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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough - 12 - Kensington Gardens | WikiGameGuides

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough - 12 - Kensington Gardens | WikiGameGuides

Scene Selection:

0:29 The Landlady

1:37 The Garden Investigation (w/ Commentary)

5:36 Stolen Washing Found

6:36 Henry's Room Investigation (w/ Commentary)

8:31 Torn Paper Puzzle (w/ Commentary)

12:25 Hidden Message Puzzle (w/ Commentary)

13:21 Henry's Room Investigation Continued (w/ Commentary)

13:51 Box Puzzle (w/ Commentary)

17:15 Missing Pieces (w/ Commentary)

17:58 Henry's Condition

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for PC (Steam).

Walkthrough and commentary by Shot.

Shot's Channel:

Twitter @JohnTarrJr

Twitter @ExplicitD


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We have arrived the Bishop's nephew lives here yes he runs a ground-floor room all right welcome back gamers is a.

Shot and is my walkthrough for the Testament Sherlock Holmes for Ricci game guides calm ok same as before looking for a specific scene or puzzle nobody in this could find it in the descriptions or the info can I help you.

Gentlemen how do you do madam we should like to see one of your lodgers Henry Hanford well he's away and you must understand I don't laugh and my daughter strangers especially with all these prowlers about that is the reason for our visit you're the police and now Henry is a friend of ours he expressed his concern to us about these intruders we're here at his request I'm not surprised mr. Henry while he might seem strange at first it's a thoughtful and kind man he must have noticed how worried I've been why just this morning some of my washing was stolen and I'm sure it was those ones who took it it seems like the best place to start our investigation may we step into your garden and then perhaps look into our friends room I don't see anything wrong with your looking over the garden but his room you understand didn't warn me I understand.

What should we do next Holmes let's have a look in the garden alright alright so the garden is right over here in the back right just start.

Our investigating now anything kitten carrots clues without a doubt it is the.

Linen belonging to Henry's landlady.

Indeed there appears to be some linen missing let's check in the tool shed.

There should be a spade here should be.

But it's not there now you'll eventually find it later a small pickaxe called.

Pickaxe it looks like a hole like oh well it is the 1800s me that's what they called it back then.

A rake why take it homes keep walking.

Around tins of food tied to one another.

The wire seems long enough they looked at me as though their rudimentary traps used to indicate the presence of intruders oh what a jumble just keep.

Looking right if you notice that the far.

Wall over there there's like a hole let's check it out there is something interesting here. Let's pull out the pickaxe to impossible.

All right let's have a look here.

It is just as I thought here's an ideal view of Henry's rule that confirms that the young man was being watched let's see well should be fun it is just that Caen.

The remains of a small meal someone has stayed here rather a long time this.

Newspaper is four days old the bishops nephew was being watched long before his uncle's murder all right.

Nothing of interest here right so you.

Look at the door but that's pretty doesn't mean anything but if you look up here on the branch.

Now I can't do that so go ahead and pull out the rake to get that a jacket that's hanging up there this clothing is torn the man who stole it must have caught it on a tree when he stood upon the fence and at the moment when he jumped he left this jacket in the tree great.

Someone's are scoping out the nephew the Bishop's nephew right so and we found the landlady's clothing so it's tough to talk to her now is this the washing you.

Were looking for oh yes where did you find it on the ground doubtless blown there by the wind they didn't steal it then I'd have felt better knowing that those lurkers were nothing more than clothes leaves that is not the case madam this affair seems to be rather more serious than that it appears that these intruders were spying on Henry now please let us see his role just me whatever next come in take the first door on the left it's open he never locks it never no never will you know him he doesn't do things like everyone else he lives in a world of his own when did you see him last did he say anything to you yesterday morning he just muttered a few words I can't always understand what he's saying when he does talk that is I can ask him a question but he just stares off somewhere the floor the ceiling if it wasn't there but first I found it strange but I've gotten used to it yes I know exactly what you mean he sometimes nervous too isn't he oh yes as soon as anything that fits him even when he's alone in his room he gets cross and then the next second he is standing Stockstill he stares off into space and calms down again as fast as he became angry all right so let's take a.

Look in his room.

Start investigating.

He got his scarf out but he forgot to take it someone emptied a bag here the.

Violin it is a lovely one where's its case it is an impressive library for.

Someone living alone and he's read all that impressive no hat no coat.

This candle is still hot it's been used recently during the day whatever for.

What is this strange installation this.

Rubbish bin was emptied and then someone threw a torn piece of paper in it and judging by the smell there was also an onion onion around scrabbles paper let us put these torn pieces of paper on the table what is the.

All right so what we have here is like a jigsaw puzzle so as like most people at.

Least I won't think that most people you all start with the corners.

More corner pieces here we go.

Let's have a sidepiece nope nope nope.

Oh wait that did go there I mad nerds.

Grab another side piece okay this time.

Definitely not no no here we go see.

Looks like a fit to me.

Yep shouldn't see.

Here we go.


Let's check this piece out.

Oh here we go see now there we go.

Show me.

No that's not it.

Okay let's skip that piece for now here.

We go see that there we go let's get the.

Middle pieces in okay looks like this piece goes right there Diane okay there we go this one looks like it goes right there rotate there I go this one looks like it fits right there rotate a few times last piece rotate it.

There we go both sides of the paper are blank all this one nothing Holmes perhaps not Watson of course not all right so.

Okay so choose the rope grab the clips.

All right then put the piece of paper on the clips. All right then light the candle with your matches there we go.

Time to find the hidden message stinging.

Street wharfs three two one South Bank there we.

Go the address of a dock on the Thames.

There we go.

All right so we got an address but why did the nephew have that let's find out so there's more place here you can you check out there is something interesting here right there there's something go ahead and pull up down see if the knife works there is something about the pickaxe let's see all right so this one.

So it's a combination lock need four numbers to open it and the clues are right here he scratched the locks cipher. Codes for himself Watson write them down for us it is noted it is noted right and.

One more right there I have noted down everything this lock is very complex the young Henry is remarkably intelligent all right some of these are really simple more mathematical stuff going on right so if you look at this number 1 1 2 3 5 so it was like this one plus one.

Is two two plus three is five three plus.

Five is eight.

All right the next one you look at these numbers by column how you say or row I.

Forget which one this is a column this is a row anyway so if you look at from the numbers going down each of these will add up to nine or two three nine. One six two nine or three numbers missing one and it's already set there right this one was the challenging one for me I probably spent a good 30 minutes staring at it right piece of paper in two different ways it could be hitted so basically I didn't get in till it finally hit me where it and that it's uh it's done as a spiral so if you look at this the difference between each of the numbers as a spiral so teachings 21 and 18 is three difference between 18 and 16 is 2 difference between 16 and 15 is 1 so 3 2 1 and it starts again so 15.

And 12 difference is 3 right are 2 1 3.

So what's a be between 6 and of the two. Right there so would be 4 or will be in the center right this one's a lot simpler than the previous one so I forgot what they call these are numbers that just go in succession I don't know so like 10 to minus 10 is 8 not a matter.

Of minus 2 would be 6 same here except.

This one adds so 3 plus 4 is 7 add another 4 11 so what number will be here to add it in between to get the 2 in the floor which would be 1 so 2 plus 1 B 3.

Plus another 1 which is 4 so that's where will be 3 empty but according to.

The label this box contained a Colt Paterson it is a powerful weapon Holmes and judging by the receipt it was new my dear Watson in the garden and in this room pieces are missing that should never have left their places what do you think all right so everything that Shh.

Shouldn't have left her places would be simple everybody always almost people unless takes a cotton hat when they go out scarf - it's cold out but the shovel. Is missing gun is missing obviously.

And a violin without spilling case.

Quick Watson there's not a moment to lose go and thank that charming lady while I try to recapture our new friend recapture what makes you think that he has run away I believe that our man suffers from behavioural problems you must have seen or heard about those poor fellow's who spend their time counting the gravel stones in the garden or moving objects from one place to another hundreds of times in one day well the Bishop's nephew suffers from a moderate form of this condition nothing would be more disturbing to him than to leave a personal space in such chaos and yet this is what he has done with this room for it to reach such a state of neglect can only indicate that he was in a most desperate situation and do you think that you can catch him yes the candle here is still warm so he left only a few minutes before our arrival but it is the missing violin case and the large pistol which concerned me we know that he is quick tempered and volatile it is never wise to leave a gun quite capable of killing a bull in the hands of someone like that did he leave to go to the address which was written in the invisible ink do you think undoubtedly Watson and as for the missing Spade I can tell you that it will be used for digging are you ever going to stop delaying me with endless questions so gentlemen have you found anything we have learned enough to promise you that they will that makes me feel better thank you gentlemen we are going to pay a visit to that mysterious address Watson but first we must detour to Lambeth Lambeth what are we going to do there pick up an old friend he will be a precious help in our locating mr. Hanford good and who is this friend a friend who helped us in the case you so romantically titled the sign of the four

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