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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 3

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 3

Following the clues from Jake's letter regarding Camille's dancing shoes and ordering the dolls

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Well it's the little lady detective what do you need I found Laurie she was hiding in the caboose oh yeah she disappeared because.

She wanted to see who'd find her first which is why she left that clue behind that slug I mean I knew that slug was a clue that's why I gave it to you I mean I could have found Laurie no sweat but I thought a want to give somebody else a shot and you came through nice job thank you but look from now on if you come across anything that may have something to do with Jake hurling his mind let me know okay but just so I can you know give you advice help you sort things out after all the opportunity to work side by side with a world-famous police detective doesn't come along every day you know how did you and Laurie meet we met at a party in New York nice girl not a lot of stairs but nice girl she seems to have a thing for your eyes yeah she always told me they were I mean she told me once that she thought they were very good you know Brown what do you think happened to Jake.

Curley he probably died trying to work that mine of his all by himself but I'll let you in on a secret I'm on to something that could crack this case wide open you know where the mine is sorry can't go into detail let's just say that thanks to yours truly what happened to Jake early won't be a mystery much longer hope I didn't take up too much of your time not a problem.

Willson carbide and acetylene works.

Oh was your friend Thomas Wilson.

Looks like a pattern for some kind of dance dip maybe I better keep this.

They're all done.

Guess Camila like to collect dolls.

Hello me again just checking to see whether you were able to find out the name of those dancing shoes yet your wish is our command but hang on to your hat the name is a real mouthful the shoes were made by sho set shot a on CH a USS et te s CH a TOI.

Aan tes that's French for shimmering socks apparently if you were at the dancing in the 1870s that was the company to get your shoes from Josette's shut - yawns got it thanks guys thanks for letting us help I discovered this cabinet full of old dolls in the caboose all dogs make mice they belong to Jake's wife Camille Jake mentioned them in his letter to his knees I mean they never had a child of their own right so maybe after Camille died he went a little bonkers so BES hey I'm just trying to think outside the box here okay something it wouldn't hurt you to do from time to time Little Miss no imagination you know maybe I'll just put this paintbrush down walk out that door and let you do this all by yourself oh you've got to keep painting if I don't get this done by tomorrow I'll be grounded for a month I was just kidding about your imagination it's wonderful you're wonderful very very wonderful that's more like it Tina Balducci definitely has a thing for Laura Gerard so there's some kind of mutual attraction thing going on between them some things going on between them I'm not really sure what we'll find out I mean that's a mystery worth pursuing to heck with this Jake early stuff you'd give up the possibility of finding gold for gossip fest forgot this good oh yeah catch you later okay.

What's going on it's been great talking to you helping people is what I'm all about.

Teddie Everhart.

Hey Nancy what's with the Cheshire Cat grin you found Laurie yep she's holed up in the caboose and as a reward for finding her she let me have this it's a letter from Jake to his niece in which he leaves Clues telling her how to find his mind only the clues are extremely obtuse you found Laurie you got the letter with all the clues guess you don't need us anymore Oh Jo quit pouting wanna help are you kidding you bet I do now you're talking Balducci wants me to share everything I find out about Jake Hurley with him I'll bet he does he just doesn't want you to show him up again yeah he wants you to do all the legwork so at the last minute BAM he can swoop in and grab all the credit I wouldn't tell him a thing Nance unless it's to get lost it stands to reason that the only person other than Jake who had to have known the location of Jake's mine who is the engineer on Jake's train very true not necessarily Jake might not have told him the exact location maybe he just had him drop him off somewhere nearby well still we'd be way ahead of the game if we knew where that drop-off point was.

If the engineer had any surviving relatives we may be in luck the guy died more than a hundred years ago how are we supposed to find out his name maybe charlena what's-her-face could tell us how to go about it good idea Frank I'll ask her I found a diagram for some kind of contraption that Jake designed but to operate it you need his pickaxe in some kind of lamp or lantern which it looks like he gave to somebody named Buell Buell Joe show her show her what that old picture we found okay we found this on the bookshelf see Buell supplies and pawn shop that's gotta be the same Buell Jake gave his axon Lantern - yeah a hundred years ago and the guy was a pawnbroker Frank the stuffs probably long gone or maybe it's still somewhere in copper gorge well that's where we're headed so let's just hope for the best right see you later you better say Dee.


Yes I found Laurie she's in the caboose you were right she disappeared because she wanted to see which of us would find her first and you won congratulations the others on.

The train John Gray and that police detective do you know them very well I don't know them at all needless to say I don't watch television so I've never even seen mr. gray before although I do know that his profession if you can call it that is rife with crackpots as for mr. Balducci from what I've read his success in solving those robberies was less a matter of talent and more a matter of being in the right place at precisely the right time in other words you don't. Think he deserves all the attention he's getting no you and those two Boy Scouts you're with would make better detectives is that all dear did you know that Laurie wants to be a romance novelist doesn't everyone have you discussed any. Of her ideas with her no could we please talk about something a little more pleasant how would I go about finding out the name of Jake's train engineer if you're smart you'd ask me and because my work is going surprisingly well during my next break I'll log on to my archives at home and see what I can turn up that'd be great thank you whoever invented the cellular modem that's whom we should thank dear well I'll let you go all right then.

Whoa somebody must have thrown the emergency brake the question is did somebody throw the brake or some thing Oh Joe now you sound like Lori hey I was the first one on the scene and I saw no one who was the next person on the scene John Gray then Balducci came bursting through one door while frank and the engineer came through the other boy was that guy ticked he said the train could have derailed he reset the brake muttered a few choice words then headed back to the engine just as you and Lori showed up everybody was there except charlena I don't think she left her laptop the whole time do. You think she could have thrown the brake and snuck back to her laptop without your seeing her not likely but possible I guess the question is why what did she or anybody else stand to gain by stopping the Train answer nothing which is why I think we should at least consider the possibility that something less human in nature may be at work here Oh Joe I'm going to see a ball do cheese done dusting for fingerprints catch you later.

Yes I hear that Tino and you used to be.

An item how did you know that I'm a good detective remember we went out a couple of times yeah as for why we stopped going out you'd have to ask him do you have any idea who threw the emergency brake I know exactly who did it how do you know well who else could it be Camille none of us has any reason to stop the train but Camille she doesn't want us to find Jake's mine so she's going to do whatever she can to keep its location a secret she is dead you know well duh that's why I know it's her what's more your friend that gym Harley guy not Jim Joe Joe Hardy yeah well he thinks it's Camille too he just doesn't have the guts to say so we'll talk some more later I'll be waiting

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