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Darksiders - Battle Hardened Achievement/Trophy Guide

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This video from: Kuddlesnot.
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Darksiders - Battle Hardened Achievement/Trophy Guide

OUT OF DATE! Updated video in annotations, with specific timecodes.

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Weapon grinding:

Soul farming and combat move purchasing:

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Everyone this is cuddle snot and I am before I start hopefully my walkthrough I'm going to upload a guide on how to the best way to grind to get your weapon levels up to the max seems like a lot of people at this point in the game now they're looking for a quick way to do it and be quite honest there is it a quick way I did trying to look around trying to find an optimize the best way to do it and now this is what I found I actually did before I got the Armageddon blade because you can have one extra hands man on and then you can get more souls that way so you don't have to do a whole nother grind to get the souls to get the rest of the achievement the battle-hardened achievement which is unlike all the combat moves so I recommend is you have Wars glory whatever weapon you're upgrading and you're trying to grind because one it's more it gives you more weapon experience then combat lore does those gives you what damage boost but you get more experience from each hit even though you'll kill the guys faster so its overall you gain especially with combat lore but also if you have already gotten one we get a blade at very least have deaths blessing on the other so you can get as many souls as possible from your efforts so do a quick little got in the route that I took over and over and over again I know it sucks but if you want those thousand game points or that platinum trophy five gold trophy so here we go first the combat moves you do not.

Need to get all of the upgraded wrath it.

Seems like some people are confused about that you do not need that all you need is to get all the non consumables from here except for the event events leveling up there anyway and then all of the secondary and chaos eater combat moves so yeah and take a look here I do have a max. Flash shards and rap shards so I'm not.

Joshing I will upload everything so don't worry about it too much my main problem is that Amazon is not yet sent.

My HD PVR by potage which is the HD that Kasbah I know this is an HD start you know bitching about that that I promised that I know this is an HD it's just so important in my TV but guys need it and actually start the walk through this way and then finish it off the PVR when it comes but I'll leave it up to you guys you guys can discuss it or send me messages whatever I don't really care but first you want to take out that guy in sometimes there's a fire wing or just swing or whatever there they could take out too then you want to come in here - whatever I really like that just annoying do that all the time it sound just transfer crazy and just spam these guys.

I'm really sucking right now let's play. First I guess but also been with a single weapons hard to get chains so don't worry about it too much just hear the abysmal Armour the amount damage will fake will be nominal and you'll get it back especially if you have deaths blessing on and you want to run back and.

For the people that don't want to grind to get the hundred miles and 150 on horseback I have a great quick easy way to do that except for the you know if you haven't written that much on them you're gonna have some problems but all about that tune that's also my soul farming video and I'll show that tonight as well and also is much easier to grind.

With whatever particular weapon you had if you have all those combat moves unlocked one it's a little bit more interesting to play and also especially with the sight I think it's much more powerful when you upgrade itself way too long.

And I know that I have Wars glory on the tremor gauntlet cuz I was when I uh play a second I just think more interesting for you guys to watch me grind the site as opposed to the term around looks pretty boring so you want to go through the.

Entire wherever that place is can I remember right now and kill all the guys in there then come through here kill the three guys that are in here and then we'll go.

To the crossroads kill the Fallen Angels that are there and then go to vulgrim let's just go back and repeat so that's really all it is I'm gonna finish this out for you guys in case there's any confusion but now I just also this my first upload using this method so I want. To see what your feedback is and also as I mentioned in my episode zero which is just a really cheesy trailer to the walkthrough that of would you guys prefer a optimized or inefficient playthrough optimized is every time I get an item I pretty much backtrack go back and get everything I possibly can so that means for the next dungeon for the next place I'll have the maximum a life stones and wrath chorus but if you prefer the efficient which is after I get all the items and we're collecting the piece of the Armageddon blade I'll backtrack then it's definitely saved a lot of time but might not be as interesting for you guys to watch I'll be go thing all the parts that you already figured out I know live you're looking for that last shard or whatever so I think I'll probably right now the. Standings are going pretty optimized I think that's the route I'll go but I'll leave it up to you guys then also the second thing like I was saying would you rather me I can start the walkthrough with this method this quality isn't that bad again I don't know I haven't uploaded anything yet so let me know if you want me to wave through the HD PVR I certainly can but uh the videos will come much later and not as quickly because I'll be going back to college and doing it from there so it's really up to you and alright guys that's it and then you take the server home back to scold and gala that's what it's called and repeat I know it sucks I know I know you have two TVs watch TV on the other one whatever you don't need a sound to do this and just get it done and especially if you have the best blessing and then if you need heaven unlock are mechanically and decide the ground which I did have a reaper on the other weapon to get a max amount of souls so you don't have to grind to get souls which really sucks to get the grind three times to get all the achievements slash trophies so this way you'll have to grind two times you should have more than enough to get all the combat moves unless you were going unless you've bought a lot of consumables while you were playing but uh which I didn't but otherwise uh my next video will be soul grinding and force swing grant so oh I'll see you guys there

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