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HITMAN: Codename 47 - Stealth Walkthrough HARD (PC/4K) Part 1 "Training"

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HITMAN: Codename 47 - Stealth Walkthrough HARD (PC/4K) Part 1

HITMAN: Codename 47 - Stealth Walkthrough HARD (PC/4K) Part 1 "Training"

Time to bring the original 47 back with the very first HITMAN game made in 2000 by IO Interactive. This will be complete stealth while guiding you through every level before you had the ability to get ranks on each mission. Don't forget to leave a like and share with your friends

GENRE: Stealth

Platform: PC

Level: Training

Developer: IO Interactive

Hitman: Codename 47 is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive exclusively for Microsoft Windows. It is the first installment in the Hitman video game series. The story centers on Agent 47, a genetically enhanced human clone branded with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head, who is rigorously trained in methods of murder. Upon escaping from a test facility, 47 is hired by the Agency, a European contract killing organization. His mission takes him to several locations in Asia and Europe to assassinate wealthy and decadent criminals.

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What's up ladies and gents welcome to 2017 on senator no.1 I am so honored to be able to finally get a chance to play this is for the game that you guys chose for the first game of 2017 the original hitman codename 47 so let me just get a few things out of the way first of all don't forget to leave a like show you support a new hitman game that we're doing on the channel as well as the original hitman game 1 hitman game that I have not had a chance to actually cover on the channel as of yet but here we are so hopefully 2017 will be great for the channel and hopefully you guys will have a great year as well so to get into this I'm playing this in 4k it's going to be a little hard to see some screens because in 4k that scales way back so I've made the menu screens a little bit bigger by choosing a different resolution for that but the gameplay itself is going to be in 4k let me show you the options this is the game that was made in 2000 by IO Interactive so it's definitely dated but you can see how far they have come from the newest hit man in this hitman so keep that in mind guys definitely let me know in the comments below what is your favorite hitman game as of right now I would love to know in the comments and of course don't forget to leave a like so I've set the mini resolution just so you guys can see it a little better because it's not full screen to 1600 by 1200 but the actual game I'm gonna be playing is going to be in 4k in order to play this game you have to play it in OpenGL if you have a new computer as it will not run and anything else but that you need to mess with the dot ini files in its actual system folder in order to be able to change it to 4k so you can get the best quality and that is what this channel is known for so on to make sure I keep that going strong the music is amazing the the gameplay is definitely going to be different than what you guys are used to seeing especially now so remember that it's a lot harder there are no saves so therefore you cannot save in the middle of a mission you have to be perfect throughout the entire mission and some missions can be quite long so keep that in mind as well so I'm going to show you guys how to play this on a mouse and keyboard there is no controller support there are WS ad defaults as well as the numpad that's how oh this game is when people are using a numpad but I have created my own kind of special one you can actually compress that or can change. It as you can see you can mess around with some of the settings and it's pretty cool if you think about it because you're allowed to really much you know make the game the way you want and that is exactly what I have done I have tried to make this as intuitive as possible so walk forward is w backward is s left will be a so it's it takes a.

Little bit of time to get used to but set it up the way you want it and you should be okay so that being said guys we're going to go ahead and get into this thank you so much for all the love and support on the channel throughout the years hopefully 2017 is going to be good so we're going to go ahead and start our game here I got my own profile loaded up and we're going to do the training I'm gonna try to get one to two videos a day I won't bust these out super super fast I'm going to give you guys time to relax and enjoy them some of them will be very short some of them will be very long but hopefully you guys enjoy and of course without further ado it's go time.

Me as a person you trust deposit the. Skills you learn today will not only be useful but vital for performing the tasks I've chosen for you you see you have been carefully selected you are very special to me.

You're learning fast my friend I knew you would now coefficients of growth to put on.

It's time to move on my friend go to the door and let us proceed with the necklace you are doing very well next.

Task is to enter the next room good as.

You can see things are moving faster now as you learn it's time to speed things up a little bit you are the possibility to drain your agility and strength through these excess Isis you can scale walls climb ladders jump across and over obstacles take your done.

So I want to let all of the audio kind of play so you guys can hear how the game the tutorial mission and stuff so I'll try not to skip too much I'm going to take it pretty slow here but you can go through this tutorial mission in like two minutes.

You are doing just fine now take the elevator and gets continue to the next Nestle so you can see just how small the UI is again you don't have to plate in 4k you can set this to 1080 if you want however I could not get it to go fullscreen in 1080 so this is the only way that I could get it to go fullscreen because I have a 4k monitor so keep that in mind this is made of 2000 so it.

Doesn't necessarily run perfectly well on new hardware you want an accident.

View good my very best so far we want more complicated machines I'm sure you are very pentagons we are one my excellent choice for close man-to-man combat silent but you wish to avoid detection blazar 440c I cannot stainless leave the. Traditional style and let me see you practice your handiwork in this discipline see that Tommy Oliver is yours for the taking Oh God your son get back now.

So you can even go crouched.

Ah the other wire enjoys of real.

It is going in the wall so just like in.

The original hitman games when you actually have your fiber wire out you have to hold it down first while you're still holding it down with the mouse with the left Mouse then when you get close enough you can let it go you are soon giving this good.

And pick up all of the knives again you can just rush right through this tutorial but I want to show you everything let you go through all of the dialogue an excellent pupil it is a pleasure to see you at work and this speed will soon have affected your skills I mean all of your efforts and the results keep this up and you will be single too but now now go to the bedroom and choose your weapon X AMD if I used.

In a steel version of the core government 1911 a within seven rounds of 45 ACP it is in our package now let's.

Try it now shall we and be wary of the recoil needless to say this is something thought so the cool thing about this game too is you can actually dual wield shoot both weapons at the same time if you want you can have different weapons in different hands but the one of the the negatives I would say is that when you shoot there is no kind of precise aiming as you'll see here as you can see they go in different directions you just have to aim to the center and hopefully that you can hit whatever you need to hit it's very random and you can see just how well we would do here as you can see it's all over the place but when you're this close obviously you can hit it pretty well so 47 loves loves.

Making his name alright so now we'll try the Magnum.

You gotta get close enough okay I'm joined their noisy companion but you will still get the last the most discussions this one it a point 500 action Express with a capacity of seven quality clip it's a semi-automatic length six inches 15 point nine centimeters by 32 millimeters weight 1.8 and 7 grams sides fully adjustable within three dog it's an out showstoppers or not use it in situations with minutes counts so this.

Is actually a desert even practice step.

Over to the shooting range obviously going to get more bang for your buck with this type of weapon here hi alright.

So as far as you can actually equip two weapons at once so which is pretty cool you can shoot both of them if you want to there's dual wielding as I said before you want an excellent specimen your performance is although I had high hopes for you from the evening now the training becomes much more refined it is the choice of a discerning concern when a high profile commie like the Israelis whereby then you know it is quality hardware this submachine gun caliber 9 millimeter by 19 carbons or 45 ACP as a magazine capacity of 20 25 32 with a blowback operation close reach with floating firing pin size is 17 point one inches wait eight point four pounds and the rear aperture size adjustable for windage and front post adjustable for elevation good now find your way through this city red is for bad guys so we're.

Just gonna take this one this one is a silenced machine gun and we'll go through the little checkpoints here.

See sometimes you don't even know where they're actually coming from there we go there's no like score you can't you know get a hundred percent or anything like that.

Obviously you don't want to shoot the blue and that one comes out right there.

And there you go this is kind of a fun. Tutorial it just lets you know the controls a little bit again these are not I mean this will take you a little bit of time to get these to and come up with your own control scheme as what's going to work for you of course.

Some of these missions are going to be very very short so I do apologize for that but I will keep them in mission videos to help you know where you are.

Tactics needed to perform well at this point these exquisite five regions my pair lifers are easy to conceal they can be separated and assembled within minutes with a snap or action in this special shooting range your own experience conditions are very similar to situations you will encounter after the completion of your education here single shot action is what you do here short sharp and sweet now approach the table and pick a rifle to practice with and check out our load and assembly the armor is redacted covers a wide range of applications or includes outstanding accuracy over long distances the fast simple handling is in this case highly dispensable safety and security factor.

So you actually have to hit the fire button to start naming and then you can zoom up with the wheel scroll or W a s and D so as you can see you've got some sweat you cannot shoot when you're crouched so if you learn how the sways you can see goes up goes down you got to wait a little bit for reload and if you learn the sway then you'll be able to really master shooting with the sniper rifle there is no holding your breath at least to my knowledge and then.

Right mouse-click let's go we can see how we did.

I'd say we got this covered guys we're going to be doing pretty well sniper rifle is one of the weapons that you will be able to pretty much aim precisely where you want to aim whereas all of other weapons really will not do that so we're not going to worry about any of these but yes we have assault rifles we have shotguns I'm going to try to remain as stealthy as I can throughout the entire game there probably is going to be points where I will not be able to be stealthy because this is the original hitman and there is no silent assassin or anything like that that is that it actually start coming until hitman 2 but I will keep the tradition of being as stealthy as possible for you guys.

So I tried a lot of different times to be able to sneak up on this guy but because he has a circular pattern all he does is run around in a circle you can't get up fast enough to him to be able to fiber wire him so I'm just going to use this classic method here and I missed. Look at that he made me miss second time's a charm all right so if you want to drop the weapon I have it set for F obviously you don't want to go into the next room with a weapon in your hand or you'll be caught we're going to steal his disguise which is still available from the very beginning as you can see we're in his disguise now and you can pick up his body sometimes it's a little hard to do.

There we go and this allows you to hide bodies just like in all the other hitman games however you can't like put them in bins or things like that you actually have to find like a hole or grade or something like that or a trashcan or something a little bit but now we got his disguise and we got no weapons clearly visible in our hands we're going to go ahead and start our escape process here as you can see this guy will not. Let us through unless we're in this disguise there is no knocking people out in this game it's straight-up kill so this will be the one and only hitman game where I will be killing a lot of people mainly only targets but let's do a little fiber wire action here so the trick with the fiber wire is if you want to get up close to someone with the fiber wire you need to make sure that you are crouched and they won't be able to hear this right here if you are not crouched he will just it stood up and you will not be able to do it so whenever using the fiber wire go into Crouch first get it set and ready and then you are good to go guys that is it for the tutorial hopefully you guys enjoyed next up will be the first mission in hitman codename 47 hopefully you guys enjoyed thank you so much for watching don't forget to leave a like guys and again let me know what is your favorite hitman game below in the comments and of course love you guys and hopefully you're going to enjoy let's make 2017 to be the best year for synastry no.1 and I will need all of you in on that so again guys we'll see you next time peace out.

Your thang get the door open there we go

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