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Cry Of Fear - Walkthrough [Pt 1/10 - Apartments]

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This video from: MrGSTAR321.
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Cry Of Fear - Walkthrough [Pt 1/10 - Apartments]

Game: Cry Of Fear

System: PC

Part: 1/10 - Apartments (Chapter 1 : Lost In A City)

Difficulty: Normal

Played/Commentary By: GSTAR321

In these walkthrough videos I play through Team Psykskallars masterpiece, 'Cry Of Fear' for the PC.

A psychological horror game based on the Half-Life engine; you play as protagonist 19 year old Simon Henriksson who is plagued with depression and anxiety.

After being struck by a car in an apparent hit-and-run attempt, Simon wakes up in a dark alley only to realise things are different, very different.

What ensues is a nightmarish, metaphorical representation of Simon's troubled mind; a strong likening to the Silent Hill games.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest horror games of all time. Cry of Fear is a game completely encompassed with a strong sense of melancholia, and sheer terror. This is more than just a game, it's an experience ...


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All right hello everyone its g-star three-two-one here again and today as you can see i'm playing a game called cry of fear of the pc this game is it.

Leaves me speechless this is one of the most amazing horror games I have ever played in my entire life this game comes. Close to rivaling Silent Hill 2 that's how good it is I cannot praise this game enough I cannot speak highly of this game enough my words alone will not do it justice it simply must be shown you know to me this.

Is more than just a game this is art this is life now a bit of backstory on.

The game it came out back in 2012 as a half-life mod yes that's right this game is a half-life mod meaning it's free that's unbelievable you know because this is better than most horror games I've played today and it's free it's insane and a year later.

In 2013 a free standalone version of the game was released meaning you don't need half-life to play it so that's the version of the game I'm playing here today now the game was developed by a team called team psyche scholar they were also responsible for developing a game called afraid of monsters DC I have not played that game yet but if it's anywhere near as good as this one man I cannot wait to play it so keep an eye out for that game as well so before I get started I'm just going to go into unlockables here and quickly talk about something very important as you can see I've unlocked everything most of the unlockables consists of different costumes fear character and special weapons I will go into detail as to how to unlock all these special items but I'm going to make that a separate video because there's just too much to talk about but there is one very critical thing I need to mention if you click on this as you can see it's a book it contains five pages in total when you finish the game for the first time you'll unlock page one here but. Four pages two three four and five you.

Have to find them scattered throughout the game with pages two and three if you.

Don't find them on your first playthrough they will not appear on subsequent playthroughs they disappear which is bullshit so you have to get them on your first playthrough I'll go into detail in regards to what these pages talk about at a later time but for now just take note of that and don't worry I'll show you the locations of all the pages throughout the game and I will talk about all these unlockables in a separate video so what is this game about well it's a psychological horror game you play as a young guy called Simon he's got depression and anxiety he's messed up it's just such a good game you know I could sit here all day talking about how good it is how amazing it is but it has a very dark feel to it a very morbid feel it's extremely melancholic it's extremely depressing and terrifying at the same time quite.

Simply put this game is an absolute masterpiece so enough talk let's get straight into it we'll go new game as you can see you can select a difficulty nightmare will only be available to you once you complete the game for the first time then you will be able to play nightmare mode but I believe for difficult and nightmare mode you really need the special weapons you know you need to unlock the special items to help you get through it I don't think it's possible well for nightmare at least I know it is not possible to get through it without using special items special weapons so if it's your first playthrough go ahead and select medium difficulty that's what I'll be playing it on here for these walkthrough videos and without further ado let's start this game up cry of fear for the PC.

I've always felt alone. My whole life for as long as I can remember I don't know if I like it or if I'm just used to it but I do know this being lonely does things to you feeling shit better and angry all the time just it's a way at you.


What happened.


All right so here we go where are we who knows we're inside this room and all we've got at this stage is a camera and the door opens look leading into nothingness just a dark black void look.

At that a halflife poster on the wall extremely fitting so let's do it what you need to do here is shoot so to speak the X symbols with the camera I hate you.

Door opens this is a great opener to the.

Game look at that a dead body what the fuck let's go down here just see that there.

Was just like a hanged body there jump through the window keep going through the doors is that you I can't take this.

Anymore on the wall there what was at.

Shoot the X go through the door sorry I.

Should have warned you guys about that but yeah that's what happens.

How did I get here.

Okay so here we go chapter one lost in a city now you saw.

In the intro there Simon got hit by a car and he blacked out we went through that camera phase now don't be fooled by that jump scared that we just saw the game doesn't rely on jump scares trust me this is a deep deep game very much like the Silent Hill games it fucks with your emotions completely it's just powerful okay press tab to access your inventory like so from here you can use drop equip or combine items some items. Can be combined with weapons and vice versa mouse over slots for hints yep so it's just sort of giving you a brief introduction to the game almost like a tutorial here to start with huh what was that did you see that guy there hold shift to sprint the blue bar on the HUD is your I think it said stamina sprinting will deplete your stamina bar quickly so use it sparingly your stamina will slowly recover while not sprinting or jumping crouching recovers faster so hold left shift to sprint as you can see the bar in the bottom left the blue bar depletes rapidly when you sprint now this door here if you go inside this is the secret room this will contain all the unlockables that you have unlocked to get access to this room you need to finish the game at least once first so on your first playthrough you won't be able to come in here and like I said at the start I'll talk about all the unlockables in a separate video because there is quite a bit to talk about here you can change his outfit if you unlocked those specific outfits I'll just leave it I'll keep the game real and authentic for this walkthrough the way it was meant to be played and there's a door here find a code to the padlock as you can see we need to input a code we do not have it yet so we will progress press B to view your current objective.

Find a code to the padlock yep let's do it.

Now we'll go down the stairs did you yep.

Love it your mobile phone can be used as. A source of light for navigating dark areas press mouse 1 to activate your light the mobile light does not require batteries that's good if you host your mobile with the light on a dim light will still shine through your bag ok so let's press tab to bring up our inventory as you can see all we have at this stage is a switch blade and a. Mobile phone the switch blade easy to handle but rather weak with an ineffective range now you can quick slot three items so to do that you just press on an item and then go one if you want to assign it to slot 1 and we'll do the same with the mobile phone actually let's have a read of it first Symonds mobile phone phone screen can be accessed by pressing the use option okay so let's hotkey that 2 number 2 so if I press 2 on my keyboard bang the phone comes up and we got a message cool where are you come home as soon as possible it's getting dark from our mum so I guess that's what we have to do so if I press 1 now the knife comes back up now an absolute critical thing that you need to know is for certain items you can dual wield them so if I press 1 and 2 together now see you get both the knife. And the phone and let's turn on the phone's light so we can see because this game is relatively dark building there so what.

We need to do here is go over to this white van and there'll be a note cloudy day archived cloudy day and go over here there'll be another note excelsior archived excelsior now don't worry if.

You forget those notes because if you press tab to open up your inventory you can see there's a notes section here see hidden note one and hidden note - awesome so we don't have much inventory space as you can see in our bag we have three slots so we can hold three items you can never ever drop the phone you can't do it you can drop the knife if you want but we don't have any other weapons at this stage so don't do that and you can hold three items in your pockets so you can hold a maximum of six items which really isn't a lot but once you play through the game a fair bit you'll become familiar with it what you should and shouldn't carry so we'll go in here now and there'll be a computer terminal and we need to input both cloudy day and.

Excelsior so I'm going to try excelsior.

As the username and cloudy day as the. Password yep beautiful and there's the.

Code to that door remember the door with the padlock we put in that code one nine six six and we'll be able to get it open.

Did you see that the games already starting to fuck with you and you know it so we'll make our way back to that pad locked door and put in the code to go through now when you're using the.

Knife if you press the mouse to button you'll get it ready for a different attack I much prefer this attack it's like a stab as opposed to just the slashes if you're dual wielding then he'll always do the stab attack which is good just make sure you dual wield it's so much better because you can have the phone out at the same time to light the dark areas that you need to navigate through okay so there's the door look at. That help me blood trail what the fuck bullshit what was the code I forgot one 966 okay let's put it in 1 9 6 6 there.

We go and we can go through you can put.

Up to 3 items in your quick slots yep I spoke about that before if you press one you will equip the weapon in your first quick slot yep this is faster than equipping through the inventory and can save your life that is very accurate and important because if you press tab to open your inventory it doesn't pause the game so if you've got an enemy in front of you that's about to attack and you press tab it won't pause the game you know the enemy will attack you so if you go off fuck I need I need to get the knife out or a quick bang you did you know what I mean whereas if you've just got it quick slaughtered so to speak and just press the number number one and you'll get the knife ready to attack absolutely critical doors locked oh yeah look at this can you see something there can you see there's a person staring at you through that door crack let's go over and see Oh.

Oh man I love this game first time I.

Played it my goodness that scared the shit out of me look to the right okay let's do it.

You can save your game at any location with the tape recorder you are allowed to save up to five individual saves for multiple playthroughs saving requires a tape in nightmare mode the tape can only be used five times because we're playing it on normal then we don't need a tape which is good huh what's this doing here looks like an old tape recorder I should be able to record my thoughts and experiences here so save the game if you want I'm not going to bother saving it yet let's continue on press mouse to to perform a melee attack with your weapon this will cause a small amount of damage to monsters in your immediate vicinity use it to push attack enemies when surrounded or out of ammo so I'm just going to be playing like this predominantly dual wielding with my knife and phone and here we go.

Is that blood on the floor Christ it looks like it what's going on how the fuck did I even get here Oh No.

So this is our first enemy encounter let's take care of him to stab him with the knife now the game hasn't told us this yet but if you press left right up or down twice in a row you'll do a dodge attack so what I'm doing is hitting him then dodgy shit and listen to this music.

This is terrifying blood on the ground what the hell yes as I was saying when I was fighting that guy you can press down left right or up twice in a row to dodge in that direction it's absolutely essential you know you're using the WASD keys to play if you tap any one of those keys quickly in rapid succession so I'm going to press s twice and row back see how just back if you press forward or W twice in a row your Dodge is forward and saying for the D key to dodge right and a I'll press that twice in a row see this is absolutely critical in terms of combat for this game you need to master it basically if you've got a melee weapon what you're going to be doing is hitting an enemy with it then immediately dodging backwards like so attack dodged back TAC dodge back that's basically how you're going to be playing this game press E to climb ladders once on the ladder use directional keys to climb slash descend and we've got another item here syringe morphine syringe a syringe containing one dose of morphine restores health but too much can be dangerous let's hotkey that to number three the syringes are basically like the healing items in this game so I'll use that when I'm quite low.

On health now one other thing when using the Dodge or piayed move you'll notice it depletes your stamina bar quite rapidly so don't go too crazy with it because you'll find you'll be out of stamina very quickly or there's an enemy there so here we go let's put it into practice fuck he got me fasted fuck see.

I ran out of stamina and I wasn't able to dodge that attack there that's why he got me crouching recovers stamina faster like it's at the beginning so I can to do that and I'm alone ok let's try to get in here.

These enemies have called slower z' they're pretty freaky looking they're usually equipped with a hammer of some other melee weapon and if you want you can save your game at the tape recorder there DoubleTap directional keys or hold alt to dodge in a specific direction yep I've just spoken about that this is extremely useful for avoiding attacks and can save your life dodging requires stamina so use it wisely so if you want you don't need to press the directional Keys twice in a row to dodge for example here I'm pressing s twice in the road to dodge back instead of doing that though you can hold alt and just tap s once and he will dodge but I find that to be quite awkward because sometimes you'll hit the key next to it and it will minimize the game it's very frustrating so I like just tapping the directional keys twice in a row to dodge here when.

You come across these slower 's you can usually get two or three hits out on them initially without dodging so I'll show you what I mean on the next one one. Two three C and now I'm going to start dodging because when you do that first hit on them they sort of get staggered back a bit which is good okay we can't go that way just. Yet we need to go down here just pops out get fucked alright I'm going to wait for him to come up ah what the hell's going on this.

Is terrible.

That was pretty sloppy of me they're taking care of that slower but we'll go down here hit the switch run back and we'll take a right by hitting that switch all it does is open a gate in this hallway so we can go through now and we're outside we just got a text.

Message help me please help they're coming I'm inside the apartments hurry and we don't know who that text message is from as you can see it's like a random number. Bit of climbing to do and there's a.

Letter let's go up and we'll jump over.

Here and go inside this door this will take us into the apartments.

This place doesn't feel right.

Okay so here we are can't call the elevator and must be stuck somewhere always totally blocked I can't get past and that's where we came in I need to go to the fourth floor fourth floor help the person on the fourth floor so what floor are we on three okay let's read this note three little kitties playing in the park said the first kitty let's go home before it gets dark the first two went on their merry way home the third stay playing all alone come here little child come to me the bushes whispered softly they say curiosity killed the cat that's fucking creepy that is fucked.

Okay so we can't go here are we can go.

In here let's go inside this door.

Alright nothing inside this apartment I've even an item that's disappointing usually there's like a health syringe or something lying around we'll go inside.

This apartment and there's a tape.

Recorder there if you want to save the game oh shit here we go yep.

Enemy look at that thing it's like a little child fuck be careful they're very fast Jesus. Christ that took me off-guard I forgot about that thing there you know played the game through so many times like maybe ten plus times and still it can.

Still fuck you up okay so all these doors along here are locked I mean we need to go to the fourth floor but we can't go in through that way but if you go to the top as you can see there's a syringe awesome now we need to.

Go down to level two let's go inside.

Okay we're I'm level two now I'll call the elevator oh shit another kid enemy please take care of him yeah they're slash attack is quite. Fast so be very quick at dodging away from them after you've attacked it's locked locked locked and that will be. Locked now the thing is I got to mention this it's quite similar in regards to Silent Hill games as you can see the door won't budge if you get that message when you try and open a door okay that's different but if you get this message at won't budge that means you can never go inside if you get a different message like seems it's locked from the other side you can usually go inside those doors at a later stage and same with these ones if it just says it's locked and that means you will be able to go through them at a later stage but for. Now we don't have access see the door won't budge door won't budge that means we cannot go inside and we just heard a window shutter will go in that room and investigate in a minute but first let's have a look at this note my secret note number two those little kitties are so cute they look so lovely I just want to touch them but then those parents come that's why I have to kill them sounds like a pedophile doesn't it fucking creep syringe there and the.

Apartment key a generic key for an apartment there is a note next to it neighbor across now look at this we can't go back out what someone locked it and look at this look at the walls look at the pictures it's probably the pedophiles room dead bodies and shit oh no you just heard a window shudder.

Footsteps doors unlocked let's go.

And be careful yep these are fuck those. Enemies they're a pain in the ass their head explodes upon impact when they get close to you and it does do quite a bit of damage so be very careful always take care of them using only firearms I mean at this stage we don't have a firearm and I would have had to hit him with the. Knife twice I believe to kill him they do take a bit with melee weapons and it's quite risky because I mean once they get close to you like I said the head explodes so when you get close to do a melee attack normally they'll just explode anyway but you can kill them with melee attacks Oh should haven't been reading the top there remember to check the item for clues you haven't okay so all it's talking about is this I guess apartment key basically we need to. Go in this door here and as you can see.

It's locked so go ahead and bring up your inventory and use the key and we can now go through ok what do we got. Here yep I knew there was a kid in that bathroom quickly take care of him.

There's never anything in the bathrooms to collect item wise or locked let's go. Through here this guy's a bit tricky because it is it's so hard to dodge he's in a very awkward position see when I dodge back I just hit that cupboard so gotta like dodge it back and I can I really need to heal this is pathetic so just left-click to use a morphine syringe and there you go back on full health let me Jul wheels burn and the knife.

That enemy I swear to god that's terrible he comes out from under the bed and you've got no room to move that's bullshit positioning of an enemy unacceptable there'll be a kid enemy in. Here there is backup Todd you got to be.

Quick when fighting those kids they can slash you relatively fast syringe there. I just heard a noise and basically that was the wall opening up and look at this there's an ammo clip picked up the Glock magazine with 15 rounds and it just said there's something in the roof look at that we get a gun now go ahead and press the use key he on it is that a body Christ it smells bad he's holding a gun better take it with me and that's a key.

There as well you got the whole key so. Here we go we've got a Glock press Mouse 3 to toggle iron sights iron sites allow you to aim precisely at the expense of limited movement so the Glock is a great. Weapon try to use mo sparingly I'm just. Going to use the knife for a little bit because I'm quite comfortable with it and I know what's up ahead so we also picked up a whole key it looks like a kind of key for all doors so we need to go straight ahead here then use it on this door and we can go through or actually I need to equip the Glock because there will be two enemies as soon as you go through this door there will be two enemies those little creatures that explode on impact so I'm going to quickly shoot them before they get close to me god that is just dirty.

I failed now natural instinct will tell. You to reload the Glock do not reload because as you can see I've got however many bullets there are left in the clip about half the clip and another full clip if you reload you will lose this half clip you currently have so it's quite weird here and cry of fear how that works don't reload until you've got like one or two bullets left or if you can use all of them but I mean if you're going into a room that you're not familiar with and you don't know if there's going to be enemies there or not then of course in that situation reload but just try and hold off reloading for as long as you possibly can otherwise any bullets remaining in the clip will be wasted okay so let's go to the top first I'll just quickly show you something so this is level 3 whoo this can hear a baby crying it's all chained up I wonder what happened here and another note my secret note number 3 now as I need to kill some kitties I stuck the elevator in the hall so only the personnel can access it by a secret code I guess no kitty will find that out so they will just have to take the stairs asshole so we've got to use the stairs for now and I just unlocked that door so I can go back to level 3 that way another kid. Enemy here quickly take care of him okay. Good good good there Glock magazine okay.

All these doors are locked but this is the elevator there's a keypad next to the elevator as you can see we don't know the code so that is what we need to do now but primarily we need to help the person on the 4th floor so let's go down.

That's where we came out of let's go down even further to level 1 and this.

Should be an mo clip here yep beautiful oh shit can't just board what about that oh come.

On they're so quick the kids at slashing it's ridiculous so we're on level one now we need to go through here it's.

Locked let's go in here.

Tape recorder there to save your game syringe on the counter beautiful enemy.

There oh shit normally he stays in that room just like he's following manner faster ok got him mo clip radio with a.

Bit of static doesn't say anything it just continues to emit static so we can leave this room and there's another hidden in there it's quite a few I think the best way to take care of them is to let them run to you and then slash them once they get close because once they get close to you they have to actually stop before slashing so you've got a bit more time to hit them whereas if you just approach them and they're already stopped then they're going to slash you straight away the stairs are totally blocked and.

If I go down here this door here is locked we need to get a key to go through that door which leads to the basement but first let's go back and we'll go in the lift the elevator which is right here.


And this takes us to the fourth floor as. You can see and there's another note there let's have a look my secret note number four this one was a good one very nice to kill easy to cut with my knife like to cut food lovely.

And there you go we just got a text message on our phone in here obviously it's the door with all the blood on it and below it so let's go inside and this is quite horrific here.

Awesome so we got the basement key reach the basement so that's what we need to do now so look at that that's fucked I can see from here he's dead did he do this to himself obviously looks like a suicide there's some pills there so it probably took them before he did it look at the blood look how much there is it's everywhere that is absolutely horrific okay so we.

Can now go outside you can save the game there maybe I can climb down here yes we.

Need to do that because off shit that's.

Right I need to get my gun out your enemy Chace Christ as soon as you walk out on the balcony and you finish getting that cutscene through this door will barge a new enemy they're called fasters they make a terrifying wailing scream and they are quite aggressive you can take care of them with the knife but I just like using the Glock for the most part now we can't go back because as you can see somebody's blocked the door so what we need to do is climb down this balcony and to do that we go in here and collect rope as well as some Glock ammunition beautiful so we can now use the rope here yep enough rope to climb down the balcony and we can go down let's do it.

Now be careful there will be another one of those faster enemies in this room here they're very fast extremely fast.

Hence the name fast as I guess all.

Locked some block ammunition they're awesome there should be another faster out here yup fish is so they usually take about four shots with the Glock look at that what's happened here what they weren't here before what the hell's going on obviously we can't go that way so yeah.

We're on level three and we need to make our way to the basement now since we have the basement key there it is the tags is basement bullshit god I'm doing.

Terrible here I'm gonna have to heal again it's disgraceful I'm just going to.

Get the Glock out stuff it I've got plenty of clips oh great what a perfect.

Time to reload that was my own fault see what I mean you've got to weigh up the cost of whether it's beneficial to reload or not you know try and save your ammunition or just reload and get a new clip okay so little - we need to go through here.

Beautiful other one here taken care of.

So we're doing a bit of backtracking now in order to make our way to the basement oh shit they are very fast into.

Attackers probably use the same method to take care of them as you would fighting the kids and what I mean by that is attack dodge back wait for them to come to you then move forward attack then dodge back rinse and repeat that seems to be the best way of taking care of them okay it's funny whenever you sprint and there's a bit of a staircase you always pull over I don't think it does any damage but it just slows you down okay so there'll be a new variant of the slower here look at this guy but they're very fast these types of slower 's look at that thing they've always got a hammer for a weapon.

Now we've got a bit of a flood happening here look at all this water uh-huh let's.

Take care of this faster here stamina is.

Depleting should be one more I know number one there we go and we'll.

Go through this door here take the. Staircase down this will lead us to the basement you can save the game there if you want so we'll use the basement key. On the door and go through this part is.

Pretty damn terrifying there's going to be a new enemy as soon as we go out here they called the Drowned look at that thing god they're relatively harmless for the.

Most part but just kill it first see how. There's this little creature that comes out of its body the hell is that now if you try and take care of one of these things with a gun which has at least one bullet in the chamber which I will do right here it's quite dark but there's another one right here watch what happens watch what they do see quickly tap mouse one otherwise they. Will make you commit suicide Simon will slowly raise the gun to his head and if you don't mash the mouse one button like crazy he'll blow his brains out and it's an instant kill they are very dangerous in that regard so I always take care of them using melee weapons by using melee weapons the only threat they'll pose is that little creature that comes out of its stomach overall this enemy is quite.

Weak and moves extremely slow there we.

Go took it down without taking a hit.

Okay we'll go through here pretty funky.

Music you know this game has such great music every piece of music is fitting from this sort of funky type music to downright depressing and tragic music okay look at this look at what the hell's going on here there's two nurses there's some blood and a chair it looks like someone was tortured here or executed because of the nurses I don't know anyway we'll pick up this the videotape and now we've got a new objective find a video player so we need to watch what's on this videotape a blood-stained videotape I need a video player to view it we certainly do and I believe it's on level two of the apartments the video player so we go there soon Glock em oh.

Dear and to get out we'll go over here and unlock the door okay so let's go to.

Level two and watch that video.

Make our way back is there anything in here no that's where the faster came out. Of I believe when she attacked us okay.

So we've got to go to level two but first I'm just going to go to level three here and grab some ammo there it is and we can't go back to level three. Via that way since it's blocked off by those bars which just appear there who knows why it's all very Silent Hill esque isn't it you know what I mean because I mean like what are you seeing is it real is it not real it's like the whole other world sequences of Silent Hill games it's just fantastic okay now be careful that's where we need to view the video but watch out because a faster will come barging through that door as soon as you go over to that video player so be prepared this year's fast reload alright.

Good so I've got eight clips with the Glock which is pretty damn good you can hold a maximum of ten clips so I can probably start going crazy with the Glock now alright let's go ahead and use the video on the video player and watch it.

That was pretty damn brutal cuts his head off with some shears okay three seven five nine so that's a code and if you remember at the top of the staircase on the fourth floor the elevator there there was a key panel next to it we take that code and punch it in as you can see our objective escaped the apartments with the elevator let's do that and I've.

Already forgotten the code it doesn't matter if you forget codes just press tab to bring up your inventory and it will be in your notes section so there you go 375 9 let's go ahead and put in the code and the elevator now comes up we'll go in let's see where it takes us.

God look at this what the hell's going on what floor are we on what happened to the apartments look at it all the doors are blocked off by these bars there's blood all over the walls and the floor this music the screams in the background this game is amazing god I'm terrified now and this is ha it doesn't matter how.

Many times you play this game it still scares the shit out of you.

Unbelievable so all we got to do is keep progressing down okay now look at this I'm going to equip my Glock see how I've got the max of ten clips I can't pick up another one but if you reload this is what I like to do so I've got a full clip of mo bang there you go I'm locked and loaded to the brim so let's keep going down what is this what's happening.

This game's killing me so mainly you'll.

Just find Glock ammo lying around there yeah and I mean it's giving it to you for good reason because coming up is going to be our first boss fight.

Now as you can see there's a tape recorder here and it's situated in a very important location because up ahead that's where the boss fight takes place I'm not going to bother saving it just yet I'm going to go ahead and take care of this boss I'm going to be using the Glock against him this is actually quite frightening but here we go let's do it.

Look at this thing look at it this is absolutely spine-chilling now what you need to do is be extremely careful he can one-hit kill you the problem is if you get close see how it brings up the chainsaw and tries to slash you that will kill you instantly so you need to quickly dodge out of the way or just run to avoid it so what we need to do is. Shoot him quite a few times and when he falls down like that what you need to do is go behind him and shoot this lump on his back that will damage him rinse and repeat that's all you do once you get the pattern down this boss fight is not very hard at all.

Okay doing good so far like I said be very careful because one can kill you with that chainsaw it'll just slice you in half.

Maybe one more time getting to kneel down and that will do it hopefully this should kill him outright.

Did I pass out huh who's that relax I who are you then.

Nobody what you shouldn't be here.

Wait why are you wearing a gas mask.

I can't trust you real just leave me alone.

What the indeed who was he nobody so. There you go chapter two who is that doctor very good question we will find out as we play throughout the game but for now I will save it and I will see you guys in the next video where we go through Chapter two I'm out

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