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Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Walkthrough [Pt 18/26 - X-Labs]

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This video from: MrGSTAR321.
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Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Walkthrough [Pt 18/26 - X-Labs]

Game: Return To Castle Wolfenstein

System: PC

Mission / Level: 5. Deathshead's Playground / 2. X-Labs

Difficulty: Bring'em on! (Normal)

Secrets: 1/1

Played/Commentary By: GSTAR321

In these walkthrough videos I play through the classic 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' for the PC.

One of the greatest FPS' of all time. Return To Castle Wolfenstein combines classic FPS gameplay set in WW2, with elements of horror & the supernatural.

Play as agent B.J Blazkowicz; a member of the 'OSA' (Office Of Secret Actions), sent on a mission to investigate rumours based on occult happening's by the Nazi's SS Paranormal Division.


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All right hello everyone its G star 3 2 1 here again and we're back with more Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the PC we're are up to level 2 of mission 5 this level is called xlab's our mission objectives are locate and procure any documents related to Operation resurrection and locate entrance to main booba soul that gestation area let's have a read of this before we get started there is very little information about the xlab's themselves a defecting scientist worked in weapons research and although he is aware of the existence of the x labs he has never been there he has however informed us that the X labs do make extensive use of Tesla technology to create powerful guided electrical fields these are apparently used for everything from security gating to local power generation it is also rumored that this technology is what drives the nervous systems of what our scientists cause the X creatures this last statement indicates that you will probably engage more of the lopers that you first encountered at the secret weapons facility as well as other unknown types of X creatures you should proceed with caution into any new areas until you can ascertain what it is you are dealing with your ultimate mission is to discover exactly what project uber sold at Super Soldier is and what deaths Ed's ultimate plans for said project are be on the lookout for any documentation linking deaths heads activities with Operation resurrection alright now this level is very very difficult we're facing lopers we're facing regular Nazi guards and we're also going to be facing a new enemy type called proto soldiers now the proto soldiers are not actually the uber soul that's or the super soldiers as they're called the proto soldiers are actually the prototypes so to speak of the actual goober soul doubts so they're not as strong as the actual uber soul that's although they are very very tough to take down they usually carry panzerfausts and venom guns and they're actually the two weapons that I'll be using myself to take care of them so let's get straight into it.

Sir this had better be important yes sir. The American agent has infiltrated the xlab facility what this fool follow me to the ends of the earth what are your orders here oh they're fewer dispatch the remaining security was immediately and if the American gets past the security force then I will deal with him now hold.

Then I will deal with him alright so. Here we are in the xlab's straight away couple of guys in here to take care of just scientists carrying Lugar's no problem at all grab the health and we'll go straight through the door here is a guy with a mouse rifle there be very careful railing shooting into the Luger two guys will come through here kill them and. There's a guy oh the door just closed on him good now you can probably see there's electricity in front of some of the doors there was some more electricity back here obviously that means you can't go past otherwise you'll die but you can actually turn it on and off like so at certain switch points obviously there's no switch here so we can't shut off that electricity but we can remove pretty much all the electricity from all the doors now there. Is one secret area for this level and it's in this room here as you can see the door is locked so we can't go in we've got to come up through the water there so we'll do that a bit later let's continue on here I'm going to switch out to my venom gun because it's just going to be bullshit up ahead you can probably hear it can you hear it there's a low pop look at them it's ready.

Fuck alright chewed up quite a bit of. Ammo there now the lope is going to come crashing through the glasses so be prepared there is and there you go he's taken care of beautiful look at this little enclosure he was in look at it bit of grass what the hell's going on here it's.

Like a zoo you know walking up to a fucking cage and just looking at this creature what the fuck all right we'll go up the ladder is that did not see now I'm going. To switch out to the fg42 paratrooper rifle here because there are three Lopez.

Up ahead and they will come out and start attacking the scientists but I want to kill them not before they kill the scientists but before they actually leave. That doorway to the right I want to kill them beautiful buddy and I find the fg42.

Paratrooper rifle is the best here because as you can see there's like metal railings all over the place if I was to use the venom gun it's just I don't know I find it just gets in the way of railing and shit and it's very inaccurate from long-range I could have used the Panzerfaust but I've only got one shot to that all right now I'm going to switch back out to the venom gun check this out watch what happens as soon as I make my way to this window fuck so there's a.

Loaf they're gonna kill it there we go another one jumps up you watch look at it put it back preparing bullshit kill it my goodness there's another one down there zapping me he doesn't jump up so I'm just going to quickly run before I get my ass zapped again grab the ammo in here health and armor beautiful Panzerfaust ammunition.

Now that lopa should jump up oh there's one yep he's gonna jump up watch sometimes he jumps up here and I can take care of him what the fuck okay he's not going to do it do I alright now through that door there is our first protocell jure that we need to take care of before I go ahead and open the door I'm going to explain how to take care of them they take exactly three shots with the Panzerfaust to go down or if you want you can use the venom gun and continually strafe around them like this and just keep firing at them that seems to work pretty well depending on what weapon they have it sort of depends on what weapon I use to take care of them so if they have a Panzerfaust for example I like using the venom gun just to strafe around them and shoot because you know they can't consecutively fire Panzerfaust shot up depends if our shot non-stop you know they need a bit of a break before they can fire again so to speak if they have the venom gun then I. Like using the Panzerfaust because I can just sort of shoot back behind cover shoot back behind cover shoot again all right so let's go ahead and do that I'm gonna use the Panzerfaust eating there he is yeah he's got the venom gun see I think if I was just to stand completely still here I just be getting my ass shot and you can tell they're dead when you hear that sound alright look at this thing how can L what the hell were.

The Nazis doing this is madness so he.

Was pretty easy to take care of because he was at a very comfortable distance away from us I trust me later on in this level you'll see we have to take them on at close range which is bullshit okay now that lopa down there is really starting to piss me off go down the ladder and kill it look at this thing.

Get out you piece of shit there we go ah you know what I think.

There was still some armor in here I'm not sure yes fuck yeah I need that.

Armour is very important for this level I cannot stress it enough the more you have the better equipped you are to face the challenges that lie ahead okay now I'm gonna go through here shut off the electricity this just takes us back to so what's the fuck whoa hahahahaha.

What the fuck honestly that has never.

Happened before where I've been zapped by a low bar and being one that high up in the air that was a fucking disgrace but yeah as I was trying to say this just takes us back to the beginning area if you remember we came through this door here and we killed that loaf in the cage basically this door has been busted open and we can go through thank god this fucking healthcare I don't have any armor though which is very disappointing ok I'll get some more later you have a.

Gun what is he doing whatever let's kill him alright so let me just bring up my notebook you can see we've got two mission objectives locate and procure any documents related to Operation resurrection and locate entrance to main uber soul that gestation area now for the first mission objective where it says we have to locate and procure any documents well this is where the document is on the table bang it's called the project book and if I open it up it basically just goes into detail the operation resurrection alright goes through all the phases I'm not going to read it all because it is a very long book and you know probably take me 20 minutes to read all this shit so if you guys want you can pause the video and read it yourself acts are taking so.

Long to turn the pages of goodness sake but it's quite interesting because you can see that some of the text is in red I believe that's written by death's-head himself because he was quite skeptical of this whole operation resurrection project so you can see stuff like here you know where he says utter rubbish he didn't like Oberst Helga von Bulow her again I thought they put that crackpot away years ago officer in charge.

SS Special Projects Acting Administrator is that how they refer to me I'm assuming this is debited and then he just lasts at some of the other stuff what else is right yeah a complete waste of time and resources I don't know.

Whether to laugh or cry it's a pretty funny book if you read it all I've read it all but like I said it just goes on for too long so pause the video guys if you want to read that okay so there's another note here on the table let's have a look at it - SS / Fuhrer Wilhelm death's-head Strasser from reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler now this sort of reinforces deaths heads skepticism towards operation resurrection so let's have rid of it Willy it saddens me to hear that you've declined the invitation from the paranormal division to attend the upcoming ceremony in Paderborn you will be missing out on a rare opportunity to witness a monumental event I had hoped this experience might provide you with new insight or at the very least cure your lingering skepticism I say that once again I'm to be disappointed I have always considered you one of the most valuable contributors to the Reich where it not via continued obstinacy in this area there would be no limit to the support I would give you I urge you to reconsider it is not too late hm luck so there you go and that is our first objective complete we got the book so we can continue on now we'll go back the.

Way we came through door - and it might.

Be another loafer here now good there's. Usually one sitting right here let's have a read of this note on the wall - all specimen caretakers from Hopman smut sing the three cases of Cholera reported in the outer guard compound have been unequivocally traced back to improper disposal of specimen waste materials in future anyone found dumping specimen waste in the local water supply will be severely reprimanded optimum varnish mutsig operations officer right special projects Norway who the fuck would do that dumping shit in the water of the hill okay so what we have to do now is go for a swim jump in and make your way through there's plenty of areas to resurface and gather some air you need it so don't worry about drowning see if there's another air pocket right in this is just a dead end but I just want to show you guys something if you come up here you can see there's these two lights here right and a giant door they're like a cut stop moving then water basically this is the end of the level once we get here and open up that door we have to face - proto soldiers at once it's fucking bullshit very hard fight but yeah I just wanted to show you guys what you have to look forward to basically but for now we'll continue on gotta open up that door there actually I'll get up in here first open up the door I don't.

Have any arm arm still bit pissed off about them now this is the way that we need to go but I'm going to go this way first because it leads to a secret area which houses.

Quite a few goodies some health ammo hopefully armor but I don't think there is now just health and ammunition now have. A look at this this is pretty funny.

So that loafer kills the scientist and then look something kills the loafer a proto soldier now this guy is fucked to.

Deal with it's too risky I don't know if I should I don't know what to do see all.

Right it's just fuck because he's got a Panzerfaust pretty much one shot and I'm dead he's right there I know look at him.

Okay fuck this I'm out hang on what if I.

Just do this oh god oh my goodness.

Now I'm not risking it look I can do it but I don't want to die I don't want to restart the level again so I'm not gonna risk it I'm gonna have to fight him a bit later on and you'll see when it is.

Pretty soon actually so there's another one right there that's a different one he's got a venom gun so that's not too difficult to deal with I'll just use the pants fast too now we'll switch out to the venom here.

We go is dead look at that motherfucker and fast.

Mo good god I need our master badly this is just horrendous yep there is okay fuck this fuck it I've gone that way.

So these doors sort of just take you back to areas that you've already been like that one there. I wonder if that electricity stops him and Martin because it's not following me.

Okay I'm getting out of it mophir there we've got it's dead usually it's alive it does impose a bit of a problem to me okay so here we go this is it's going to be a low pass my god or to down hill whoa whoa whoa this is fucking sadistic this so take it.

Jesus this is a really really hard level.

I need armor but I know I'm not getting.

Any just a bit of healthy look at that I have to kill to proto soldiers with 60 health that is just fucking disgusting.

Wow all right can actually jump in the shit water here but there's nothing to do or look at so don't really see the point I guess it's maybe to hide from the.

Proto soldiers when you're fighting them but see the thing is basically what I'm going to do here is hit the switch that will slowly slowly raise this door up like that and as its raising up I'm just going to start lobbing grenades in there and hopefully that will kill them before.

They even get a chance to move out but I don't think it will I will make use of this dynamite dynamite is extremely powerful and has a very large blast radius so I'll probably use that I don't even want to look at these things I don't want to poke my head out for one second nothing because look at my health it's horrendous what am I supposed to be careful too we're doing it.

That's a bad start Jesus.

Just feel so like see a bit of armor just fell off so the grenades are sort of work oh god no no no no no always.

Coming out oh fuck I'm fucked you come.

Upstairs oh shit ah fuck I've never ran this far back before in this fight I'm terrified you've got no idea this door bed not fucking close on me I swear oh god okay there's one dead oh god I don't.

Know what to do all right then I got grenades oh shit I think I'm dead I'm dead oh my god I just hit myself.


Oh my god that is quite possibly the.

Worst I've ever played for this level the worst normally I can get enough grenades often there when this door. Starts raising up to at least kill one of them and then I go ahead and switch out to the dynamite and throw that in and that usually kills or if it doesn't kill and significantly damages the other one and he starts walking out if he's alive still alive and they'll just bang shoot the floor with the Panzerfaust or shooties foot whatever and he dies that is just such a fucking hard fire my goodness but we're done so we'll go over here hit the switch get this door open opens in the same fashion don't worry this no more proto soldiers to take care of we're done and there you go as you can see objectives two out of two secret areas one no treasures all done in one attempt so as usual guys I will walk forward to complete the level and I will see you in the next video for the third and final level for mission 5 which is actually just a boss fight against an uber soul down so see you there.


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