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Iron Man (the videogame) Full Walkthrough | Longplay

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Iron Man (the videogame) Full Walkthrough | Longplay

Iron Man (2008 the videogame) full gameplay.

0:00:00 Mission 1 Escape

0:07:32 Mission 2 First Flight

0:18:03 Mission 3 Stark Weapons

0:28:46 Mission 4 Maggia Factories

0:48:29 Mission 5 Maggia Compound

1:05:52 Mission 6 Flying Fortress

1:17:31 Mission 7 Arctic Battle

1:31:29 Mission 8 Lost Destroyer

1:41:49 Mission 9 On Defense

1:49:54 Mission 10 Save Pepper

2:07:47 Mission 11 Island Meltdown

2:18:15 Mission 12 Space Tether

2:33:11 Mission 13 Showdown

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I'll see ya.

Alone in a cave surrounded by weapons that is a very poetic way to die oh there he goes again give it a rest Shakespeare what is the. Measure of a man is it the fruit of his language or the secrets of his heart is it the person he is or the hero he could become.

Come in stock can you hear me Anson we're in business the suit works yes these men were right to get that peel you could have built great weapons for them we're getting out of here you go ahead and clear the way I'll keep in contact through this channel every.

Journey starts with a single step stock ready okay it's just the door it should.

Be easy to handle right sit tight I'll.

Get us out of here please do let's try.

This glorified cigarette lighter.

Vinson this is ridiculous I should be dead but not only am i stronger than I've ever been in my life.

These guys have no business using my weapons.

I can make a hell of a shockwave if I.

Drop from here ensign what's going on.

They're coming you have to leave now no that's ridiculous I'm coming back you.

Will die.

When we started this suit was just scrap metal now.

I don't get it why kidnap me they.

Obviously know how to get my weapon.

It makes me sick does he start crates in this place.

The only weapons leaving this is me.


You want to ruin the company is that a rhetorical question all I know is that we're not selling weapons anymore how do you deal with him I don't I just feed him clothed them and bathe em now that is the voice of reason actually sir that would be me is right you don't want to argue with Jarvis do you Tony this company makes weapons it's your family legacy was legacies change people.

Change maybe it's time for a new kind of company okay down go.

Pepper I'm gonna be running some field tests hold all my calls were you serious back there no more weapons that's right I'm retired just give me my gold watch take away my parking pass okay stains really upset good it's his job to. Be upset gotta run hope monitoring system operational sir all systems ready all right let's see where this suit can do.

Jarvis let's start with hover hover thrusters online placing markers full mobility testing sir please enter the ground beacon when finished.

Next destination marked on your heads up display sir you will also see it on your radar got it.

Tony I think you're making a mistake a lot of people depend on their jobs here you sure you want to shut everything down hey take it easy I'm an engineer right not their dad people can take care of themselves and I'm doing something important right now so if you don't mind you're the boss.

I want terminal-velocity Jarvis we're going to drop this suit straight down and see what happens.

Not bad let's try flight flight thrusters online placing markers for flight testing sir.

Let's try routing energy to subsystems Jarvis we'll start with the repulsor jabs.

Yinsen would have blocked this.

Jarvis set up some targets so I can test my repulsors targets activated Jarvis.

I'm telling you this suit is the greatest weapon I have ever designed stain can they make a mint with this one on the open market too bad for him it's not for sale now let's try the chest.

Repulsor Jarvis I'll divert more energy in my repulsor tack and please note that this uses more energy sound I know Jarvis.

Tony why men with guns outside what men.

Who I don't know I'm calling the police no wait don't do that you know what I think I can take care of this I'm sorry what go to the conference room stay there until you hear from me Jarvis and training program this is real affirmative wait a minute I know these. Guys pepper these are Bosnia soldiers what it can't be Masha they're your clients I just called them yesterday to cancel their contract all right I get it they can't buy my weapons so they're gonna take them instead these mafia guys are animals I can't believe I do business with them here because my weapon for you I'm sorry said are you talking to me this situation is known that we must have millions of dollars worth of inventory in these hangars were sitting ducks damage taken to great activating manual hot system override system failure backup activated what do you suggest sir. Extreme measures.

Sir c4 charges have been placed on a nearby freight train the gas tanks could cause considerable damage to the surrounding area there is limited time.

Start punctured launch detected man and the three sound bad weapon systems.

Activated on gunship suggest immediate action Thank You Jarvis.

Heart system failure manual reboot activated manual override failed.

Pepper you all right in there we're okay what is going on I'll be. Right there.

Where have you been weekly steam shower with HRF ever Yaron armed men attacking this building well you're both you making me nervous we're bringing in contractors Tony private military anybody as many soldiers as we can get no CIPA logic we're gonna destroy our inventory I'm sorry what did you just say listen they attacked us because they wanted the inventory stored here so it's obvious no more weapons no more attacks no absolutely not opinion noted Obie but I am Telling You do it come on pepper Tony what's happened to you pepper listen I never should have made it out of that cave now I know what I have to do I don't understand my life's work everything I've built countless lives ruined by my inventions I have to destroy them you can't do this alone it's too much I don't have a choice make sure we dust when I told him you'll need convincing look up I have to go on a business trip what trip there's nothing on your calendar just came up pat me back way.

Yes sir location confirmed the man who attacked Stark Industries are here and so several weapons caches and stop technology draw they went to blow him into a million pieces let's find him yes sir three weapon caches detected sir marking.

All weapon systems are now functional so.

There are civilians in the area I'll be careful first crate ahead sir stark technology crate destroyed two.

Remaining sir the tunnel until another camp sir weapon performance analysis system now online more ammo this should come in healthy.

More civilians detected in areas I better be careful there.

Crate destroyed one remaining sir more.

Civilians guarded.

These guys never had a chance again Jarvis confirmed that all weapons have been destroyed negative computer detected nearby South unable to interface from here let's take a look so.

No problem by the time they realize I'm here I'll be long gone.

It appears these are mafia weapons sir the transport is still in the vicinity download all the information you can and let's say hello to bhajiya you know Jarvis at first I thought Maj had just sold weapons but now I think they're actually working together okay now I'm sure unit has heavy armor and multiple weapon thoughts suggest targeting exposed weapon I'm on so. Capability and he any idea of the range so I. Suggest stayin can victim suit functionality.

You damn I'm good so spotted by US radar they are struggling Jets now I'm not going to fight US troops patch me through to the command center the quiet Roger that engage sir missile lock detected evasive actions now.

Hold your fire I'm not an enemy Charlie two zero come again you did not read I said stop.

Tori is that Rodie I'll explain everything just you know don't shoot at me alright Pulitzer sure.

- spheal -.

What's your blood alcohol level Tony what the hell are you doing call off your pilot's I'll explain later.

Tony you shouldn't be in here and you. Shouldn't be off risking your life and how do you know what I've been doing Tony I know you're gonna get yourself killed please stop it okay I promise I'll stop I'll put my head in the sand stick out my ass and not think about what's going on around us come on Tony you believed in me before what's changed I'm finally doing something worthwhile I don't know what else to do Tony what the hell were you doing out there hey Rodie not now okay let's not get into on that stuff you know the planes the missiles the dogfight the military interval will you please stop it I just worry about you I'm not the. Problem here it's the Mafia there are the ones supplying criminals with weapons no the problem Tony is you're fighting a war and you're not a soldier you're damn right I'm not I'm an army and I don't care how rich Maggio made me I'm gonna bury him. You said you had something for us sir it's beautiful a work of art I'll send the rest of it to the labs I want you get started on it right away.

So Rory you're gonna be my wingman I'm gonna keep you the hell away from my men that's what I'll do good I work better alone anyway where's this Armory somewhere underground it's gonna be tough to find in this sand storm Tom for you sir. My sensors indicate a weapons transport vehicle nearby preparing to leave.

Don't losing Tony only one chance that's all I need and who's holding down the company fort while you're out there not my problem I'm the engineer time pilot suits like stain handle the day-to-day you'll never change tell me now why should I.

Enemies ahead so.

So the truck is getting away.

Another camera here sir.

So the truck is getting away.

Temp detected sir.

Serve the truck is getting away.

Only you lost get back.

Serve the truck is getting away I have decoded the magic command frequency Sal shall I relay a food to you do it see company move right get moving boys take him down scarlotti patch me through in process.

Oh is this good to talk to you against Scarlatti wait a second I know that voice Tony stock that's right and you are in. Serious trouble you son-of-a-bitch my work help make you rich you should have never fired me you know what I'll do a better job this time so the truck is getting away.

That's the main cache up ahead I see it.

What just happened mr. Scotty appears to be shielded son attacks are ineffective and as a hell of a reach Scarlatti mr. Scotty appears to have invented himself the synthetic muscle son my first contact with mr..

Scarlatti sir damn it where'd he go on loan skimming. Right here.

I lost sir ah just when I was getting.


I can't believe you're working with.

These lowlifes scarlotti we don't judge our clients it's not good for business you can learn a thing or two from us not anymore I'm lost son I guess I'd be afraid of me. Too lost sir.

Don't you ever think about joining the military yeah I don't like taking orders so what now I'm not done ready I'm just getting started.

Your company is under siege so is mine groups like the Mafia are becoming a serious problem they want what you and I have don't worry about him he's ready to.

Retire he's entering the philanthropic phase of his life a merger would be a smart move for both of us we'd be stronger more profitable and safe from outside influence it is an. Extraordinary alpha I'd like to think so tell me you'll give it some thought are you kidding of course.

You okay rody we're coming up on the mother lode here I'm adding mint on my here before we cancel the contract so they probably have more weapons than most countries welcome to the home of the the Fargo family I'm not leaving this place until I destroy every stark weapon they've got.

Person in charge of compound is one Whitney Frost can't get her on the line she won't pick up she knows why I'm here Tony the satellites are showing several bunkers frost is probably in one of them gotcha Jarvis Markham please yes.

Enemy units detected some of the weapons that I sold them before poetic.

Connection established winning its trolley star you're ruining us.

I won't protect you anymore that's no way to treat a friend don't force my hand that was rude Prometheus missile detected stop technology long-range crap Jarvis can you give me probable trajectories there are no logical strategic targets within brain son okay any illogical targets there are several population centers within range Rhodey I'll take out the missiles but you better start evacuating people just in case.

Missile destroyed sir.

Another missile ignition detected sir.

Yes nice shot.

Sir there is another missile preparing to launch damnit Whitney.

Any one heart system failure manual reboot activated system and failure back activated anyone apparently not.

Come on Whitney show yourself.

Why hide Whitney you know I'll find you.

The missile ignition detected son this better be the last one.

Right oh you did it Tony start man in the our son she may be.

Inside convention well I guess we'll find out.

Jarvis locate the main control room control room on lowest level sir 200 feet down suggest taking the tunnel.

Heart system failure manual remote-activated fail-safe activated.

At destinations systems scanned there may be a problem no problem we destroy the compound and then mission accomplished no more Masha computer data suggests. Technology is statute and a deluxe purchase the meaning of each other a Flying Fortress.

Where to now Jarvis unclear sir I. Suggest a manual sweep of the area.

Manual heart system reboot activated fail-safe activated.

Stop please I know you and this isn't what you want I made a promise to a friend.

You've made a mess today coming videos.

You brought this on yourself.

Tony you knew a long time ago under.

Different circumstances that was a lot of stock weaponry you destroyed in there that's all they were good for fireworks and scrap metal.

You toying with the tiger old man that.

Trick again actually between all the wine and women I hardly had time to play in college didn't stop me from being undefeated years in a room sorry about your loss. Life is a game for you as in its stock life is a blast survivals the game you're.

Making the right decision as I keep the merger under wraps for now just until we can iron out the kinks that's what I said but we start working together now I have some equipment new. Technology and be curious to see what your men could do with it it's the power. Source I am interested in.


Shambo's Tony without the profits from selling weapons they'll be bankrupt soon I believe it they must have spent a fortune for some people I guess size does matter cut the crap Tony look at that thing let's see if they know how to use it are you sure you're up for this Tony this is some pity arcade you're kidding this is child's play.

So I have detected a radar jamming device if you destroyed you will be able to access your radar system.

Radar system back online sir.

Damn nice guys so they stomp complan.

Good there's a design flaw in those shields though we never saw they can overload maybe a control mechanism nearby sir gotta be away.

Avoid cannons if at all possible impact malkos immediate system failure try Jarvis.

It's destroy us okay what next.

Essentially data storage in pizzas entails fortress police let's get it back.

Part system failure manual remote-activated fail-safe activated.

Jarvis analyzed for weak points.

Search protection circuits protect all reactors sir circuits underneath hatches next two engines market.

All circuits are now disabled what's the.

Best way in the loading bay doors affirmative sir and control panel for bay doors at front of focus.

Looting bay opening now so.

A power surge should end this safeguard all internal conduits yes estimated time as soon as I get into that injury.

Face is discharging.

Targeted area yeah I'm on it.

Maji is finished yeah but they were my only buyers there's still plenty of stark weapons out there. You.

This is unadulterated madness how many buyers did we have over 500 stark weapons are still very popular in spite of you it's pretty annoying that I'm so damn good at my job yes Tommy this is crazy I can't go through all this crap and tell me who the top buyer is you're the boss you've looked at your books tell me it's the first time I've wanted to know what particular phylum of lowlife deviance is using my weapons well they're not all criminals the Pentagon's running a bit clients wait a minute you're not here to buy my suit are you it's not for sale listen there's a problem with the nuclear base of Russia and we can't send in troops for obvious reasons but there is another option there are always other options version how do you think's involved advanced idea mechanics aim no not possible yeah.

Tony I ran the numbers your top buyer was advanced idea mechanics like I said highly likely.

Advanced idea mechanics if they're so advanced why can't they build their own weapons without using my technology fishing for compliments you know know what can compete with you especially now that I've got the ultimate powers I mean my designs the brain before now with this hard forget it I'm on stop have your weapons always been limited by the power supply yeah why because power. Sources are what name is after.

So radiation levels are dangerously high inside the depot soldiers may have open the dry costs exposing the Speck nuclear fuel activate my radiation shield I'll close the caste.

They're all done tasks have been sealed radiation stone in vicinity close tools to contain radiation are.

Alpha demo doors sealed sir.

The guys who run aim have lost their minds Rudy they should be running forward launching the military attacks hey man I don't know but I do know you're doing the right thing.

Let me guess nuclear radiation affirmative sir there are several open tasks inside.

I hope these doors aren't frozen solid.

They - deputy sealants I'd be loading the cargo of the trains that train. Train ahead sir.

Sir reading another strong radioactive signal visible on your radar what do you think roads I see all the depots Tony you got me be careful we're seeing an unknown each signature on our scans.

Advanced battlesuit detected titanium synthesis hey that kind of looks like my suit yes sir it's a second-rate knockoff but still yes sir I'm sorry did you just say.

Something you have no business here get out go ahead so the enemy's armor is in.

A critical state radiation and it will surely explode.

Enough of this nonsense you die now.

Give up don't make me kill you what it will take.

You you.

Tall name they're completely insane a nuclear facility I get it man look those maniacs are crossing the line I make weapons smarter more accurate more efficient but nuclear energy that's indiscriminate destruction yeah you could hurt somebody look I need to talk team is a menace that's what I need to talk Brody look look at this triggering a nuclear meltdown but to what end at.

First I just wanted to destroy my own weapons and that was simple but now I mean now I know about aim and since I know I have an obligation to do something about it right don't I Tony.

Will you listen to me for a second look we've lost contact with one of our ships it's an advanced prototype out on a maiden voyage and we think it might be aimed the forces are mobilizing but they can't move fast enough brief me in the air.

We lost count the ship some time ago its state-of-the-art worth billions I know I sold it to you so why they already owned a bunch of your weapons I don't know but I can guess they need power sources and the nuclear reactor on that ship has got it in spades.

Do not be alarmed you are safe I have. Taken control of the electrical activity inside your mind and the resistance will result in permanent damage just do as I say and. Everything will be all right.

Tony are you all right what just happened hey I'm Tony Stark nothing stops me.

He said it easier to let me take a drawer what how did you.

I gotta admit Tony you got some nice hard wearing that suit yeah pretty badass.

Located switch to open secretary of early sound.

Secondary cargo doors open sir located the holding cell for the soldiers son careful any casualties I can't protect you let's get him out of here.

I've told the soldiers to lay low while you take care of business they'll open up the main cargo doors the captain's got the shit pretty far north at the crew bring it up here and let it freeze him.

Reactors I'm sorry is somebody talking to me.

You've fallen into my trap Ironman.

You see the design works they were. Idiots not to fund me.

Sir convoy is moving towards secondary staging area ain't can't get their hands on that reactor Tony I know.

Manual heart system reboot activated override failure backup system activated.

To aim projects looking for power sources what are they looking to power and why it must be a gas guzzler whatever the hell it is you only use nuclear power when you really need it they're even a threat to our military what did you sell these guys Tony look Rhodey they got whatever was in stock the usual stuff don't pin this on me then where did it come from I have no idea.

Their tech is remarkable almost as good as mine they're probably not very happy about the fact that you're destroying their investments cry me a river besides they still don't have a power source like mine pepper find out who's on that game payroll I need a name for their systems designer yeah that'll be easy you can't just get that off the internet no I can't but you will they must start to somebody you said you finished the power source prototype no they don't.

You've got everything you need if you can't send the prototype then I have to assume you don't really have one then send it make it simple.

Hey now gene come here come here buddy look I got a number it's connected to a Swiss account now you could buy anything you want all I'm asking return is you just mmm give me a minute so my friend it's not.

Money they want Wow supposed to say they could use a little wheres cappuccino machine they want power they want your weapons now we have a firm grasp of the obvious look no money no weapons there's plenty.

Of money in this world but only one mind of Tony Stark you have used that mind to. Design brilliant weapons I create technology weapons are a byproduct and now these men want the same and you cannot blame them for wanting what you so clearly possess.

What the hell is going on here is this some military exercise no Tony we're under attack I don't understand the weapons are gone what do they want maybe the last weapon pepper the Iron Man suit Tony stain is here he's been trying to reach you pepper I want you to get everybody out of here now okay Tony you're not planning anything crazy aren't you define crazy. Tony what's your status both skis launching an attack on Stark in just a while on me actually it's a visit they just won't quit.

I have Obadiah on the line hello Tony.

Don't blame me for this they should have played ball Tony you should have given me that suit don't be this suit is mine the suit is the reason for these attacks Tony don't you get it you're the reason all this is happening Tony you shut me.

Out Tony kept your suit from me all of us get him back I'm only getting.


We warned you we told you to walk away you should listen you in the field Stark.

We're going to bury you.

This is bull ski send reinforcements now Tony did you catch that here we go.

Illegal tqr static oh I don't know Billy airplay boy genius you tell me sting wouldn't give us what we need so.

Now we would take it enemy transmission detected driving football scheme great.

I see choppers Rory tell me that's you sorry pal have fun with that.

Stuck you can take more distance.

Pepper we're staying I don't know the suits damaged I'll be in my workshop find Obadiah.

Funny I didn't hear you knock OB I had to talk to you you have been working with him don't look so surprised why because you won't work with me Tony you're selfish you always have been you better get out of here stain how could you do business with aim they are sick bunch of they'll get on your high horse Tony Stark Industries is no better than they are your Iron Man suit is an incredible invention your Mona Lisa and you're keeping it to yourself imagine what the Pentagon could do with an army of Iron Men and imagine what the bad guys could do can't control that you can only make the best product possible and bring it to market first you're gonna need to leave before I have you arrested I have your original Iron Man suits Wow.

Some men will do anything for money Tony even you should understand that the suit is a marvel only one problem no power source even money it seems can't produce one we've tried nobody's as smart as you Tony and they never will be your life's been a waste Tony but your death will be a gift to the world good.

Tony Patrol they got.

Tony take it easy shouldn't even be alive after that I have to find pepper here sure she's here no doubt about it our intel says it's an a research facility I'll take care of this you find stain.

I see a gate at the bottom of the dam yes the control panel for the gate is located behind that large window.

Gate is open.

Any sign of stain disappeared took the stark jet there's no recorded flight plane that son of a bitch.

This is the place any idea where pamper is no can do Tony they've got countermeasures can't even see Jarvis what's happening three EMP transmits is detected in the area sir my systems of breaking down those emps need to go I need my radar to find pepper and if you're not around I'm just gonna end up talking to myself.

EMP transmitters destroyed systems funny operational welcome back Jarvis.

This is pepper calling come in Tony perfect you have to leave they're using me as bait I'm not going anywhere are you all right I'm fine just be careful okay sit tight I got you.

Don't leave me.

Incoming missiles detected this also targeting the main reactor why would they target their own react peppers in there.

I'm still here Tony but the place is falling apart or incoming missiles detected they must be desperate to resort to this if anything happens to ever I'll bury these guys.

Tony help me missile launch system detected son marked on radar Rhodes I'm. Setting down the main computer that's just off the missiles.

Talk to me Tony he's over this is absolutely out of control I'm gonna talk to Washington and see if I can know this is my responsibility Tony I'm bringing. Pepper home.

We've been testing this power device all morning I have never seen anything like it this will revolutionize I want that unit vetted for mass production immediately.

Are you hurt you shouldn't have come they were using me to get to you who aim please they're insane and they failed and now I'm gonna take them down Tony no it's too dangerous trust me I designed those weapons pepper I'm the only one that can do this but what about stain he tried to kill you and aim tried to kill both of us stain won't leave aim is desperate and they're not going to stop just because you want them to but they're too powerful though and that's exactly why I have to go after them what can I do get to the office if Kobe's got a plan I need to know what it is okay but it may take a while may we be careful better I just don't know what Stan's capable of anymore.

Satellite images show we assumed it was another research facility good fine Tony these guys can't hide for me did you complete the analysis of the cabin yes this thing is a killing machine I never would have built anything like this I know.

Jarvis analysis proton cannon detected underground because a force shield sir I need to get past that shield cannon shield Joe's power from three power stations I'd advise that you target those stations son Charlie Jarvis affirmative sir.

Our station destroyed two remaining.

I don't Kevin coming over - uh-oh.

After the cannon fires the capacitors will need time to recharge I have to time this just right.

Power station destroyed.

Many power stations destroyed some anomalous paused.

The core may be vulnerable to melee attack sound.

We've detected someone down by the cannon it's for Ian what bruno Horgan.

I'd recognize a Horgan design anywhere sloppy and inefficient but effective oaken attempting to blow up power source so Tony you have to stop him he could take out the whole island he's not going to do a damn thing.

Jarvis gave me Oregon yes so connection established organ you are insane this is dedication you've lost heart now I win.

This isn't a game organ you can't change the rules start they've always been the same.

Organ this has to stop no quitting.

Bertie they've done it they have a power source what Morgan's technology microwave no aim recently launched a tethered satellite I remember something about a solar collection grid - how do now I know what I need to do.

Look at it just gorgeous very nice talk. Our captors would love it would but it's not for them it's for us we're getting out of here ah I see and what happens with this what you can I got to build more this is a work of art I've never designed anything like it just look at it this is the future.



Now that there hold up.

They can't hide from me is this their HQ yes and stain nowhere to be found Tony I'll get them later first things first.

I found the base entrance on the inside soon after I take out the trash.

Okay I made it inside.

Console hold for Warsaw implanted controls the security fields.

Jarvis detecting signal in close proximity unable to pinpoint infant Atlantic you will have to physically locate itself.

Stains he sealed off the velvet. Now I know where to find.

We're moving all the residents out of the city we don't want any collateral damage we don't stay.

My god maintain jobs almost every bad destroy.

While you're there you can find a terminal I'd love to see what aim is hi.

File secured and uploaded.

Hey Tony you see the military hardware just the stuff that's kicking my ass I'll let you know.

So this force appear to be carrying a large electrical charge stepping lien might cause damage to our line.

The city has been evacuated we still can't reach stain doesn't matter I'll be there soon.

Impressive it's a shame I'm gonna have to blow it off.

Aim is definitely up to something Tony.

Ames main computers should be somewhere there I'll find him.

And those look mighty familiar no no. Those are not mine.

Yeah Tony I found something in the data the Battle suits are controlled from a central location good makes my job easier.

Aimes done you did it. Now it's your turn stain what was that nothing I'm coming home.


I'm not giving anything up I did what I had to do to save your father's company no you crossed the line o V dad never would have gone along with any of this your father understood business this is beyond you this is insanity. Insanity is thinking you could build these weapons and then look away when people use them this is the real world Tony it's time you started living in it you know what this is a waste of time I'm not letting you do this you seem to think you hold the cards here Tony miss Potts would probably disagree what did you think I wouldn't find out what she was doing if you hurt her don't force my hand then doesn't have to be this way of.

Adaiah but I am coming for pepper you always do what you want Tony I'll do.

What I must.

Ironic Tony you rid the world of weapons only to create the biggest weapon of all where's pepper don't worry about her think of yourself it's what you're best at for God's sake Obadiah it's pepper. You should have given me that suit Tony then this never would have happened.

Oil tank or highways highly flammable south.

Congratulations Tony you've destroyed your father's company maybe so but at least I didn't betray his life.

That suit of yours to handle the impact of a head-on collision get back here Tony.

Where do you think you're going to stay let's go to the reactor two peppers meaning what did you do there Tony I'm in the reactor core control center careful Stark the reactor is unstable could pop at any time Jarvis could that really happen affirmative sir then we need a way to short-circuit his suit perhaps with a launch electrical current or an EMP strike let's try it.

Pepper look at the control board Flint the third switch bottom left he'll build up a charge so get ready you sure you want to do that you know now do it.

System is charged I got it does it feel stained come here.

Pepper flip that switch again.

It's charged honey.

No more weapons stay he's gone Tony.


The man who embraces his heroic nature pays a terrible price he sees the.

Darkness in the world and in his own home and he's forever changed the child.

Gives way to the man and the day comes when he must ask himself what kind of. Man will I be am I willing to die on my feet or will I live my life.

Do I have what it takes to become truly great to become more than a man. To become iron man

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