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Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate Playthrough / Walkthrough [Part 04 - END]

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Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate Playthrough / Walkthrough [Part 04 - END]

My walkthrough for the end of Runaway Trilogy, "Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate".


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There's something hanging from the hole.

Good it's similar to the one stevedores used to lift stuff.

Nice building all that's left is an empty shell the chain it's hanging from.

Is attached to the arm of the crane Hey.

One time I saw a catalog from the Japanese company that manufactures these contraptions turns out they're designed to withstand an entire building falling on top of them rubble could perfection be any more. Beautiful than in a striking piece of rubble perhaps in a white twisty tire well Gina I've decided to take this one.

Because the placement of the two bits of metal creates such a sublime equilibrium that the majesty of the chunk of the base is emphasized to utter perfection though in all truthfulness the rest of it fully merits its description using the poetic term rubble.

That's kind of an awkward place to put a hammer I can hardly see it it's not the latest model but I'm sure it could be used for something.

Do I have so little faith in my own strength that I don't think I can pry it off with my bare hands.

Presto let's see how this works.

Yes I don't know if I'll be able to use it for anything but at least I figured out why the sheet of iron was there it was covering a ditch I can't see very.

Far down but look a briefcase Wow a.

Blowtorch I can use that mmm I don't.

Really see the point but why the heck not done.

If I try to go up it again I may earn myself another slap since I don't feel like having another homeless individual slap me upside the head again I shall try the diplomatic approach hey you.

Lummox come out if you feel like it lay off the insults pal I haven't dissed anyone here haven't dissed anyone you slapped me across the face harder than bud Spencer and I shall repeat that gift for you pal if ever you try to prance into my office again without an appointment by the way do me a favor and call me by my nom de plume mr. Tom Finnegan scriptwriter scriptwriter have you.

Written the script of any real movies too many pal so many I don't have any ideas left in my head you're out of.

Ideas hey I have tons of them oh no here. We go why is it everyone thinks we script writers will be interested in other people's ideas uh cuz you don't have any of your own pal your reasoning is flawless let your imagination flow pal.

A dorky guys driving along and hits a girl being chased by the sand ready mafia clan I don't know that could be golden chicken material pal please be so kind come into my office a nerdy guy is.

Driving along and hits a girl a beautiful one of course I see it I'm starting to imagine the scene step-step super loop the sand rainy Matthew cutter is chasing me step step step step step 7 hey Tom she's getting away hmm what a pretty girl I'll take her to the hospital we'd have to change the name of the mafia clan I don't want those sand ready brothers coming over to mess up my office my wardrobe or my smooth skin one thing's clear we've got a blockbuster on our hands I just need to know how it ends anyway why would you pay me this visit pal I think I know how to continue the.

Plot of the nerdy guy let your imagination flow pal the girl and the geek escaped from the Mafia and.

They meet three drag queens who are lost in the desert hmm that's been done a million times but it might work I see it I'm starting to imagine the scene three damsels do what a stead hoping our bus big boy steps tips it come here there's a great view yes this is a great view there could be a big audience for that but then what the sand readies find them again they run away and reach a village.

In the old Far West inhabited by hippies hackers and a Mexican fortune-teller I see it I'm starting to imagine the scene gee what a swell town I'll remember it as long as I live he's gonna see that crazy Indian fortune-teller come I'll show you the realty can rejoice that's all I need with this material I've got enough to write a masterpiece it'll take me three or four months to finish up the plot a few more to polish it and six weeks to iron out the dialogue thanks for your help pal the golden chicken awaits us spiffy.

Office thanks and sorry for the mess I don't know what's up with my cleaning lady lately what do you know about the building across the way there huh it's filled with there's many different variants of the stuck-up and upwardly mobile as you can think of on the first floor are daddy's girls and the television talk show hosts and on the second are some immature athletes and a snooty broker and so on until reaching the penthouse where a psychiatrist lives who thinks he's Willem Dafoe tell me.

About your scripts hmm I have adapted a famous novel for a video game it's called The Unbearable Lightness of being the shooter thanks for all your help thank you for visiting pal.

Whilst mounted there in the intrepid window washers of New York restore the shine and transparency to the windows of our beloved metropolis let's see if it works.

Holy pterodactyl what a humungous bird.

Judging by its amazing height and the electrical storm brewing I wouldn't be surprised if it were struck by lightning at any moment judging by the Heine Matt.

And the electrical storm brewing I wouldn't be surprised if a dish of spaghetti fell from the sky at any moment with meatballs.

Ah let's think about this for a second it's left leg is loose at the top if I unweld it at the bottom and I get it to fall towards Bennett's building I'll have a slide ok let's do this.

Darn it's short by a couple of feet I'll lower the elevator just in case I'll run.

To get enough momentum to go those last few feet good plan it'll be the riskiest thing I've ever done but something tells me I'm not gonna bite the dust tonight I'm ready as ready as I'll ever be.

Gina don't worry I got a blowtorch I'll.

Burn the ropes and what's wrong this is for burning me ow but this one's for all you put me through in this one come here.

How's the report coming along judge I need more time if you want them to believe it thing about your daughter like pastor wasabi the girl.

Oh you've disappointed me my darling not.

So good with ropes huh false alarm everything's cool I just arranged to meet with the buyer of the trans night move it right away feel me gotta find out what's going on.


This is some major news I gotta tell Brian I hope you didn't get hurt.

She's probably fine but how can I really know for sure how weird I'd swear that.

Wasn't there before could Brian have.

Dropped it but what would he be doing with a funnel.

You got to admit it's much more reliable than handcuffs.

I don't see what good it would do me to.

Leave that there I used I'll take two they're empty but.

They may be useful for something who knows yeah I guess it should pierce.

Through the plastic without a hitch ready not that I listen much in school.

But a while back Brian told me about this dumb thing I keep remembering ever since it was some sort of contraption you made by connecting to yogurt containers with a wire something like this though I haven't attached one of the juice containers yet because I don't know how long I need the string to be.

That's it you really inspired today girl I finally got my memory back.

Thanks to you Gina about the transit the.

Sailor take place here tonight the Italians are sending their man named is Fujiya with the 10 million bucks at 3 in the morning so that's what this is all about all the deaths just for money for a lot of money and let's not forget the pleasure of killing pay attention wasabi we got to be ready for another visit wolf who's excited Vasquez coming here tonight the dead blood he's alive he's incredibly tenacious half at Silla stand guard a mafia hotshot named foreo thanks Gina you just gave me a brilliant idea thanks Gina you may not understand how but you just gave me an amazing plan okay calm.

Down I'll take it from here tarantula is.

Waiting for an Italian mafia kingpin to bring ten million dollars at 3:00 in the morning if I hand over that same amount before the mafia kingpin gets here while I'm dressed up as a mafia kingpin I could set some sort of trap but it can't be me who goes in there obviously expecting me so here's the plan.

One find a volunteer to pretend he's the mafia kingpin to disguise him well enough so they fall for it three get ten million dollars or give my volunteer some sort of trap to take out tarantula when he enters the penthouse and all of. That before 3:00 in the morning thank you very much doesn't seem too difficult.

They're full of white plastic bags like the ones in the tanks but these ones are empty no nothing of interest in the cart.

On the left but on the right there's a suit pants jacket shirt tie but it's. Really wrinkled it's clean but it looks like someone took a siesta on top of it.

The only thing in here are stacks of leaflets not much of a loot the pink iguana where have I heard of that place before the pink iguana didn't Gina work.

At nah forget it.

If it wasn't blocked with those bars I could have tried to use it as an exit.

Yuck ah who could have left that out there.

Hey it's not a rag it's a scarf with strange markings call the police yeah sure just what I need to do right now.

I really like climbing in it.

No well Gina.

Everything okay I saw an iron up there.

Before didn't I yeah perfect I'm going to tie a suit shirt and tie to the wire you just pull it up then lower it back down to me all nice and ironed can you do that honey hello Gina you there hey.

No reason to be so rude hey I didn't do.

Such a bad job the best part is that with this and the silver briefcase I now have a complete mafia kingpin a customer all ready to go one less thing to do I think they lead out to the alley wait.

Those doors can't be open from the outside and I may need to come back in later on it's decided I won't leave here until I can set up a system allowing me to open the doors from the outside.

Got it the scarf is so thin that I can slip it under the door and if I tie one end to the bar that opens the door I can just tug on the other end from the outside and presto it's open sesame' time perfect I'm sure.

That'll work the nasty stench wafting.

Out of there is enough to spur the creation of a whole new race of mutant turtles great idea there's something.

Down there looks like an anti gas helmet. Head gear with more or less the same purpose as a gas mask but in the form of a helmet.

I shouldn't but it is a restaurant and I.

Am kind of hungry.

Hold your house whether somebody's knocking at the door but no one people.

Have sober these days.

My deepest thanks for allowing me to enter your humble abode encyclopedias life insurance do you believe in life everlasting is it furniture from Ikea by the way la me that reduce myself Jonah Johnson unemployed actor and acting waiter with whom do I have the pleasure Brian Brian Vasco my mistake no pleasure at all how can I help you my friend are you sure you're a good actor.

Prove it I don't like that idea there. Are probably better ways to waste my time come on just try I don't think that will come in handy hey that might just work hey you're imitating me great idea great work presto I'll try again hey no need to continue I'm convinced you can stop imitating me now no reason to do that for the time being okay stop pretending to be me I wonder how that could be useful to me because I just learned how to slam a good punch and my hands are feeling a bit itchy so you have convinced me nothing like a sock and a kiss out to promote dialogue the way you talk.

Reminds me of someone yes my job comes with the territory since script planet is a movie themed restaurant we waiters are all undiscovered actors who wait on tables while imitating known actors this week I've been assigned a role as a Marxist actor of the grouchy and subset it's much easier than being myself especially with all the available documentation are you alone are you coming on to me sir a little respect I'm a youth I'm a little lost lamb and if you're on the lam you oughta leave me alone get out of here the restaurants closed and I'm by myself I have to wait for the drunkard at Table 23 to wake up before I can go home who's the drunk guy at table 23 one of our illustrious customers a bigwig from the movie industry he's gonna give me a nice role that's why I've been buttering him up you look pretty healthy considering.

The life you live a veritable disaster I'm in such good shape that I spent the entire days at the hospital the doctors think it may be some strange disease I'm gonna go keep begging and stuff change your rug it doesn't match the furniture despite.

The apparent lack of any millionaire ladies I'll speak to you for a while but don't think that says any president how. Do you think you'd do it playing an Italian mafia thug Oh Mamma Mia your papa isn't it and you're a girl and the Papa is attend Papa your great-great grand papa your great-great grand Papa he too. Dad okay perfect now listen up I need. You to play a starring role as fully opening the Italian mafia kingpin and Han ten million dollars over to tarantula a psychopathic ruthless mercenary a piece of cake but the script. I am a method actor you know without a script I have inner confidence and without any confidence I cannot act and if I cannot act that the mercenary she care of my little jewels of the familia off of my little body and with my little jewels of the familia cut off okay I'll get you a script then we got a deal summer they are asking you for a favor in the meantime yes give me the script.

Well it seems getting my hands on a script will be easy.

Hey Tom what do you need I found the.

Perfect buyer for the script about the nerdy guy but we hardly even sketched it out our buyer wants me to write a scene for him that he thought of shoot here we go again back with the old creative Bruce's what is the scene involved foreo an Italian mafia thug goes into tarantulas lair cuz she has a precious stone called Trent Knight in exchange for the stone foreo will give her ten million dollars and the dramatic tension where's the dramatic tension the appointment was at 3:00 in the morning but Furio arrived way early because he's kind of a nervous type so tarantula wasn't comfortable with the whole affair and Furio had to convince her he wasn't an impostor that would work okay how many golden chickens do you see on my desk one good eye pal when you see two alright the scene for that producer in the meantime I'll stick to polishing the plot I've got a narrate what is this silliness about the golden chicken it is not silliness it is theft you've seen five thousand ways to say I love you right of course it won a golden chicken it's a classic and what a script thank you very much pal yours truly here offered it thanks for all your help thank you for visiting pal.

That's the dining area in a restaurant looks empty oh wait there's a guy asleep at one of the tables I think that's the depth there's a gut well actually it's not a window it's just a thick glass panel that doesn't open or close.

It's the staff entrance to script planet our restaurant decorated with a movie scriptwriter theme takes all kinds huh.

Would you mind if I don't smoke.

Why do you need the script without of the script I have a no confidence and without any confidence I cannot act and if I cannot act the mercenary she care of my little jewels of the familia off of my little body and with my little jewels of the familia cut off oh okay I get it I'm gonna go keep begging and.

Stuff then any and all welcomes all right of Oda.

Hey Tom what do you need you wrote five. Thousand ways to say I love you but they've made sequels in a series and you should be filthy rich yes but someone stole my script and kept the chicken the money and the recognition who stole your script for five thousand ways to say I love you I can't remember his name a novice of a writer a boost up clown who was always falling asleep after lunch no matter what greasy spoon he was in don't.

The homeowners in the building complain that you're here why would they complain the building's owned by golden chicken incorporated I've won two chickens even though one was wickedly stolen from me I haven't paid my respects to the management because the doorman has it in for me but I'm certain they feel proud to be accompanied by such an illustrious fellow tenant what's in those jars out.

There one of them just appeared in my mailbox one day with some medical supplies thanks for all your help thank.

You for visiting pal.

There's a guy asleep at one of the come to think of it I bet he's the guy who stole the golden chicken from Tom there's a guy asleep at one of the tables I think come to think of it I bet he's the guy who stole the golden chicken from Tom if the last thing I was.

Told is true it might be worth the risk.

There's my chicken it's shaped almost.

The same and even though it weighs slightly more it should do the trick.

Shoot he almost woke up the piece of rubble is nearly perfect for switching with the golden chicken too bad it doesn't weigh a tiny bit less just call.


This should be called 5000 ways to drive Brian crazy but the payback is always worthwhile in the end.

Pretty cool huh if you insist beggars can't be choosey.

Hey that might just work if I place one bill on top of each stack of leaflets in exactly the right way it could pass for 10 million dollars well that's one less thing on my anti tarantula plan to-do list.

That's it I think it's becoming clearer and clearer to me just what the tarantula trap could consist of but I've got to put on the old thinking cap again done.

It was in a sewer which is an appropriate place I guess.

What do you need I need to tell you that I see two golden chickens on your desk yeah I see them I'm looking at them all. Right have a seat while I write the Furio and tarantula scene for our buyer.

Mister you've got your script here go look take speak with yous with the.

Eternal questions huh thanks Tom I'll.

Make good use of it perfect thanks to. This Jonah will help me out for sure and the best part is that my anti tarantula plan is getting closer and closer to being complete one is full of liquid and.

The others with some sort of olives that are extremely reminiscent of cockroaches I'll open this one let the cucarachas rest in peace Oh.

Chloroform or something worse 1/2 second more and I'd be unconscious.

Now I think good plan I'll spray the.

Leaflets with the chloroform and when tarantula opens up the briefcase she'll immediately faint boys and girls do not.

Try this at home especially on 10 million dollars cool I realize now that. I've got the costume the ten million bucks and basically everything for the perfect trap all I have to do is get the anti gas helmet to Gina and dress up my volunteer here we go the time has come to put my plan into action you look awesome Jonah I'm sure the fall for sir perfection is my only defense no Jonah remember you're supposed to be Fuli oh well don't worry about it.

Come on Jonah you can do this no performance is beyond your acting skill I cannot do it it is a possibility but I.

Cannot why cannot do you like a little. Chicken a chicken scared the stage of fright the most immense turist hugest man I ever seen him in front of the building a door make it a cure men it is a bull it is a gargantuan the molar of a Spanish about the door don't move from here until the bull goes arrivederci capiche it alright yeah capito guess I.

Have no other choice let's go check out the bowl of the spanish matador Jonah's right that ox is huge but it doesn't matter I have to get him to shoot when my plan goes awry.

Let's check out just how silly the idea of tying the scarf to the bar on the door was turns out my crazy idea works.

After all I like no I don't think Gina.

Can really make any use of it for now.

I have to get him to shoot or my plan.

Goes awry I have to get I don't think.

That's a good wait I can provoke him into chasing me and get him away from the main entrance that way but where do I run to beyond the shadow of a doubt.

One of the most brilliant ideas I've come up with in years come on let's get this over with hey fatso you waiting for somebody it's me Brian Brian Vasko.

The ball is beaten now I'll find Jonah.

You are sure no more Bulova spanish matador a course not Jonah Benny it is arrived the moment of my starring are all I come with to you great the seventh Arthur for you I know.

Exactly what you're thinking then I'm gonna send the hack actor into the fire while I just kick back and relax right well you've got it wrong.

Signorina Taran dude the where is the miraculous a stone here early Mamma Mia my mother she made it a fettuccine a lot of yet that it is like a for licking the fingers and she said fo do my swing the boy you don't come home late from killing of the people of the pasta it becomes like the soul of a winter shoe what a lousy screenwriter has written this crappy dialogue you're like a movie a mess or what the cash signorina Telugu it is a pleasure to do the business with you all right to the point.

Bad hair day Miss Palmer nice dress I owe you my life and especially my daughter's consider yourself a free man Mr Pascoe tomorrow I make it official now there's a lot of work to be done the police are on their way come on Tommy you have the right to remain. Silent.

For you.

Signorina calendula it is always a pleasure to do business with you Hollister the pointer I will give you the trend tonight to the synthetic brothers pronto enjoy the 10 min journey to Larry.


Are you impressed we rather send readies for the second time it could become our specialty till they find out it's just volcanic rock one thing how'd you get in here it was easy I started a telepathic conversation with Alfa who dissing degraded my body and sent my particles through a parallel dimension where Bennett was living on the ground floor then you reintegrated them returning me to our dimension.


When I saw how much you hurt me I bought the devil his soul when he saw.

How much I loved you they were soul may his soul. Now my dear again the neither but eight and all my aim is for you.

Intolerable unendurable in Safarov oh this game is even worse than the previous one it's got tons of pixel hunting and more fun than entomologist in Chapter three the clocks impossible to follow the puzzles are all completely unbelievable that dialogue could be any dollar the drawings I come across right artist and the colors remind me of bubblegum.

The animations were just thrown together and and the music it sounds like some synthesizer from the 80s they don't have.

To be locked up in a loony bin for nothing right.


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