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Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation Walkthrough [No Meds] - Part 12 Alexandria

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Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation Walkthrough [No Meds] - Part 12 Alexandria

Key Moments (Courtesy of GATALONable):

2:10 - Cut Scene Juan

4:10 - grab Laser Sight

4:55 - Secret #1 (44 of 70)

6:48 - pick Crossbow

9:05 - "danger" ahead ;j

9:30 - targets game

9:50 - pick token

11:00 - pick Broken Handle & Wall Hook

11:18 - combine handle+hook(hook&pole)

11:41 - grab Gate Key

13:33 - Cut Scene

18:10 - platform puzzle

20:00 - boulder puzzle

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What's up everybody badass games we're going to be doing the Alexandria levels now and I'm glad to be finally doing this for you guys whoa we are going to be just starting off right here and we were left off after the Train we're going to be doing the Egyptian adventure and doing the little block puzzle in the coastal ruins and that's going to be in the video so it's gonna be about maybe 20 minutes and that's what I'm expecting Oh every single time I start a new level always draws my pistols well the first thing we actually need to do is actually take out some scorpions these guys are bad because they poison what the it. Takes two shots take that I probably have my demo why should I am i wide shot selected that's why I took some hits okay all right pick up the small med pack that's there in the corner and there's nothing else there let me actually get my normal shot momentum all right so as we come out here we're gonna get some music and you'll notice this guy got in for that yeah he's actually gun for this room right here I guess he's gonna go warn some people that you're here I think I'm just gonna let that be I don't think I'm gonna go in there kill some guys but if you want some kills you gonna go left we got to go in there and kill two assassins that are in there okay we come around here we'll notice that there's a bike here that we can't get but we get some shotgun shells to make up all right now another thing that we could do is actually open this door.

Inside of here is another assassin and.

Also an aspir basically about it well there's a secret in there which we'll get here in a second but we need to actually go inside of this building right over here so we open this door the.

Same way we did the other one and just walk up the steps we're going to get a cutscene with Johnny's.

La you are alive I fear for you what Vaughn Croix has the amulet ah this is bad but he doesn't yet have the armor there is still time to prepare for set Jean I'm tired give a girl a break my. Dear when all this is over you can retire but now we must move swiftly my men dive in the bay for remnants of Garba trois lost palaces Cleopatra yes she realized the armors significance and had it brought here some was subsequently scattered but and where would you recommend I start looking in the catacombs under Alexandria my diggers have a nurse chambers connected to the Great Library this would hold the true location of Cleopatra's palace we have yet to find a way in but you take me there there is a problem von Croix. Yes his dig is expanding pressing many of my own tunnels of course my men would no longer work when von crows thugs appeared on the scene time to introduce myself to Vernors loyal workforce first you must get into the catacombs phone Kroy has them completely sealed up and I fear he will soon have the armor over my dead body this I see also I shall wait here for news return if you feel I can help in any way good luck Lera I fear you may need it I make my own luck oh she is a badass isn't she okay well before we actually leave this place there's some stuff here on the Shelf that we have kind of really want including that laser sight yes it's pretty imperative here um some crossbow bolts no no shot and some shotgun shells and also if we actually take a look over here there is more shotgun shells on the floor here I can get lined up on them and grab them and then we actually want to head out here we are in draw a shotgun or some losses or something or even your pistols if that's what you're into missing me guys that's like whatever no there's another guy over here take care of him he drops some booze eclipse actually fortunately we'll pick those up oh I don't want to.

Fall down just yet haha that was close what we want to do is we actually want to open up the secret that I mentioned earlier we're running jump over to here and just grab this ledge and then shimmy around this corner fall and grab this switch. And that's going to open up this secret door the secrets actually inside of here when we killed the assassin and now this door is open we get some items includes large med pack and it looks like two normal shot crossbow bolts sweet I'll take out.

That shotgun again and we're gonna go in here and kill another guy he actually drops a small med pack now we actually don't need to worry about life too much because we're actually gonna get a loading screen and technically you could actually bounce between these two areas to fill your health up I'm gonna avoid that at all costs if I the only time I'm actually gonna load the screen is when I actually need to for the no med pack run cuz it's not very fair it's kind of a cheat but before we actually fall down alright before we actually go all way down there don't forget to grab a small med pack that's there in the shadows okay now we're actually going to begin what's called the Egyptian adventure so.

Let's take out the shotgun let's actually not waste any good animal and blow this anyway oh yeah.

The music scholar okay now there's a few.

Ways you can go um you're not gonna slide down there not just yet or you can go down there but um yeah it's just nothing but death for now we actually need a something special before we go down there and that super special is actually through this area right here and we walk in here Lara's gonna look in the mirror she's gonna see something very interesting going on here like the floor looks normal without the mirror but if you look at the mirror it tells you where all the bad spikes are I'm asking to save my game because this can get very hairy and now that that's done let's take a look at the mirror okay right in front of me is actually some spikes let me get over here and yeah we're safe here you can also look on the floor and see the glitches if you're if you can angle the camera properly um but I wouldn't rely on that because it's not very accurate just look at that mirror and see where you got to stand so this tile the style is style sweet and yes the spikes are one-hit deaths basically just like that not fair not fair okay.

Let's load this game back up alright let's try this more time okay yeah so I mean those spikes hit you you die so let's not get hit this time I want to actually stand a little bit for the back and then we're gonna hop over spikes good good and now you see that look the crossbow is actually invisible it's not even there on the floor so how do we get it well it's actually there you just gotta use a little bit of intuition to understand that that's where it's at okay now we get back to the steps I'm gonna go the way that I came here um maybe I want to take a step back and hop yes okay um so just keep referencing that mirror if you ever want to know where which tiles are safe in this case like I know which way I came and so I'll just go back that way and we make it back safely now we actually have the crossbow now let's actually combine this thing with the laser sight because we're going to need that technically we don't but we also have different types of ammo for this thing we have the normal crossbow bolts which just do damage as if there were pistols I'm not sure what kind of damage they do I'm not sure how powerful it is but we also have poison ammo I actually I'm gonna have to use that on some enemies but not on the type of endings that we're going to encounter from here on out in this video let's see we got the explosive ammo now that is very handy and in fact we're going to use that here right now so we want to equip that and I got a crossbow that explodes now well what was that oh geez.

No actually he's just a just a toy he's there to freak you out the guy's going insane now what we want to do I'm actually gonna save my game before I do go down here to because I'm a pansy alright now that that is accomplished let's get our cross bowl out we got explosive ammo bolts as soon as we slide down here I was gonna stumble on this thing wait for that gate open and just pop one off and actually you Manta I guess you have to aim a little higher well I wasted an ammo whatever we blow them all away and then ya what you saw there with all the spikes just lifted up an hour exactly it's actually safe to traverse this as you approach this emblem he's going to drop this token on the ground pick that up we need that and then this is how we actually get out of here all right now that we.

Have the token let's go back up here where I went into the spike room to pick up the crossbow bolt let's bypass that and go into the next room in here we actually have a because it's a snake charmer and Laura wants to see a show so. She's gonna pop that token into this coin slot and he spazzes out but at.

Least he raises a rope for us that I guess was supposed to be a snake I don't understand how it works that's amazing okay let's climb this thing all the way to the top here because there are some items up here we need that we require it's absolutely necessary okay first and. Foremost there's a piece of wood right here and secondly there's a hook right here that's discolored from the room the other two use your crowbar on that thing it's she's going to pop it on the wall now that we have these two items that so we can actually combine these and we get the hook and pole and we're going to see what that's used for here in a second okay let's exit this Egyptian adventure area going through this doorway here standing right here well let's take a look oh where there's some keys right there well that's what the hooking poles for it's actually she's actually use that and grab those keys very carefully.

Now you don't want to lose the pole in there grab it get it yes now she tosses.

The key she doesn't actually put them in interpretor and if you notice she actually put the hook and pull back on her back but if we go back in our inventory we see that it's not there so we don't have that anymore yeah it's very seeding of them to do that but you have to make sure that you pick up the keys you don't pick up the keys and yeah that's been suck okay now we have everything from the Egyptian adventure let's get out of here whoops wrong.


Okay now we're given a chance to go left to right you can go left um but you line up and the work on the right side in anyway so this is the proper way to go go into here and just fall in the water expose I guess you could have hopped the gap but I like to. Make lara wet let's hop into this hole here climb up into the crawlspace.

And then we just back out this thing we're in this little crevice area there's really nothing in here it's just sort of here for fun and then we have a ladder here though this is actually a ladder it's kind of I don't know it kind of blends into the wall it's really hard to tell that that's actually where you're supposed to go but at least I thought so at first it makes sense when you actually all right now that we've done that we're gonna actually enter this area outs like an outdoor area and it's actually on the coast we'll get a. Cutscene that's going to show us a couple of things. What's going on here a couple entrances and the right way. They block off like that's the way I'm supposed to go over there the left side and they blocked about to suite and that platform has nothing to do with anything okay so this is what you want to do we. Actually want to Oh claim some items in.

This area before we go where we're supposed to go and those items come on.

And then got a camera angle here it's kind of annoying but I guess we could have climbed this thing from the side let's aim for that cubby over there you can actually see the item there and I didn't even press the jump on I press the action button.

Okay another shot there we go and now.

We're gonna claim some more normal shot crossbow bolts.

All right now let's get on over to this side I'm actually going to save my game again because this part is pretty there's another item we can claim here but this parts pretty tough and gets stuck and so I recommend saving here if you know what you're doing then you won't have an issue all right let's so now that we're saved let's fall in the water here very easy like I said it's very easy to stuck here and I wish it that low it just sucked me right in there alright but the item is actually over here in this crevice and it's some I believe I believe it was super grenades maybe grenades at any rate okay now here's the hard part we got to go I actually got to turn around when I go this way and Lara's like I can't push down right now if that happens to you just turn around and then try again and eventually large should make it had a hard time of this and there we go. So I really didn't need it safe but I'm glad I did. Okay now we're actually going to encounter an enemy and I believe the only way to take care of these guys is to pull them away with the synthamax loads you can also actually shoot their.

Heads off if you can if you can actually aim with your weapon if you like I can use a normal crossbow bolt and shoot them in the head and they will run around like an idiot which is pretty funny but they don't actually die and it's always cool make things blow up anyway yeah you get another cutscene you see these two skeletons that are pissed off and they're gonna come right after yeah somehow I guess they're two meters they work to arrange something I don't know what's going on here it's confusing okay so I'm pointing my crossbow Adam I'm actually gonna wait a sec because uh there's a chance to actually kill these guys with one shot because I mean this isn't explosive bow let me uh there we.

Go and it's done okay now what we need.

To do is we actually want to go up here we're going to be doing some loading because for some reason they put this area this block puzzle in between two levels or between two loading screens it's kind of annoying because we have to go we have to do going to the next level load the screen and then do something come back out going to the next area get another loading screen do something come back out and then yeah we're gonna see some serious loading screens here so luckily I actually have some comments here ready to go for these loading screens okay I got one here from rod man 93 Diago and I just want to applaud you man for knowing where the reference comes from congratulations yes it is an Ozzy Osbourne reference alright now that we are in this area.

We want to head over here into this in this into the right we want to push this this button in it's going to raise this floor okay then this is actually in this this level here we got actually leave to get to it because it's actually underneath this platform now the entire goal here is to actually move that big pillar that we saw right over there on the right hand side we need to move that guy all the way to the end here that is the goal once he gets there we can continue into the next level but I can't move him because as soon as I stand on this platform it sinks and I can't you know this is this being a tile based game I can't actually move this guy there is no way to do that so what we do is we should go and support that.

Platform a little bit better a little bit better support on it so that's we're gonna go do another loading screen on this and skip this one sweetness now on our way back we actually have some items right up here we can grab include some wide shot ammo.

And some in the small med bag sweep and.

That would be a bad place to fall from but we do want to get down to the bottom here okay right here is actually a.

Ladder that you can grab on your wallets we don't even know where so now that we're down here we there's a little puzzle here we got to take care of right there as a crawlspace that we can get into but above that's a huge boulder and it's going to crush Lara if we try to get in there there's two ways you can get rid of the boulder okay the boulder actually Falls as soon as you stand on that elevated tile there so you can just hop on that hop off or I'll do it the proper way the way that designers actually wanted me to do it you grab this torch and you light it in this flame here you can stand a fair distance away from it and not have to worry about it you bring this torch over here to the rope you hop up and it catches on fire that fire is going to burn the rope and cause that bolt of the fall now make sure you're not in its pathway because it's gonna fall in the hole and that would hurt so now that that's all the way let's actually go up into here.

And we're going to encounter this door now this door looks similar to the one that we opened just before but the thing about this one is you actually use the crowbar on it to open it that crowbar comes in very handy and she we never lose it you know it's always she keeps putting it back in her backpack which is nice unlike the hook and pole it could have came in even more handy maybe you not.

All right now you another loading screen so let's get past that one now that we're in this area we continue into this part then this pillar right here this is actually movable also and you'll notice that that platform I'm standing on right now it's the one that we raised and we can actually move this guy onto it now if we look up we actually see that this is sort of it this is actually directly underneath that floating platform that we saw a little bit now we've got some support underneath it we can go back and finish moving that block.

Hooray back into this area again now. They could have actually I don't understand like they could have actually put all that puzzle stuff into into the actual like the next level so now we got.

To climb up out of this.

Huh. Well that's a wall Laura's acting pretty uh unintelligent today haha whoa that.

Would been bad so let's traverse this little ledge thing again and we're going to get another loading screen so I got a comment for this one bye-bye to sell at 89 and this person says it is shame that despite Vaughn kroy's wealth he employs Assassin's Creed rejects if that's your alter where around Lara would be dead or she would have them on her side which is so true so true okay we're back into.

This area and I never said what actually. Moving the block over to this thing does it actually opens that door right there and we can go into the next area all right so let's move this guy out.

Just put him there in the center get behind him and push them all the way to the end all the way to the end.

And takes a lot of strength vallarta to do this I'm surprised you know she's pretty small that's a pretty big block and she's only pushing it just as fast as she pushes everything else pretty. Impressive okay so something in particular is going to happen when we push this all the way to the end besides opening the door there's something else that happens and that something is a spirit is going to spawn and start chasing Lara and we got to get rid of him so there he is oh geez what we do we actually want to go into this door and we want to avoid him he's actually just a normal everyday spirit he's not fire he's not ice he's just a spirit um he doesn't set you on fire but we were actually want to take him to his grave which is right here and here he found it hey kid good guy thanks guy whoa and he's gonna float around. That thing for a little while and eventually he crashes into it in perishes that's what that sound was and we didn't get to see it I'm sorry but now that that's done the next thing we want to do is slide back up a little bit here you gotta be careful here we want to make sure that we don't die don't die good slide down the pole all the way. Down and then we run to the end over.

Here we get a door that opens and shuts.

Behind us so what do we do or what's all the shaking all about oh my gosh well let's pull this lever and see what happened here this thing raises and we notice that oh we're nowhere near where we were it's a it actually moved out from there so that's pretty or you that are on the platform raised but now we stand here and we get a little cutscene and see what the catacombs look like and we get to stare two ropes in the face that aren't even right in front of you yes you're that

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