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Dash vs The Flash!

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Dash vs The Flash!

Dash meets Supergirl while she waits for The Flash to arrive. Dash says he's the fastest kid in the universe. Can Dash beat The Flash in a race around the earth? Have you seen The Incredibles 2 movie?

Supergirl played by Payton. Dash played by Paxton. The Flash played by Ashton. They are siblings in real life.

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Whoa - oh boy you're super - but Edna.

Says no capes so you must be an amateur amateur I'm Supergirl Supergirl. What that name is that I wouldn't can already tell you super and it's pretty obvious that you're cool I've got it you can be a blonde girl blonde girl you think that's better I'm Supergirl yeah you like I guess I needed to know your powers before I pick a good name you really never heard of me I have super strength hearing I like jump jack I have.

Three like Fluzone I can fly I have skin.

Of Steel I have super speed super speed I have super speed wow you do have articles no wonder you had a hard time picking a name well it's kind of a family name you know Superman Supergirl well what are we waiting for let's grace actually I'm meeting your friend here not just any friend but this kid alive you mean me no I'm talking about the.

Flash the flash never you've never heard of the flash you might be from the Marvel Universe Malu what's that you know Iron Man Captain America nope never heard of those guys you don't get out much do you nope I guess not this is only my second movement 14 years how old are you hey.

Supergirl what'd I miss dude cool suit nice lightning bolt and okay sweet who's this kid oh he was just telling me how he have the fastest kid in the universe oh really absolutely I could use a little competition for a change oh okay okay boys break it up the first.

One around the earth when I run the whole ode I'm not supposed to leave this neighborhood okay kid come back when you're older no no I learn around those all the time when my mom's not looking she's not looking is she okay kid let's do this on your mark.

Hey - I'm glad you finally made it we were getting worried about you yeah we almost called your mom my mom you're joking right alright fine if you undo it but can you do this not bad that's child.

You're right grass oh yeah that's what I. Meant it's not fair I thought I was the fastest person on earth if it makes you feel any better you're a lot faster than the flash was when he was your age Whoopie actually he didn't even have powers when he was a kid but when he got his powers he didn't stop there he trained really hard to get as fast as he is now it's true kiss actually is one of.

My mentors you only get this fast what's a mentor a mentor is someone that has works for you they can help you improve your abilities that's cool will you be my mentor yeah no problem SID it'd be my honor yes I'm a mentor. Okay for your first task you get a race supergirl around the world what have you.

Ever had something to difficult to overcome a good mentor will help you accomplish skills that you'll never accomplish on your own and make sure to click that like button down below thanks for being awesome

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