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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! (Part 1): Welcome to Hollywood

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! (Part 1): Welcome to Hollywood

Part of a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

In this part, the game begins with Nancy being asked to investigate strange accidents on a movie set in Hollywood. She goes there, does a basic tutorial on how to do things in this game, calls Molly McKenna (her boss), fixes a generator, and has her first conversation.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hello there Nancy Drew clue crew my name. Is Michael gray and today I'm playing Nancy Drew lights camera curses it's not.

Part of the Nancy Drew series the Nancy Drew adventure series it's part of the Nancy Drew Bossier series Bossier our dossier depending if you want to pronounce it like a French word or not and this is basically a hidden.

Puzzle adventure game and you'll you'll.

Get a sense of what the game is like pretty soon enough because I'm going to start playing right now friend of my.

Dad's when I called her Molly sounded even more desperate over the phone than she eaten her letter she told me to come to Hollywood ASAP and meet her on the set where Farrow is being shot this set is on a very old movie lot which is apparently being made into a very modern theme park I've investigated mysterious access Nancy has investigated many many.

Mysterious accidents this is one case I can't wait to solve JJ here I come in fact I'm pretty sure that's the plot of pretty much every Nancy Drew game most of them in any case and that's the plot of this game Nancy's off to Hollywood to find out what's going wrong with this movie oh hey she took the 101 awesome I take the 101 Hollywood of course I take it north to San Francisco not south to LA but still that's awesome man I take the same road as a fictional character did it's not a road it's a freeway freeway goes all the way from LA to San Francisco and let's stop our geography lesson and learn how to play the game you can examine objects by clicking on them and let's use the masking tape by clicking on it and because we clicked on the masking tape while the sign was still open that means we use the masking tape on the sign think you figured it out let's try it again see this light what can we use on the light we can use this that will get the light down here and if there's something we can do here let's take a closer look who the prong is bent we're gonna have to find something that can fix that is there anything that can fix a broken prong what's this a pair of pliers use.

The pliers on the light and that fixes. The light let's put the light back in place and there you go puzzle number one.


Okay let's do puzzle number two.

Well the intercom is broken so we need to open it what can we use to open it oh.

The tool box is locked however and the.

Hinges on the jaw are stuck and this is an oil can huh use the oil pan on the.

Arrestee hinges to open it that gets you a key use the key on the toolbox inside. The tool box is a screwdriver which will open the intercom all right let's take a look at this intercom let's take a look.

At the poster on the wall yeah I wanted.

Poster for a cat okay now let's call Molly okay so molly was in stage aim right hi.

My name is Nancy Drew I am looking for Molly McKenna wait a minute see the.

Generator up there I need you to start it I guess so sure okay.

Time to fix the generator okay that's an.

Excellent hint you can click and unclick on something if you want to all right that should.

Help fix the generator somewhat let me.

See this wrench is good oh the wrench is great if you've got to have more torque I gotta have some torque okay use the wrench on the cap to open up the cap.

Let's fill it with some gasoline oh it's missing the bolt we have the.

Bolt down here so that's fixed and apparently there are three more things inside this room I'm not sure what they are you have the button that opens the garage door the chain hoist and the. Chain I bet the chain fell from the chain hoist let's open up the garage door that.

Apparently fixes the flattened hoses excellent let's get this generator starting then.

All right puzzle solved nice to meet you.

In person good to meet you too I fix it here we have our first conversation you'll have a bunch of conversations over the game make sure to select the correct answers I fix the generator Thanks my line.

Producer quit on me so I've been down there cracking the whip all day looks like I'm gonna be here all night to hate shooting at night because of the because.

Of the creepy accidents no because I have to pay the crew time and a half double if we go past midnight it's gonna put us even more over budget oh yeah something interesting on the wall next to the intercom there's a poster for the black cat wait a signed photo of Benny Goodman awesome I'm a signed photo anybody minute rumors.

Are flying that it's some kind of jinx so if you see it grab it what I've gone last thing the crew needs is another distraction some of them already think this production has the lowest Manson curse hanging over it.

Oh no no what I gotta get down there look go outside the main street and get the ark out of the storage room behind the pawn shop okay bring it to me on the set if there still is a set well conversation over and hey we just finished through the first chapter of the game excellent seems like this is a good place to end the video ooh a special ending to the game we'll try to get all the points you can in order to get the special ending for the game of course I'm going to try to get the special ending for the game let's see if I can do it

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