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Quake II: Nightmare Orchards - Nightmare walkthrough

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Quake II: Nightmare Orchards - Nightmare walkthrough

In honor of Quake 2 becoming of legal drinking age, here's a nightmare walkthrough of Kona's map "Nightmare Orchards". I missed one enemy somewhere.. would have been a 100% otherwise, well..

Download map here:

Played on Q2pro client:

When people say Q2 is slow paced, I think its absolutely true. Not because of movement, but because of how slow the weapon switch and refire with some weapons is. When a horde comes out, you can pretty much use only one weapon, which makes things awkward when there's some enemies that you can one shot and others which you can't. On top of that you have so many hitscan enemies, which forces you to keep backpedaling for cover - otherwise you run out of hp in seconds.

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