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Saints Row 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Creation of Eminem

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Saints Row 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Creation of Eminem

Saints Row 2 Walkthrough Gameplay (Let's Play / Playthrough) on the PS3.

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Developer: Volition, CD Projekt Black

Publisher: THQ, Deep Silver

Series: Saints Row

Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Linux

Release Date: October 14, 2008

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer


How to Create Eminem in Saints Row

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Ladies and gentle welcome back to the shadows time to start this Saints Row 2 now y'all requested is y'all boat this froze that are new to charity miles going to subscribe I let my son's pick game sometimes they be good and when they had to pick this this better be the shit I say this better be the shit how's everybody doing the damn who said anything funny your favorite parts of the video I want you to put a timestamp in the comment section so we can so we can do our funny moments montage whenever the game is over also when you're done watching these these episodes go on my other channel check out my wolfenstein funny moments montage I promise you you are going to be and stitches hilarious but anyway let's go ahead and go ahead and start the game I did a walkthrough on Saints Row 4 but I never play any other Saints room so hopefully this game lives up to the hype that Shaw said it would you know cuz I hear this is like you know it's not GTA but it was as good as one of the GTA games um in this series you should because there are some of those GTA games also whose been sitting in intensive care ah man like for but people tell me this is better than GTA might be crazy to I'm not saying it is but I'm saying if you can't get GTA this is the next best - alright I forgot that was today you should pay more attention fuck off how's the patient seeing as they're still breathing after being caught in a massive explosion I'd say pretty good coming through what happened shanking put him over there sorry about that they said anything yet not yet but I'm about to take the bandages off.

Dem socks though oh I forgot all right so I'm gonna create the guy give me one second I okay he's done Eminem is complete oh my goodness now I can't tell should we go with the blonde hair my name is that blonde I should look green I think I said bought as blonde as it gets on here the rest of the stuff looks ridiculous so do you say blonde hair or do you say black hair I'm going with the blonde hair let me know if I should shave this black hair yeah I'm saying um imma put the link to the channel of the guy who makes these creations he does it for everyday I don't know man a black hair actually less because lately we were saying in Eminem with this let's keep with the blonde class that's going to start the game you know his nickname would leave the jail with sugar drawers.

Yes that looks like it healed nicely be careful doctor your patients dangerous you got anything you want to say to the judge you better start thinking of it now you're wasting your time let's get a whole Detroit.

Hey is it really you do I know you. My brother was in the st. and he told me all about you listen we gotta get you out of here well I'm sure if we ask nicely I know we out yeah then why are you still here I heard you were in here and I wanted to bust you out getting out of use of two men job and no one else we'll give it a try you really expect me to trust some guy I don't even know come on I just got myself shank so I could get a chance to talk to you doesn't that show I'm loyal it shows that you're dumb enough to let yourself get stabbed I'm trying to help you you know what I got the last time I trusted someone blown the fuck up you need me the hell I do I got the Saints I'm sure you do what's that supposed to mean how long do you think you've been out I don't know man two or three weeks look I know you think you're a badass but do you even know where you're at without me you'll be wandering around the prison for hours even if you manage to hide from the guards that long and if you actually figure out how to make it outside these walls you're just gonna find out that you're sittin on a goddamn Island and I'm pretty sure you cannot swim the Coast Guard you got a boat stashed here no but I know where we're gonna steal one all right let's get out of here.

Heyyo I hope I didn't have myself muted at the very very very beginning of that alright so what we doing right now I ll turn our to the punch l2 + r2 blocks halt Elsinore two longer we'll bet up Mort all right Landon three successful strikes an enemy will do a devastating combo attack home tours been luring away a lot of our best doctors yeah we just wanna kill dude we just gonna kill him oh shit I reckon we came here for me.

C'mere I know that dude was a doctor but.

Oh shit trouble kick his ass kill him.

Kill him dead look at his arms he got through the roof or charged off the front your car skip the tutorial less.

They said go on the roof sneak the roofer chart we know what is to say sir oh we gonna charge through the front ain't no reason not to I can pick this up small objects within the world can be used as improvised weapons press a little X to pick them up l2 throws it or two attacks all right ah let's get to the docks take your breath aside you get your dumb ass out the way bitches damn dream come true now let's move man what you going get up.

Bitch get out of here go we'll do.

Are you toss a compliment can be used all right how you shoot proper respect for harder.

All right let's go well right out the front door you remember my brother isn't tough guy warper her bro what's your so. What are you gonna do when you get out of here let's not get shot first then I worry about it what's up come get some.

Dad I got guys let's go got guns already. Hey bitch all right what we going now.

Oh let's go back up the steps go this way looks like we going right out this way oh excuse me fat mother.

Damn look at his lame hey this is lame.

Oh did you see that dudes legs shake it.

In the car ah let's go yeah that's going right in the montage I. Think you might pull this off glad you have so much faith in your plane kind of. Stuff you make it come on with it you're. So dumb ass all the way ii told you I'd. Get you out of here we're not out yet wait tell me shit aah.

Crunch god damn it Oh oh my goodness I.

Hope you got a show all right what we.


Are we getting out ah let's go man the gun I'm gonna get us.

Out of here oh shoot Oh little bit go go - I like.

Ashes don't go to pieces Madam's don't go to peace stop us. Move. Who else is up here got another one.

These graphics those ass.

I don't reach all the way back there.

They're now working with Jesus one down.

- now more hits like that we might not make it too short talking like a bitch right now we're gonna make got this who else what's up who else wants on MIDI boat come on wit.

I couldn't do nothing about it windows voice there's only three voices on here one of them choices on straight up.

British or English excuse me whatever and then the other voices um Spanish so I don't know that's the row it is no.

Jesus one of his head when Otsuka involved the clothing company after he was killed in a bombing of yours Oh to pick up the pieces now they're everywhere and on your boards in stores have you ever forget in water areas just look toward Saints wrong you'll see that fucking I saw here we are where can I find the other Saints top what are their scenes what you told me that without anyone to lead him the Saints fell apart once the Brotherhood Ronin and Sam D showed up the few that were left dropped their flags before they got killed well that's fucking great look I know you didn't ask for it but my advice is to just keep your head down the cops are looking for you and a lots changed I say you just go buy a beer and soak up as much information as you can thanks Carlos anytime. Where are you going man we got to get out of these dirty-ass plus we put some real clothes on five hundred dollars okay so where we going harness bar one. After completing mission strongholds or activity level this game is automatically saved accesses autosave and the pause menu wait what that's.

Right here I can load all right bad got that the radio um we can turn up the. Radio a little bit 10% make it 15.

Alright so we're not we supposed to be going and we still got these guns though. Now if I get caught running around with guns I might one get stopped we got two cops right there oh how y'all doing Oh hold on spit the guns away yeah easier come on put the guys away around the lady like what comes closer baby I'm closest what happened how close she want me to get now baby go nuts in the face hey man now hide or many colors which.

Would you Tom Oh doctor what looking for a dance but that I ask them their look is all big pushed on big greasy ass like a big ass bear claw doing it big thick bitch alright let's get about arity those huge. Fasten new clothes at after sloppy seconds is that what the name of the place is we were able we gonna have some free room fun on this game I already knew it I was going down over here are.

You you can't kill a pill you can't kill a pill police officer oh my goodness oh shit he got it you got a.

Shotgun oh no oh no oh no one you ain't.

Gonna kill a pimp yeah damn you see his legs you see his legs though nobody kills a pimp oh they come in they come in get out of here without here looks like I got some unwarranted. Attention over here you don't even see. Me look at. See these look like them these hoses dirty as hell I forget this game don't have unlimited. Sprint you got to upgrade all that stuff on here let me know is it like Saints for as far as upgrades and stuff I know say it's for really what like wait left field with um with all the alien stuff so I know they ain't like that one here I know there ain't no SuperSpeed and all that what's all gone you marry I marry.

Me let's get this a - aged clothes 33 cents again 33 cents ho she got holes all in her jeans closer stores allow you to.

Customize your character by bound clothes you can increase your style right I will be looking at hats they got the little beanie what the hell this is all they gotta hear this stuff this carpet I want the about that 8 mile we looking for that 8 mile be need up I'm gonna put on none of this stuff to be honest with you what kinda bad none of this stuff I can.

Kind of chose nah bro nah.

This stuff is horrible this ain't even M&M like clothing just yet we won't find.

It let's not bad enough this exit the store now I have to buy something let's just.

See some gloves that's why I just want to get one thing so we can finish this stupid-ass mission purchase the goddamn.

Gloves purchase them shit that's exactly.

What I would have recommended and write more now how much shit oh it's just my.

Basic t-shirt there and when I'm you look you look you look you look like shit I gotta I gotta let you know bro and you looking at the long ass a granddad socks on window let's go with. This right here I don't Joyce's are faded at the bottle.

Hey this stores a sum of these clothes.

Brooke can we just whatever purchase would you buy that if you didn't alright not good enough. Bitch I just bought all types of shit how much stuff am i required to purchase.

Is that good enough holy hell alright.

Finally we done we have to put all this crap on I heard looking ridiculous gosh get out the way bitch you have I go where oh it wasn't me officer get out the way bitch they coming get out the way officer I didn't mean anything by it.

Alright climb over go go go I'm really like this game I can't even run look at this look at these mother look at them let's get over there how is.

There a map where's the map at here we go oh okay oh this is just like the map another one bit I need to steal the car instead of running everywhere how about we do that see there ain't a whole lot of cars out here in the streets you wait a minute babies loud enough yeah I need your car leave it clean get your dumb ass out excuse me oh here comes the cops.

Get out the way got myself a star. We almost there just around the corner alright so now that I know it plays similar to um the last Saints Robbie straight are use all to the handbrake to stop the release her ex alright let's go.

Hey to talk to this teen a person.

The feed dogs are corrupting are you hell no we won't go hell no we won't go.

Hell no we won't fish don't ever got them protests outside my club will you thought where are you going huh where are you going you better jump over you better kill yourself too /. Alright lost my son does anybody else believe they should protest outside of my facility huh I think so now we're. Where we before we were so rudely interrupted by these people who decided to exercise their free will Johnny Gat.

Was arrested last year in an assassination attempt against then decorated police officer Troy Bradshaw in the resulting trial was convicted of one count of attempted murder and a staggering at 387 counts of first degree murder promptly sending him to death row hey Barry turn this shit off I was watching that I guess you got it or are you bitch did you turn the tv.

Back up will be allowed back in the. Courtroom and we'll find out once and for all it mr. cat will go home.

You want some you shouldn't have started gangmo riding his game when you're attacking enemy game it's a brother shit you want it oh yeah he had a big-ass homerun wait a minute get your gun out now y'all was saying double give me that who else is in here we got some more people on the radar that's a PIM you know can't kill the pimp that's the rule for the playthrough you cannot kill a pill now let's watch the show how we.

Jump up there Oh baby killing it Oh oh that is look at that.

Mmm what about you over here let's work.

Something for me damn look at her I would get it yeah that's a big-ass juice right there alright let's get on out of here we got to kill nobody else what's going on with these people why's it y'all right back here bitch eggs oh wait bitch extra supposed to be dancing bitch and she supposed to be dancing you better dance know what I will kill you I will kill you all right everybody here follow me on Twitter how do we get out we just leave her you go hi oh shit you. Must have been robbed I'm husband job as a baby huh double now.

Excuse me who else what's up what what why does the run it backward what's you're doing look at a slow dance all right what we got to do we can't kill people okay I get a car what can't kill a pimp.

Just can't hit listen yok you can't kill a pimp get out the way get down here and earn that salary let's make our way to the courthouse wrap this video up and this will be the first ever episode of Saints Row 2 get out the way bitch days shooting well cuts an alleyway.

I'm going all the way around we try to lose that car nothing we did loser. Alright what's the fastest way to get over to the courtroom hey Emmett butter.

Behind me again couple of the alleyway again.

There's a big-ass bug on my leg or something go go go how you look behind you I'm at.

All OSR one my core is way faster than their the booties dictate catch me oh that was one.

Of the best labs that ever lived this shit we're almost there.

All right so I gotta remember else who's the handbrake button by the way gasps I'm thinking about doing skate three let me know if that's hot I heard it was hot I want to do that skate three not right now oh look at.

These two little lovebirds.


We gotta kill people here alright so the.

Name of this mission is appointed defender so I guess we got to go up.

This is this is like a very GTA san andreas s game the way everybody's built and stuff like that I can't believe a one full alien mode on those new games like that can't believe that shit mister get you've been convicted of over 300 murders do you really expect this appeal to work I figure with the statute of limitations it really should be closer to 250 there's no statute of limitations for murder what if fuck not watch yourself mister get what you hold me in contempt of court you're already planning on giving me the chair you think I'd give a shit about you not liking me fuck off I'm curious if you can keep your cavalier attitude when two thousand volts are running through your body oh yeah and I'm curious if you can keep acting like a douche bag when I shove that gavel up your ass my client would like that stricken from the record what's that the.

Door taught him Krantz drop it anyone.

Hit and need a lawyer shit about time.

Your burnt ass woke up you okay Johnny yes I from almost getting sent to the chair I'm fucking great hey you look different you do something with your hair you ready to get out of here.

Branagh does look like Eminem though alright how we got to do all we got to do is get to the checkpoint that's all are gonna be all right first. Of all the exit was then do got hit with a big-ass door door to the face what did I say as any is there any little special secrets or anything back here come on the way Johnny we're trying to get up out of here go headshot you your head grand no cover.

System on this game you just out here get out the way bitch and why the judge have a shotgun in her hand.

Now she took a long-ass time to - she dad weird as hell alright come on.

Excuse me damn look at all that fruit juice now no.

No rough run Johnny shoot Johnny.

Shoot somebody hey hey okay your. Teammates down this game that's worth I think they can I'm a little concerned.

How you doing oh then she did a 360 Oh.

Bat 360 no excuse me.

See we rail where is a grenade when you need them if a homie loses odd or hell you only have a few seconds to revive them to revive Oh homie walk up to the Grantham's the press trying time you got.

Time we got time how you where is the.

Actual hell that is that the rent back what's behind me are they right up here this way ain't none of these a door all.

Right yeah go back downstairs then.

Let's take the police car get the police car discover a shortcut update your GPS and as newer shorter pass we using Waypoint Johnny hurry up hey Kevin Johnny thanks for busting me out he.

Should have killed me if I got executed you still what Aisha yeah I mean gotta look tricky with me on death row or being on the DL you know we found a way to make it work how long were you in jail anyway two years in 31-day not like you accountant Yeah right you know it's weird people inside were betting how long I last see what I was for asbestos guys always try after Troy became chief of police here in a stop draw it must be more forgiving tonight Troy's the Chief of Police yo you better start getting with the times Julius is missing been king wrote an autobiography Dex isn't you know don't even get me started the Dex but the real kicker is Troy in a couple of months he was an undercover cop the chief of police elude is he's become obsessed with finding out what happened on your little boat trip with the old if I get some free time on my swing by the station and say hello breath you'll see how I just dodged those cops like that the travel in this game is easy as shit Barry the driving on watch dogs are driving on watch dogs is ass I'm stop.

Baby forget always allows you to remove notoriety for a price how much.

That's all we got to do that's ice cream get out the way bitch I'm gonna walk through please stop me god damn bodies this far like a mug you see that you'll see that shit chain.

Are you are you hurry up hurry up wait wait wait wait wait I'm trying to finish this mission though I'm almost done yeah so I'm gonna let's listen pizzas dinnertime hey I'm a run over as many people as possible on our journey Oh.

All right right here. Mission complete this is your respect.

Meter respect his game by completing activities and divergence once you have enough respect you can play missions okay go to the pause menu to view activities all right what we're going to wrap it up for today I hope you like Saints Row 2 because I'm booking you for reckless driving that wasn't me that was him

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