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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 19) - Easter Egg

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 19) - Easter Egg

A video guide of me playing "Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice". In this section, I figure out the secret of the Chinese puzzle box. Then we break into Fango's, and I figure out where the phantom is going to strike next! Sadly, I did this prematurely, so it doesn't count.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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So apparently the symbols are eight mountain rain wood water woman fire box.

And dragon and that tells me absolutely nothing about how to open it me that this has another clue Chinese.

This is no help whatsoever Oh dragon woman rain.

Ah I bet it okay there we go Fire Mountain water and then tree tree.

Both hold on a second.

Tree there's no tree okay so I make my about the tree because you got fire. Higher mountain water and wood what okay.

That's probably it.

Fire Mountain water would I don't tell.

Me there's some sort of order I bet there is bet that's it okay let's see.

What the order is okay I need to go to one two three four.

One was long I'm so not going to do this correctly fair with.

Okay let's say tree is one.

Okay lift it up again one two three four.

That's wood Mountain Water fire this gives us daily communication via scopa card ah interests and then we find a scope acardo up top.

That there was a slope apart here which go Picard was it.

Look at the case file Pisco Picard he ate he ate okay.

The eight means there is no wait hmm.

Okay well in that case let's break into fondos office again and see which go Picard is taken but first let's break.

Into margaritas room while she's not there. Hmm all right huh Oh you can't break.

Into a room but you can't hear a chicken that she keeps kept in the room don't.

Look at me I don't understand this game at every single moment Kim's pregnant Antonio's office again.

Oh my god chicken egg huh.

Alright I'm toning those we are.

Let's see what's gotten come on.

Where's kro picard is missing.

Leave town nope okay so the one of cups and a bunch of tens and the eighth of something no I have to look at the deck you're one.

Of cups means st. traval Sood.

It of no it's not and the tens of everything.

Bulges plays the plaza of fellow ethnicity.

Okay they've already hit st. they've already hit the st. place hmm.

Okay so mm-hmm I'm slightly confused I think I've got it figured out let's head over to our dossier at the piazza san marco marco.

See where the Phantom is hid I need a card.

Have they hit all these places yet you see there's one of the places unless haven't they got to go.

They've gotten doges sword so they've been the daughter's place have they been to the plaza for Belial in the Palazzo foggy day okay huh.

The Fenice they've been tufa nice.

And they've been to Accenture bosses.

Which means that it must be the plaza or fellow applause or fellow right yeah.

Mm-hmm okay so the only place they have less to left to hit is the Palazzo or pedal got it figured it out I'm a genius.

Better go back to the tell Sophia.

Unless of course I'm totally wrong and there's something else we have to do first.

We need to talk to margarita perhaps we have to do that first I'm not sure well try calling Sophia with this new information I figured out.

Little fresh pasta no okay we need to talk to margarita first that dark I've.

Already figured out the mystery hmm stupid game time to hit the sack. You kids go to sleep for a night because margarita said she'd be back tomorrow and now it's tomorrow.

Now Fon goes in his office well good for him I don't think there's anything interesting looking to watch him.

No one's there he must have just missed him yeah darn it oh well let's talk to Margaret.

See you have recovered from having that locket ripped from your neck that is what happens when one leaves a door unlocked after one has been told not to

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