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Marvel's Spider-Man Part 4 - Shocker - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

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This video from: Chris Smoove.
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Marvel's Spider-Man Part 4 - Shocker - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

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This video was sponsored by Playstation I've got more on the way hit that like button Peter I just want to make sure you haven't left any equipment you've built for your friend around the lab it's no bother to me but if the grant committee stops by again don't worry doc I make a point not to leave anything there but I know my friend appreciates you looking out for him there's a lot of people who don't like him very much that buffoon Jameson and his audience of sheep please the people who do great things in this world are those who don't let bullies like him stand in their way people like us you said a mouthful doc take care there it is look at all the.

Emergency vehicles uh-oh.

Hi Herman seriously.

It's a chaise.

Wow that's considerate I'm pretty fast but he's turning on the Jets does he have 99 speed I forgot.

Now let's talk about it honestly Herman.

Why are you robbing again you know the police are watching it every move I mean we all know you're kind of dumb but I didn't think you were this tub you must be desperate which means you're not just stealing for yourself you must be working with someone or for someone you can tell me who it is now your choice.

I'm messing up I lost my momentum way behind and if I'm too close when he does that that'll probably do damage so got to be careful we got to be very high above and zoom in again and I got a Dodge see that that's why I can't get closer the Dodge is slowing me down because I got to stop my momentum ah but if I get hit I'm gonna stop momentum anyway so we just got a Dodge and Dodge and just hope that he does something stupid because he is stupid so maybe he will do something crazy falling behind.

I need a turbo button in the air I don't have that turbo I gotta sobs again whoo that would have been a devastating shot he'd lined that one up he charged that one up he was ready now he's going higher so this might be my chance cuz when he's low to the ground if I have to stay down there with those buildings it's gonna mess it up but now that he's up here I think right here this is gonna be it it's gonna be my chance This Is It this is it got him right there I already hit me as soon as I was booming oh wait a second.

That's like zero personality but your suit is awesome can we talk design details.

Good work spider-man did you learn anything about his motive I tried but he's not very talkative plus I think he hates me you have that effect on a lot of people what you love me right Yuri I tolerate you Wow that might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me it looks like I. Got some free time maybe now is a good time to look into that mask oh it's MJ hey MJ you're up late just.

Catching up on the news looks like you had quite an adventure with shocker tonight yeah he was unusually combative anyway thanks again for dinner what do I owe you how about a favor you still have that mask from the gallery yeah I'm actually on my way to the feast center now to ask Martin Lee about it Martin Lee why he has a degree in dart history if anyone knows about the origins of that mask he will just keep me in the loop like I said I think there's a bigger story here and I plan to be the one to break it sure so I can call you like whenever yeah whenever whatever so I.

Guess we're talking again cool.

Mr. Lee's usually in his office now.

It feels weird to calm things down after what just happened that was crazy I actually felt slow as spider-man normally I feel so fast but because I had to dodge all those shots and maybe they just are I don't know maybe he's faster than spider-man I have no idea.

Peter I do for you I'm sorry to bother you mr. Lee I have a friend Mary Jane she's a reporter she's doing a story on art imports and she found this piece she wanted an expert opinion on it and I know you have a degree and this might be the first time I actually get to use it let me see what you have interesting.

Where's she finding I'm really not sure what is it a replica of an antique Chinese opera mask I haven't seen one in years this symbol here roughly translates to demon unit well my father read me ghost stories with that mask and symbol in him when I was young scared the hell out of me.

Peter listen that mask it's it could be.

Connected to dangerous people mary-jane might want to find a different story what do you think she's in trouble.

Why take the risk.

Hey the symbol inside the mask means demon hit really spooked mr. Li never seen him like that he even said you should drop the story fat chance do you think mr. Li knows more than he's letting on no I think he just had a weird flashback or something I know his childhood was pretty traumatic yeah makes sense demons huh catchy name okay gotta get writing see you soon well that went. About as well as I could have hoped.

Please tell me he's - I'm back together we're talking again baby steps I hope I didn't upset mr. Li I was actually touched by how concerned I knew we liked you to need my help.


Multi-task and like Oh balls it doesn't get any better than this chasing those cars and getting rid of them now we go for the driver look at the pedestrians everybody's running like crazy too terrified spider-man is here don't figure hello.

Peter oh hey what's up that's portable. Texador is here for a fitting I totally forgot I mean I didn't forget forget I just I'll be there soon his tardiness is. Starting to become a pattern come on Parker you're better than this. I lose track of time.

Hey mate sorry we were talking about mr. Lee I should have recorded this was.

Actually touched by how concerned you he admires how dedicated you are to helping others both so smart or the admiration.

Is mutual you've got a good boss man I'll tell him you said so love you Peter.

I'm on the phone at the same time I'm destroying everybody.

How does it work just like a natural arm you think of what you wanted to do and.

Yes hey hey what do you think you're.

Doing the site's been declared a safety hazard stop that right now this is highly sensitive equipment that's it I'm calling the mayor's office directly Peter Parker how the hell are you speak of the devil mr. Oswald please how long have we known each other it's mr. mayor it's Norman Norman Norman.

What do you think you're doing the grant agreement you signed has strict safety provisions this isn't your first violation those were excused by me.

We should have confiscated this equipment long ago but but I've had a breakthrough thank you for your great service to our country these folks will escort you to a skort robotics where you'll receive the latest in prosthetics no charge this isn't about safety infractions is it I'm trying to help you Otto free to continue your work in a secure. Environment at Oscorp you always were the smartest guy in the room you haven't changed a bit neither of you hey Peter Harry will be coming back from Europe early next year maybe the two of you can start that business you always talked about this is opportunity. Knocking.

He's easy easy they didn't take everything maybe we could start over Peter there's no we. Without the grant from the city I can no longer pay you I need some time to think.

If I were you I'd look for a new job. I wish I could do something to help doc. Maybe call Harry ask him to talk to his dad Norman never listens to Harry even. Tried to kill funding for his research stations hey one of those stations is nearby see how they're doing while Harry's in Europe must be some way to help doc I'll think of something what you probably but my.

Sources confirm is that the perpetrator our wonder what this is a purple glow Harry left me a message about these before us b8 hey I need a favor my mom's pet project was research stations that could benefit the public now I launched him but now that I'm away as Corpse gonna shut them down unless they prove their value I was hoping you could watch him I left details in each one thanks man as long as they're here it's like a part of my mom is too well it's not gonna pay the bills but it sounds like it means a lot to him I'll do what I can to help I've got a.

Couple stations measuring air pollution the idea is to catch the elements the ward contaminants before they reach toxic levels between you and me I think Oscorp wants this to fail because it might show they're polluting the amount of polycyclic hydrocarbons in the air is way to high and rising if it keeps getting worse people could die particles are concentrating in trouble spots like mini clouds of smog I'll swing through them and get samples then trace them to the source nasty as they are I got a swing right through those clouds for these clouds to.

Be visible to the naked eye the level of toxins must be up there and this feels like another side mission that they're introducing us to in the main store it's like they let you get a taste they'd let you do it once and then you know okay if you want to do that again for those because you're gonna get these tokens and some of the suits that you can get use research tokens I'm.

Getting some good stuff well good bad stuff anyway this is actually the kind of fun trying to land in these zones I just missed that one but they got a lot of fancy suits in each suit it comes with a different suit power like the one that I'm using now the web blossom whatever it's called it's so much better than the default it really is it wipes out everybody when you got a crowd of people and that happens a lot where you're getting jumped by ten people so you web them all up and then by webbing everybody up guess what breathing from a.

Tailpipe I only need two more this one I'm a.

Little bit too low so we're gonna have to scale this building I'm gonna sleep freaking these people out the toxins.

Coming through two types of cars and a faulty smokestack I'd better get photos so how exactly is. That gonna help us two types of cars what are you gonna do you're gonna start finding people that have these cars does he have the pool to do that because he's not he's not the mayor he's spider-man I guess we'll see what happens here goes the first car great right on that way and that's a shame when you think about. It because that car looks new so why would a new car have this problem you would think we're gonna be looking at some busted up old hoop Dee's but that's that's a modern ride perfect that was.

Actually a bad photo that's some cheese I took a shortcut I didn't want to go all the way down there I snapped it from up top but I couldn't even see what's up a car it was whatever we're moving on to the next they're satisfied as long as the game is satisfied I'm satisfied you know the rules look at this pollution actually it's gonna be this right here what I'm standing on this smokestack picture I ever took formative Environmental Protection we'll take it from here we should make a green spider conscious birthday well Harry station just stopped a public health crisis oscorp's gonna have a hard time arguing it's not useful spider-man shelter has escaped and now he's robbing a bank on Easter first he was behind bars he was but one of the guards just walked up to his cell and released him then gave him his suit back a new shocker was working for someone what did you get out of the guard whoever made him release shocker didn't want any loose ends looking at the security footage the guard was in some kind of trance and it might have been the lighting but it looked like his eyes were glowing that's creepy okay I'll see what I can get out of shocker when I get to the bank I've got more on the way hit that like button this video was sponsored by Playstation

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