or I shall clean it myself miss Danvers are you back yet yes headmaster and I got your tea you are good to me miss Danvers no more than you deserve headmaster take our new friend Hopkins here and show him around the school and get him properly attired certainly headmaster come along boy I haven't got all day and boy remember you will have a clean nose so keep it clean or we'll clean it for you this seems like the most.

Wonderful school not the same a little bit um bit violent so here I am at probably the worst school in the country whose alumni are nothing but arms dealers serial killers and corporate lawyers real scum and that old creep thinks he can tame me we shall see my friend I only give people what they have coming to them oh really uniform young Hopkins run along now child run along run to the boy doomed - downstairs I think my analog sticks just literally just broke great great Pierce 4 analog sticks no saving throw my ashes what is the gate I need are you cooking mum goes shoots that's fine like half open he's so big issues like his stomach she was like popping out and sees pants Jesus he wants to see that let's go to the boy domes you can't go. Into the girls dorms but that's central preview at some point that sounds wrong but you know I mean like it may involve submissions to go in there I saw briefly remember the story guess what time it is yep time for a beatdown oh really get the new kid beat him down this isn't good is it would it run so you can lock on and then he can like give a refinishing really fun much stuff that core quads head up his bike to look on oh oh oh oh oh tech like yes I'll look.

For that you're getting along are we getting beat like that 7 giver of furniture yes Oh from away haha.

Jimmy Italy pretty good I look at that. Fish mom oh yeah trial sacrament no.

Bread up shop the 100 good fellow God. You fell over as either shut that door quad head up is fine that's wicked Schmo there you go oh no performing your feelings you bashed. Him that sucked Mantha seriously that was the worst spray tomorrow oh you're dead.

Hey Dad oh this is my cousin's under for.

That break it up why are you not in your uniform young man go change immediately don't you just. Go ahead ah come on that guy was massive poof babe almost.

Too big it's like how is he even a kid I mean you said that one glass school was just like obscenely tall and hey you're the new kid yeah what's it to you friendly aren't you give me a break loser hey relax friend you're all pent up go easier they put you on medication they did to me boy nearly sent me insane that's fascinating now if Felix I said relax friend get off man listen to me tough guy you just arrived at the toughest school in the country and I'm offering to be your friend trust me in a place like this you're gonna need friends so it's up to you you're gonna play nice or what yeah sure good so how about I show you around.

You go for it aw hell your other bar in the door I bet you on the low reading age you need this this bus and bring it to us we punish my health one dollar you should probably change. Into your uniform if you don't want to get in trouble where's my you know 100% your artifice in this place yeah smooth violin those jocks I swear right into our outfit I'll screw outfit you see we get lots they get lots more eventually where do we square there we go I select that yes we. Nice school outfit Oh Jimmy hey how you.

Doing you must be the new kid I'm Pete Pete Kowalski Jimmy Hopkins and don't ask how I'm doing I've been here five minutes and already people want me dead even my parents didn't hate me this quickly well welcome to Bulworth it's a dump great I've been expelled from anywhere halfway decent yeah I've been expelled from anywhere halfway decent cuz I'm really bad give up the tough guy act pal hey man what's your problem well a TD primarily but also life my parents the school Western civilization but really honestly enough about me oh I see you've met the dorms mascot ladies and gentlemen I give you FEM boyd the girliest boy in school Petey haven't you got some imaginary friends to go annoy OSHA leave me alone Gary look at you leave me alone Gary I'm.

Really self-important now that I finally hit puberty what's your problem I'm just being nice to the new kid as he passes through Bulworth on his inevitable journey to prison look I gotta unpack would you guys mind getting out of here oh oh now look what you've done Pete Jimmy can't stand you already I feel sorry for Pete he's a good guy.

What so we can save it using it it's a book yeah save one always save it definitely it's nothing worse than that planner game they like lose your progress you just want to cry it's not good feel it at all as we're now wearing outfit so we can now walk around the school no shoes fingers crossed Leslie ups you punch someone and cause trouble and the prefix will come after us again all the teachers sir yes rights of view the constituted school mascot what you.

Can see Galloway ought to be fired use objectives actors are no poetry room is.

But can't let anyone know I still do that I mean I'd be dead submission this first objective is probably like a lesson or something so you may think I'll no lessons or really already been to school today it's actually quite fun and it gives up great as well so this is your school what does that mean.

Oh no not again mm boys got him on hey Jimmy let me show you around this prison not too sure about Carrie so far it's a bit of a weirdo that's Russell's Locker you know the big ape who almost put you in the hospital whoa okay seeing us again Enoch God now I smashed you oh man I. Said not good tell me but be peaceful be friend come on give me a break you gosh no I don't have any cash Oh finery go want any trouble one two look good face one dollar you don't know what pain in tight look he's.

Armed next time you give more do Fitz I could get those with no brain bond let's break into it and steal something that'll teach him let's go from his locker that sounds firm wise not follow but the.

Prefect see you break any rules they'll hurt you Oh so I've seen us go to the prefect.

I've seen us I'm gonna be good oh no well done yes Oh prefect much you've seen us you stuck a tutorial by the way Oh you do know you're not supposed to be doing that Oh Cully are you so please come for Gary yes good I'm on that we're safe got hot in the bin you're nothing you're garbage oh thanks disgusting you are in the bin.

Yeah well why don't you just chill out man whatever say hey man I didn't you will be paralyzed always Gary there is Jimmy this way this.

Is gonna slice show us around perhaps like is the lesson over it made me play shirts and skins if the game of skins skills I love the girls skills Carrie are you taking us toilet oh man there's that weird ship Eunice let's have some fun oh don't be.

Horrible oh my god oh my god oh my god be friendly hey you she took my chocolate please get.

It back so much Chuck I guess so what up. I'm sure you don't sexy go we sounds pretty far away is where we going where's this chocolate so are in flavor effect you know hey did we need tumblr sure made up Jimmy OS freedom hey there chocolate please sure I'll give you the chocolate if you pet sucks to be you can you just leave me alone you know whoa take this stupid picture yes we have chocolate sole of the box as well oh excuse me right I'm hoping she's happy now got chocolate back you should be happy I need oh okay there's your chocolates.

Back oh look uh um wanna make out oh god.

Really oh no no what - Caesar oh god it's gonna read him sheesh Oh Thank You. Jimmy I mean it Wow hey kissed her I love let's go to the calf I'll show you the local wildlife where's the camp is he in this building - the calf have some food get health back pretty frozen food.

Feeding time at the zoo okay here's the deal over there we got the Nerds of course they're complete social outcasts they look pretty harmless they're actually sneaky bastards their turf is the library and those are the preps they're all money and come to sending attitude yeah massive Liam bred and completely brainless very observant Jimmy boy now over there are the greasers they think they're tough or at least try to look tough wouldn't advise messing with him at least not yet they hang by the auto shop and last but not least the jocks these guys will the school definitely avoid them whatever I'm not afraid of some dumb roid monkeys you'll learn come. On let's go how the grease is that's why I forgot you're here to learn not to goof off get to class you're a dick you.

Don't fool me I'm Jimmy Olsen I guess nothing has a gloss robles right so the location of the class which I believe is also it's morning classes start from 9:00 a.m. and go on to 11:30 a.m. so plus times about to start all right go get to class before we're too late I'm getting this on this floor it is what was that first class chemistry oh yes tonsil make some explosions it's like a bang so here we go through the chemistry crosses each day so if we do this one time in here related to chemistry novelty right class take care to follow.

My instructions precisely as we will be working with volatile chemical trace it was like guitar hero fascinating isn't it is it right baby get a rest right first time let me go it's a good work double it wrong explosions might happen we don't want that pauses glass very good makes you too happy carry on yes got a status landry woody TV I'll be squeezy some do get very hot though I promise they did it's easy when you know how yes that's gonna be useful me oh good what can I say I do like so just for it ok so we can. Tap it to engage it to equip it and it for it whoa like a bomb I love it right.

Prank the next objective war did you get that from which ops Fleur Oh.

I feel trapped here hey hey hey model right boy wanna hang out sure loser what. Just put us a loser I heard you don't think this is creepy but I've been watching you there's a victory Million number one on the worst-dressed list okay we should we leave it you can't say that oz banana they should always sits on it lows shimmy your wax yeah I'm not sure if I'd be doing webisodes this but I just have to play at least one episode if you guys want to see more no they've let me know I'd love to play more definitely iswhat is this the set a memory I set up for.

What you seem to be making yourself quite comfortable here my boy I'm just trying to fit in by fighting by making a nuisance of yourself that is not the Bullworth way boy yeah you could have fooled me what I said you could have fooled me this place is full of bullies and maniacs nonsense that's just school spirit high jinks why in my day we felt nothing of castrating the new boys I want you to stop this nonsense Hopkins I want you to behave yourself you might learn something fine can I go now sir on your way hey I saw you sucking up to. Crabill snitch what shut up screw you new kid this is what we do to teachers pets around here better no flap come here you yeah come and get me.

Mason town shit how'd you like little slingshot tough guy worthy swing off the rim I'm Calloway hoof so we can't lose Danis not sure what it is almost suddenly friend Sylvia it's not true definitely not true well it's a way you got yeah that's not fun grab him. Ah we fell over sweat thinking if you.

Hit forgive that dumb screwed you over my dad give me the strap where's this baby's gone now officially 1 p.m. who's over there how do you do haha what you gonna do the quicks winter I mean he's a doctor when I had a bodyguard me a break man always follow freaking loser. Yeah combat does get harder starts with the greasers and the more leveled up you dropping people very much like options to insurance the game my photos shows a firecracker.

No let's go David hey guys he's just new.

All we slammed into me some ever have some oh don't look so tough now all those bruises oh I'm too young okay oh they away from me so put on the floor out for bricks alright yeah so gonna fight you crazy or something one and pro yes pumpkin as well you can't reach me up another brick okay for my health which one locked on. Bitch woo oh and you're healthy again oh oh.

That's a loose nut that's gonna hurt ya. Sleeve shots so booty respect has gone down but I don't care a slingshot sweet.

To see your faction respect regions press select button so every effect has like of a sign rather good deed done I guess when you class oops I got hickeys in place okay I'm gonna smooth it show you oh oh sorry Q I'm off unload being. Chased the greases are pissed off and run run run run rushing to somehow get to class without being seen somehow sneak back into class all the good swagger breezed or its class get to class get to class I was again trouble we've seen by prefect and getting told we get told off we don't want that it'll be a pleasant student nice class I was just here perfect English I hated English as you can put yourself in my son my descriptions and stuff I I hate English hate to overpower hello class the curriculum demands that you do these vocabulary assignments but really have why do you finish them here in class that way you'll have more free time good idea right fit one word right longest one low Oh No look at all of them well.

Done this is terrifying good show excellent yes what's two more but well.

Uh other for one more one nope however.

Damnit that's right 1% not bad not bad.

Gee well done indeed well done James is it Jimmy o'james or both do you mean Jane uh I think if it gets called Jimmy most of the time right she burns the. Ability to apologize Russia will be barbaric hmm I don't tease please ma'am what's going on did we get let me good it was safe woof you apology bonus I'm the best yes that was easy not bad that's also food for now I made the Deaf and guys witness video hope you guys enjoyed it if your place came before how cuz this game is so good it's so good so be nice now the end of the video thank you guys for watching you guys will see more leave a like leave a comment share it friends treasure Twitter's let me know on Twitter even your watch you can and I will probably hopefully maybe do some more I mean it's gonna be so much fun Kathir be more surely no I don't know anyway see you guys later and Barba's

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